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Smart TVs and smart projectors make great gifts, but if you’re choosing one for the family this holiday, how do you choose between the two? The best way to narrow down your options is to take a look at both and see which best fits into your home and family.

Smart projector or smart TV as a gift

If you’re giving a new smart projector or a smart TV as a gift, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. Here’s a quick look at what the latest smart projectors and smart TVs have to offer.

What is a smart projector?

smart projector for gift

A smart projector is a projector with Wi-Fi and streaming apps built into the projector operating system. There have been a few reviews of projectors on the blog lately, so take a look to see some of the differences between the different types. You’ll find smart projectors share a few of the same features.

1. Smart projectors have apps built in 

Having a smart projector means you don’t have to add a media player or plug in a streaming stick because the projector has a home screen with streaming apps built in. You can watch everything from movies to sports to TV shows. Depending on the brand of smart projector you choose, it may have an app store that lets you download all kinds of apps including games.

2. Your projector can be as big or small as you’d like it

With a projector you don’t have to worry about whether you choose the right size TV for a gift. Projectors don’t need to stick to a single size of screen like a TV needs to. If you’d like to have your projector stream movies on a projector screen that’s 100 inches or larger, you can do that. If you’d like to stream it to a small screen, that’s an option too. You aren’t tied to any size because your projector can adapt.

3. Projectors are portable and easy to transport

Unlike a smart TV, a smart projector is small enough to tuck into a backpack or take with you when you travel. If your family likes to go camping or travel frequently, choosing a smart projector as a gift means you can take your projector with you when you go.

4. Smart projectors have long-lasting light sources

Some types of smart projectors use LED technology, and when you choose an LED projector it will be very bright, have intense colour and contrast, and have a long lifespan. You don’t have to switch out bulbs, and an LED light source will be bright enough to watch in a bright room.

5. Projectors offer 4K resolution

If you know you want 4K resolution for your smart TV or smart projector, you have the option to choose a smart projector with True 4K UHD (3840×2160). There are also projectors that can upscale your content to as close to 4K as possible.

6. Voice control on projectors

Some smart projectors have smart features like Airplay and screen sharing. They can also be added to your favourite voice assistant for hands-free voice control when you don’t want to search for a remote.

What is a smart TV?

smart tv

Just like a smart projector, a smart TV is a TV with Wi-Fi and a built-in hub set up with your favourite streaming apps. Smart TVs are available in standard TV sizes including 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and larger. You can see a few TVs reviewed on the blog if you’d like gift ideas. The latest smart TVs share a lot of the same features as smart projectors.

1. Smart TVs have great app stores

Depending on the brand of smart TV you choose, you will have a main screen or hub with all of your favourite streaming apps. There will be Netflix, YouTube, Crave, Disney+, and more. Some brands use a TV operating system that’s based on Google’s OS or the Android OS. Not only will the screen be familiar to you, but you can also access apps for productivity, smart home, music, and more.

If your smart TV has a Google operating system, you may be able to control all of your smart home devices from the main screen. You also have the option to use voice control on a smart TV.

2. Smart TVs offer 4K and 8K resolution

The standard resolution for smart TVs is 4K UHD, but you can also choose smart TVs with 8K resolution. Almost all streaming apps support will now 4K UHD, and smart TVs support Dolby content and HDR content too.

3. Smart TVs can be placed on an existing mount

A smart TV is a bit more permanent than a smart projector. It doesn’t need a projector screen to display movies and other content. Instead, a smart TV is mounted on your wall or sits on an entertainment stand. If you’re choosing a smart TV as a gift to replace an older TV and they are the same size, you can just move one TV off the mount and place the new TV on it.

4. If you’re buying for a gamer, they’ll love a smart TV

Some smart TVs are also gaming TVs. Gaming TVs have speedy refresh rate, low input lag, and work seamlessly with the latest gaming consoles. Some of the latest smart TVs also have gaming hubs built in so they can access all of their console and PC games on one easy-to-navigate screen.

Smart TV or smart projector – which to choose as a gift for the family?

smart projector features

Now that you know a few of the best features of smart TVs and smart projectors, which do you choose as a family gift? If you’ve always owned a TV, you have a spot ready for it in your living room or home theatre, and you like the idea of having a set size and permanent display, you may want to give the gift of a smart TV. Or, if you’re interested in having the biggest screen size possible and like the idea of tucking away your projector screen when it’s not in use, a smart projector is a great option.

Whether you choose a smart TV or smart projector as a family gift, your family will love having a new way to watch their favourite content this fall and winter. You can find all types of smart TVs and smart projectors at Best Buy.

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