CES2020 is providing a glimpse into the future of televisions. New display technology and video call features are defining the TVs of tomorrow. Sony did not disappoint with their announcement of a new QD-OLED model. Dubbed The Master Series A95K, it’s the first QD-OLED to officially hit the market.

Let’s take a look at what a QD-OLED TV actually is, and some of the new features that separate it from conventional OLED TVs. 

Sony A95K close up

What is a QD-OLED TV?

In a nutshell, QD-OLED is the best of both worlds in TV technology. It combines self-emissive OLEDs with Quantum Dots. This merges the spectacular colour and brightness characteristics of quantum dots with perfect blacks and impressive contrast offered by OLED TV’s. This is the next big breakthrough in televisions and it’s coming out in 2022. 

The A95K series combines a blue OLED base layer with red and blue quantum dots. This is not seen in conventional OLED display panels and it’s the QD designation in the QD-OLED name. 

Sony says conventional OLED is less colourful and whiter. The A95K is bright, with greater colour vibrancy than standard OLED displays. Sony says it provides better viewing angles. In addition to having better black levels, it will boast 200% the colour saturation of a normal LED TV. 

BraviaCam A95K

BraviaCam camera with the A95K

The A95K integrates a new BraviaCam camera that comes with a host of privacy and gesture features. The camera mounts magnetically to the top of the TV and it comes with a privacy switch that can be physically closed or opened. 

The BraviaCam has a built-in recognition engine. This analyses user location through skeleton estimation and face detection. For user privacy, information is calculated on a secure memory bank and not in the cloud. This provides a host of new features to enhance the viewing experience. 

Parents can use the Bravia Cam to set proximity alerts to tell the kids they’re sitting too close to the screen. There’s also an auto power-saving feature that will turn off the screen when you walk out of the room.

With future firmware updates, Sony says the camera will support gesture control and sound and picture optimization. It scans the room to see where people are seated to project the best picture and sound possible. If no one is watching, it will dim the brightness automatically to save energy. 

PS5 Integration

Being the same manufacturer of the new Playstation 5 gaming console, it seems fitting that the A95K would support PS5 specific features. Auto HDR tone mapping selects the best HDR setting for your TV. With Auto Genre Picture Mode, the display switches into gaming mode during gaming sessions or into Standard Mode during movies.  

HDMI 2.1 provides a 120fps framerate on compatible games. This feature really stands out in first-person shooting games with ultra-smooth gaming and a reduced lag of 8.5ms. 

The Master Series A95K will come out in 55 and 65-inch screen sizes. Availability and pricing will be released in the spring of 2022.

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