4K projectors and 4K-capable projectors are becoming more popular and more common. Because projection technology has evolved so quickly and become so high quality, its now possible to get a movie theatre-style experience right at home.

I recently had a chance to try to JVC DLA-X590R, a 4K video projector that’s meant to provide pro-level video for your home theatre, or projection for professional situations like conferences and presentations.

Review: JVC DLA-X590R projector

Getting the JVC DLA-X590R itself set up is extremely simple. Really all you’ll need to do to start watching videos is plug in the power, and hook up your 4K content device, like a laptop, Blu-ray player or streaming stick using one of the two HDMI ports.

Once powered up, you can get your video picture set up via the motorized lens. You can adjust the size of the image, focus, and shift the picture around so you can get it perfectly centered on your screen, all simply using the buttons on the included remote control.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a good quality screen. Yes, you could use a wall or even a cloth, but when you’re projecting a high quality, 4K-style image, you need the fine grain, smoothness, and perfect whiteness of a pro screen like the EluneVision Elara Nano Edge, which is available at Best Buy.

JVC DLA-X590R is powerful

The JVC DLA-X590R projector has 1800 Lumens with a High Power Lamp. It has a contrast ratio of 40,000:1. Of course, contrast is the ratio between the light and dark areas in your video. A contrast ratio of 40,000: 1 means that the brightest parts of the video are 40,000 times brighter than the black areas. The higher the contrast ratio, the greater the difference between those bright whites and the dark blacks a display device can produce. High contrast ratios generally help make the video look more realistic.

This JVC projector also has HDR or high dynamic range functionality, which creates a brighter, more colourful, and more detailed picture when showing video that’s been shot in HDR.

What is JVC 4K e-shift?

There’s also capabilities for higher resolution video thanks to what JVC calls 4K e-shift technology, so you get an accurate 4K experience from 1080P HD content. JVC’s e-shift analyzes every pixel and then optimizes the picture for a 4K like experience.

Additional Features JVC DLA-X590R

  • Direct Mode with Low latency and advanced HDR processing
  • Accepts Native 4K 60p (4:4:4) content through Dual Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP2.2 inputs
  • Direct Mode with Low latency and advanced HDR processing
  • Accepts Native 4K 60p (4:4:4) content through Dual Full Speed 18Gbps HDMI/HDCP2.2 inputs
  • Auto HDR picture mode switching
  • Precise motorized lens focus, zoom, & shift with 5 position memory

JVC projector – Silent operation

The projector is really, really quiet. With many projectors you can expect fan noise to different degrees, but with the JVC DLA-X590R, it’s virtually silent, meaning there’s nothing to distract you from your movies and TV content. Depending on where you place it you can get a picture size from about 6 feet to 14 feet wide or a 90 inch to 190 inch diagonal screen size.
That’s massive, and more than enough for most home theatre applications.

Overall review of JVC DLA-X590R

Overall, the video quality is really great. It’s sharp, bright and very detailed. Being able to project such a detailed image to such a huge size and have it look clear and realistic means a more immersive experience for your TV and movies at home.

While there’s not a built in speaker in the projector, as there is with some other models, you wouldn’t want to use a built-in speaker anyway, since the quality is usually pretty low. This projector is meant to be connected to your home theatre sound system for a full home theatre experience.

The video quality is superb and it’s easy to get a massive and wall filling image. I also like how easy it was to adjust the picture and screen framing automatically with just the buttons on the remote control.

If you’re looking for a powerful projector with 4K capabilities, you should definitely check out the JVC DLA-X590R. It’s available at Best Buy.

Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
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