Raycon Fitness Earbuds with packaging and charging case.

The Raycon The Fitness earbuds offer quality sound with long-lasting comfort, making them a promising choice for fitness lovers. When choosing the right earbuds for entertainment, sonic features—depth, clarity, amplification, and frequency—are often the priority. Beyond entertainment, truly high-performing fitness earbuds should offer more than sound. For uphill sprinters, earbuds should withstand buckets of sweat. For yoga practitioners, they should be well-fitted to prevent falling out during downward dog. I tested the Raycon Fitness earbuds across cardio, strength, as well as aerobic fitness routines—and they did not disappoint.

Unboxing and set up of the Raycon The Fitness earbuds

Raycon Fitness Earbuds accessories

When opening the box, the Raycon Fitness Earbuds are tucked inside its charging case. The box also includes a USB charging cable (Type-C), a lanyard, and a selection of ear tips useful for finding the perfect fit. As expected, it also comes with a manual that goes over Bluetooth pairing, fit, features, and functions. You can check out a previous Best Buy review for a breakdown of this earphone’s functions.

These earphones are incredibly easy to pair. Once my phone’s Bluetooth picked up on “The Fitness Earbuds,” we were good to go. In fact, Raycon’s Bluetooth signal is so strong it blocked off my other earphone’s connection in the same room. I had to manually reconnect my previous earphones. This bodes well for Raycon’s ability to provide a hassle-free connection at the beginning of workouts. In addition, the earphone slots open upwards, making it easy to clean. You probably shouldn’t clean the charging pins to prevent damage, but this design allows for dusting the space where the ear tips rest which is the part that gets most dirty anyways.

Walking with Raycon Fitness Earbuds

Raycon fitness earbuds in ear.

Over this past year, I have become a functional fitness fan. Relaxing my semi-weekly 5K runs for the daily 10,000 steps challenge, I took the Raycon Fitness earbuds on a 90-minute, moderate-paced walk after dinner. What I first noticed is how comfortable they are. They slipped into my ears easily, and I hadn’t even played around with the extra ear tips yet! Not only did the rubbery tip feel soft, but the rest of the earphones also felt pressure-free on the outside of my ears.

As I started walking, I noticed that outside noise was muffled even with the awareness mode on and music off. When I turned on the music, I could hardly hear the sounds of cars honking, people talking, and bicycles passing. I activated the ANC by holding the center of the right earbud. When you activate the different modes, these earbuds will momentarily pause the music and let you know which mode you are now using. Once the ANC was activated, it felt like I was walking in my own private nature sanctuary. In addition to the ANC, the design of these earphones, particularly how securely they fit into your ears, plays a role in blocking sound. This can be useful for those wanting to zone out during workouts, but I found myself constantly looking around to make sure I wasn’t walking into danger.

By the end of my walk, they were still just as comfortable. Unlike other earphones where my ears begged for a breather, I wasn’t in a rush to remove them. This works well for functional fitness, providing a smooth transition from one movement to the next. I went from a 90-minute walk to taking out the garbage to moving boxes of books without pausing to rearrange my earphones. The perfect combination of being sturdy and soft—Raycon’s snug fit is well-suited for long fitness sessions.  

Running with Raycon Fitness earbuds

Raycon Earbuds outside of case.

Because running is a high-impact exercise, the most suitable earbuds rest imperceptibly on your ears. Having to readjust the fit of your earbuds even just a little bit is annoying. It can also be dangerous if your choice of running is sprinting. I tried running both indoors and outdoors with the Raycon Fitness earbuds to find out just how invisible they can feel.

I first ran on a treadmill. It was a warm-up jog at a slight incline, then running at a higher incline, finishing with interval sprinting. These earbuds once again fit nicely into my ears without adjustment. During my slow jog, I tested the volume function by tapping on the buds. The left earbud works to lower the volume and the right is for increasing the volume. Sometimes the function was very sensitive and other times it didn’t respond as quickly. It took repeated tries to find exactly where the sensor was located. I’d recommend playing around with the sensors before jumping on a treadmill at full speed.

When I started full-on running, I held the centre of the left earbud to activate the bass mode. There was a stark difference between this mode and the other two. Feeling motivated by the dynamism of the pounding bass, I ran faster. I can see myself handpicking the right songs to make use of this function for sprint training. The bass added to the sound cancellation as well. For sound reference, I was running with awareness mode off, and I could hear the treadmill but not my gym’s air conditioner.

During my sprints, I stayed away from adjusting the volume or noise modes for safety reasons. Despite the high-intensity impact, the earbuds stayed just as secure and comfortable as they were during the slow jog. For my outdoor run, I had the same experience. Rather than finding the right place to tap, I ended up reaching for my phone to change songs or adjust the volume. In both my indoor and outdoor runs, neither sound quality nor the comfortable fit was affected by sweat.

Strength training and yoga with Raycon Fitness Earbuds

Raycon Earbuds open case

Resistance and strength exercises, such as weightlifting and yoga, require muscle isolation. Earbuds that support dynamic movement are best suited for these exercises. When I’m running, I use earbuds as a distraction from the intensity of constant motion. When it comes to strength and resistance, I prefer earbuds that draw awareness to my body. For me, earbuds with a balanced and transparent sound allow my mind to focus on my breath.

To begin my strength workout, I switched my Raycon Fitness earbuds to “Balance Sound” by holding the left earbud for 3 seconds. I also turned off the ANC by pressing on the right earbud for 3 seconds. In comparison to the bass mode, the sound is now smoother and calmer. The “Pure Sound” mode also works—I didn’t notice a big difference between these two. These modes are also helpful in settling your mind and body during a cool-down session. Throughout my workout lifting dumbbells standing up, sitting down, and squatting, these earbuds stayed put, and the more balanced sound allowed for a focus on my form.

The greatest test of fit is when you’re inverted in a downward dog. I can attest that these earbuds stayed put during my cat-cow rotations. No adjustments were needed while holding a side plank. They didn’t even move a centimetre during my downward dog. Just for the heck of it, I also tried doing some jumping jacks, and the results were the same. If you’re into wearing earphones during virtual yoga classes, these may be the right product.

As for sound quality, the “Balanced Sound” mode transmitted my yoga teacher’s voice clearly, even picking up on her breathy gasps alongside her instructions.

Raycon The Fitness earbuds’ battery life

Raycon earbuds on palm

When I first unpackaged these earbuds, I was pleased that they came charged and ready for use. I wore them continuously during one of my longer walks, which lasted for three hours. The Bluetooth connection and sound quality remained the same throughout the entire walk, and I think that’s a testament to its battery strength.

According to the packaging, these earbuds come with a battery life of 56 hours. I did notice something when I removed these earbuds—the music will keep playing unless I place them in the charging case or double tap the left earbud to pause. Because of this continuous use, a strong battery life is all the more critical for ensuring that these earbuds last you several workouts even if you need to remove them for some time to chat with a friend or remain aware of your surroundings.

Raycon The Fitness earbuds’ sound recap

During my more intense, indoor workouts, my go-to music is a mix of pop, r&b, and rap—anything fast-paced with a pounding sensation. The “Bass Sound” function of these earbuds produced high energy and fun beats while still remaining crisp, making them suitable for these musical genres. In contrast, I liked the “Pure Sound” function when exercising outdoors because it created a more airy sound. Because I prefer listening to gentle and soulful music during my long outdoor walks, this airiness emphasized the singer’s voice and connected me with the surrounding environment. In all three modes, bass, balanced, and pure, I was impressed by the clear sound quality.

Should you choose Raycon The Fitness earbuds?

Woman holding Raycon earbuds.

The best earphones are more than just musical accessories. They work the magic of motivating your body’s movements and mind’s endurance during the toughest workouts—all the while remaining undetectable in your ears. After testing these Raycon earbuds, I think their greatest strength is their long-lasting comfort. In the past, I had a difficult time wearing earbuds for more than an hour, but with these ones, I didn’t mind keeping them on for the entire three hours of my walk.

When I first started using these earbuds, I found the functions a bit difficult to figure out. For changing tracks, you have to tap three times in a row—on the left to return to a previous track, on the right to go to the next track. For pausing and restarting, you tap twice on the left earbud. To change sonic modes, you hold the left earbud. To activate or de-activate ANC, you hold the right earbud. It took me some time to remember these functions and figure out exactly where to tap. I’d recommend playing with them and getting the hang of the taps and holds before doing a workout. Despite the training time, I do appreciate the sonic options they provide for users who like to customize their music experience, and they’re fairly easy to operate once you’ve had some practice. If you’re looking for a new workout companion, Raycon’s The Fitness earbuds might hit the right notes.

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