best TV for a familyIf you’re considering a family gift for the holidays, a TV is a great choice since it’s something everyone can enjoy. But how do you choose the right television for your space and needs? These are some of the decisions you’ll need to make:

Choosing a TV: Size & budget considerations

One of the first things to do when shopping for a new TV is to measure your space. While it’s ideal to maximize the space and fill it up for a more immersive viewing experience, budget will definitely come into play when it comes to just how big you can go. Figure out what your maximum price is, and get the biggest TV you can within that price range.

Choosing a TV: basic HD or top-notch 4K

HD TV or High Definition is the level of TV resolution most of us have right now. It’s definitley good quality, and HD TVs are very inexpensive today, but there is a better option. 4K is the newest, coolest and best quality video available. 4K TV is the highest resolution you can get. 4K is four times more detailed than even today’s standard HDTVs, so it makes lines ultra sharp, and creates a video picture so real it’ll blow your mind.

While 4K TVs are pricier, it’s still possible to find an affordable 4K TV – you may need to buy a smaller one to get it to fit your budget. (More on that in a sec)

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No matter who’s watching the new 4K TV, it improves the experience for everyone. Kids shows are brighter and more colourful, while TV for teens can unfold in great detail. Gamers in the family will love playing the best new games and taking advantage of all the coolest new effects with sharpness and millions of colours.

For parents, there’s sports and series binge viewing, and as the list of made-in-4K content grows (Netflix is the top dog in this pack) there will be even more to enjoy.

4K is also a great choice since it’s ‘future-proof’ meaning that it’s not going to become obsolete in a few years, while HD TV might!

Sony is a TV manufacturer with a stellar reputation for making great TVs and this 4K smart version checks all the boxes.

Choosing a TV: Smart capabilities 

Speaking of smart TVs… many TVs sold today have some kind of smart technology built in. From streaming services to online channels, apps and even the ability to surf the web, TVs are becoming full-on connected entertainment portals. It’s common for a new TV to have YouTube and Netflix built in for easy streaming, and for you to be able to download other apps or channels you may be interested in.

If the new TV you’re eying (like this Philips version)  has smart capabilities, great. If it doesn’t, you can always get an external streaming device like Google Chromecast, Apple TV or a Roku streamer.

Choosing a TV: placement

If you’re putting your new TV into a dedicated TV watching space, you probably aren’t too worried about the looks of the set itself — TVs are ultra thin these days and blend in well with any space. But if you might like to have a TV in an open concept space or a more formal living area, you might want something that virtually disappears when not in use. If that’s the case, check out some of the new TVs that camouflage themselves as art when they’re not being used to watch TV.

LG’s ‘Wallpaper’ TVs are one example, and Samsung too has its exquisite Frame TV where the TV morphs into a stunning and realistic art work when it’s not broadcasting TV.

I had a chance to try out the Frame TV in my home. Read the full review of the Frame TV to find out more about how this TV can hide seamlessly in any room.

A TV is a great choice for the whole family. No matter who’s watching it, it’s the gift that keeps giving to everyone all year long.


Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
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  1. I like the tip that you gave to choose a television that is the right size for your needs. My wife wants to get a new television for our living room. I will be sure to look for one that will be an adequate size for our whole family.

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