If you watched TCL at CES 2023, you know they announced quite a few different devices including new TVs, smartphones, AR glasses, and a new wine/beverage cooler. Here’s a  quick recap of what you can expect to see on shelves this year from TCL.

TCL at CES 2023

You can take a look at my CES 2023 TV recap for full details on all TCL TVs announced, but here’s a quick overview.



One of the highlights of TCL at CES 2023 was the introduction of two new TV series – the TCL Q-Series and the TCL S-Series. The S-Series is similar to the Series 3 or Series 4 TCL TVs available right now, and the Q-Series is the premium line with more advanced features.

TCL Q Series TVs have quantum dot technology, the AIPQ Engine for faster refresh rates, and gaming features including the new Game Accelerator to speed up response time for the latest gaming consoles. You can choose the TCL Q6, Q7, and flagship model QM8. The TCL QM8 is available as an extra-large 98-inch display.

The TCL QM8 uses quantum dot technology over a Mini-LED Ultra backlight. It has Auto Game Mode and Game Accelerator so the TV can turn up the dial for gaming from the standard 120Hz refresh rate to 240Hz VRR. There’s also a subwoofer built into the TV for enhanced audio. All three TCL Q series TVs are designed with HighBright displays for improved picture quality, and they even have IMAX-enhanced certification.

TCL S Series TVs

The TCL S2, S3, and S4 are wallet-friendly TVs with your favourite TCL features built in. The TCL S2 is an entry-level 720p LED TV, the TCL S3 1080p Full HD TV with HDR, and the TCL S4 is the 4K Ultra HD LED model. The S4 will offer Dolby Vision, HDR, Dolby Atmos, and MEMC. It’s available in a massive 85-inch size, offering you a more inexpensive way to add a large screen to your home.

TCL smartphones

TCL smartphones for 2023

There were several new TCL smartphones announced at CES 2023 including new NXTPAPER models. TCL’s NXTPAPER technology offers you a screen that’s more paper-like in appearance. It provides enhanced eye protection and has no flicker or blue light.

The new TCL 40 Series smartphones include the TCL 408, TCL 40 R 5G, and TCL 40 SE. They have HD+ NXTVISION screen technology and a 50MP AI-powered camera that makes them a great choice for photographers or anyone who loves taking photos.

TCL AR glasses


One of the most interesting announcements from TCL at CES 2023 was the TCL RayNeo X2 augmented reality glasses. These AR glasses are unique because they utilize both eyes and have full-colour optical waveguide Micro-LED displays. You wear them just like you would wear your own glasses, but they can perform actions like auto-translate another language in real-time, take videos and photos, and have smart features including GPS navigation.

TCL soundbars

TCL sound bars for 2023

There will be several new TCL sound bars available to pair with your new TCL Q-Series or S-Series TV. The TCL Q-Series sound bars will be the premium line and offer custom sound quality with an auto-calibration feature for your room. Both the Q-Series and the S-Series sound bars are Roku TV ready so they are easy to pair. They both have Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X and are packaged with a wireless subwoofer to add deep bass to movies and more.

The TCL S-Series audio series includes a 2.1, 3.1, and 5.1 channel sound bar. The Q-Series will be available as a 3.1 channel and 5.1 channel sound bar.

TCL for the home

TCL wine cooler ces 2023

You might think TCL is just known for TVs, but the company also manufactures appliances. This year they announced air conditioners and new wine/beverage coolers. Details on the wine cooler are limited, but the air conditioners will have TCL’s FreshIN AC technology and smart controls. According to TCL, they will also feature quiet operation, which is a great feature in a window air conditioner.


New TCL products are coming in 2023

TCL hasn’t given firm release dates for Canada yet, but there’s a lot to be excited about in their new product line. You can find TCL at Best Buy right now.

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