image of woman wearing truly wireless headphonesReady or not, the holiday season is right around the corner, and we’ll all be tasked with finding the perfect gift for everyone on our list. But we all have that one person who’s a little trickier to buy for, and trying to guess what they want can be a gamble. Luckily, truly wireless headphones have become quite popular in recent years and make for the perfect gift for just about anyone.

What are truly wireless headphones?

Truly wireless headphones are in-ear headphones that not only connect wirelessly to your device, but also to each ear piece. That means there’s absolutely NO wires or headbands connecting the ear pieces. Typically, your Bluetooth device will connect to one of the earbuds (the “master” bud) which in turn transfers the sound to the other bud. This makes for a more compact headphone that frees you from super annoying wires. Has your wired earbud ever been yanked out of your ear after getting caught on something? Infuriating!

Just about any lifestyle can benefit from the freedom of truly wireless headphones, making them a can’t-go-wrong gift. In some circles, they’ve even become a bit of a fashion statement. Whether they’re a fitness junkie, multi-tasker, traveller or more, a pair of truly wireless headphones are the perfect gift for just about anybody (maybe even yourself).

Truly wireless headphones for the athlete

image of woman wearing Beats Powerbeats Pro headphonesFrom the days of the Walkman to the first wireless headphones, portable music has been changing the way we exercise, and truly wireless headphones are the next step in this evolution. In fact, many of them are made specifically for fitness. Truly wireless headphones free you from cumbersome wires that restrict movement and limit your work out. Their earbud style also lets the bud sit snuggly in your ear, making it less likely to slip out of place than traditional over-ear headphones.

A great example is the Beats Power Pro. Not only are these headphones water resistant to protect them from sweat or rain, but they come equipped with an ear hook to keep the bud in place. That means your earbuds are unlikely to fall out, even during intense workouts. They also have an extended range, allowing you to leave your phone to the side while you get your sweat on without losing your connection.

image of man running listening to music in Jaybird Vista truly wireless headphones

The Jaybird Vista is another awesome option for an athlete, as they’re built with fitness in mind and are a bit more budget-friendly. In addition to being waterproof and sweatproof, they are also weatherproof with construction that seals the inner components from the elements. That means not even a typhoon could stop you from your morning jog (though I wouldn’t recommend it). And with a 6-hour battery life, the Jaybird Vista will last through any work out, whether you’re doing some quick powerlifting or embarking on an hours-long hike.

Whether your giftee is a hardcore athlete or just looking to shed a few post-holiday pounds, truly wireless headphones will give them the freedom to run, bike or lift their way.

Truly wireless headphones for the multi-tasker

Are you shopping for someone who’s obsessed with being productive? Are they always on the go, constantly checking their messages or making calls? For the chronic multi-tasker, truly wireless headphones let you stay connected to your device while keeping your hands completely free for other tasks.

image of galaxy buds earbudsIf your loved one is a multi-tasker, I recommend the Samsung Galaxy Buds. These powerful headphones use a cool feature called adaptive sound technology. Adaptive sound uses two microphones to distinguish ambient noise from other sounds. It then adapts the volume of speech and ambient noise to optimal levels, giving you crystal-clear calls regardless of background noise. That means you can take calls on a busy street (or any noisy place) without having to duck into a quiet alley, or forcing your caller to awkwardly cover their other ear to hear you properly. Their seamless connection feature also allows you to switch between devices almost effortlessly, so you don’t have to waste your time fiddling with connection settings between your many tasks.

image of woman outside wearing JBL truly wireless headphones

If your busy life demands that you keep your hands as free as possible, the JBL Free is the perfect option. These headphones keep ALL their controls in the earbuds themselves, so once you’re paired up, there’s no need to keep taking out your phone to switch songs, accept a call, or whatever else you need, keeping your hands free for more important things.

Anyone with a busy lifestyle can benefit from the hands-free freedom and convenience of truly wireless headphones.

Truly wireless headphones for the traveller

In the modern world, travelling is an integral part of life, whether you’re exploring another land, or making your daily commute to work. No matter how exotic (or not) your giftee’s travels are, they need a headphone that can keep up with them.

image of apple airpods proFor any style of traveller, Apple AirPods are an excellent choice. They can activate Apple’s voice assistant Siri with a double-tap, making it easier than ever to check your messages, make a hands-free call, or find the nearest hotel. Siri can even translate another language for you, making it perfect for visiting a foreign country. AirPods have a 5-hour battery, so you’re easily covered for shorter trips. For longer excursions, they have a wireless charging case that can provide you with up to 24 hours of listening time. Apple also recently announced the AirPod Pro which promises better sound technology and a better fit than original AirPods. And if you’re into the fashion aspects of truly wireless, the classic Apple style is recognized around the world, so you can make a statement wherever you go.

image of woman wearing jabra elite 75t truly wireless headphones

If AirPods aren’t your thing, the Jabra 75t is also ideal for travel or commuting. They have a compact and lightweight design making them easy to carry and stay comfortable for even long plane trips. They also have a secure fit and shape, so you won’t need to worry about one falling out during a hectic commute. Like AirPods, they have voice assistant technology and a charging case that can provide up to 28 hours of listening time, so they might even last you your whole vacation without needing to charge at a wall outlet. Similar to Samsung’s adaptive sound, the Jabra 75t uses four microphones to filter out background noise, so you can be confident to take a call in a bustling Tokyo street, or the windy alps of Switzerland.

No matter what kind of traveller you are, truly wireless headphones can get you from A to B in comfort, style, and with the functionality to take on whatever life throws at you.

Truly wireless headphones for the music lover

At this point, you might be thinking: all these features are great and all, but my loved one just uses headphones for music. What’s the point if music doesn’t sound good? If so, I have good news for you—even in the world of truly wireless, there is no need to compromise on sound quality.

image of woman taking a phone call with the Sony 1000XM3 headphones

The Sony WF-1000XM3 truly wireless headphones were designed for amazing sound. These headphones use industry-leading noise-cancelling technology, ensuring that background chatter will never interrupt your music again. Not only that, but it also features audio upscaling, for the clearest, richest, and highest resolution sound you can find.

Sony has also optimized its Bluetooth technology for a wider range and stronger connection, and created a super comfortable ergonomic design. Combine all that with the 6-hour battery life of the WF-1000XM3, the only limit to your jam session is you.

The freeing nature of truly wireless headphones lets you take your music wherever you need it, with all the amazing sound technology that every music lover needs.

Whether you’re shopping for a multi-tasker or music lover, a traveller or an athlete, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of truly wireless headphones. With their 100% wireless and compact designs, portable audio has never been so free. And with more features than can ever be described in a single article, there’s bound to be a pair that’s perfect for anyone on your list. Take a look at Best Buy’s selection for yourself and see which ones would work for your giftee. And if you pick up a pair for yourself too, I won’t judge.

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As a card-carrying 90’s kid, I’m a lifelong tech enthusiast and Pokémon fan. I’m also on the eCommerce team at Best Buy Canada. I love shopping and hunting down the perfect product, whether it’s tech, fashion, cookware, or beyond. When I’m not blogging, you can find me listening to true crime podcasts, relaxing with my Switch, or kicking butt at the kickboxing gym.


    • Hi Sai, the Bose SoundSport buds are another great option. I would recommend them for the athlete in your life. They are designed with sport tips to keep them in place, and are water-resistant for sweat 🙂

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