Film synopsis

Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel) are going through a dry spell in their marriage, so Annie comes up with an idea to spice things up. Unfortunately, the excitement from the idea quickly becomes madness.

My thoughts on the film

For those of you who remember Bad Teacher back in 2011, you would recall Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel were together in the film and it was decent at best. Now in 2014, we have S*x Tape with the same couple and the same director, Jake Kasdan. Well, three years later, it doesn’t get any better for the three. The storyline could have been better as the reason behind the widely distributed “tape” was weak writing.

Cameron Diaz is hit and miss and aside from the guys goggling at her, she’s mainly a miss in this film. Jason Segel is also not at his best game and I’m not sure if he can ever get back to the level we once saw in I Love You, Man. There is nothing to write home about on Ellie Kemper or Rob Corddry, as a friend has mentioned on the latter, he’s more funny on Twitter than he is in movies. Rob Lowe was certainly funny and I wish he got more screen time and Jack Black makes a cameo in a scene where men and women will be laughing for different reasons.

One last thing to note is product placement. Those of you who have seen the latest Transformers film, will notice the blatantly obvious product placement and it rubbed most of us the wrong way. Well, maybe most people associate cloud storage with Apple, but the entire film is basically an Apple commercial. It might seem as more and more films continue to grow their budgets, we will see more product placement to help pay towards their budgets which is unfortunate.

Rating 2/5

Sure, S*x Tape provides a few laughs, but there’s nothing more to it.

S*x Tape is now in theatres. Check your local theatre for showtimes.

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