Jaybird has introduced the Freedom 2 as a successor that carries many of the things we loved from the original Freedom with small refinements through an improved design. The great sound quality has been left untouched, while a new wire management system and new ear tips ensure the best lightweight wireless headphone experience possible

What’s in the box?

Out of the box, the Jaybird Freedom 2 includes everything you need to get started and more. In addition to the headphones itself, you receive eartips/fins in four different sizes, along with a short charging cable, charging clip, and a soft carrying case. The charging clip holds 4 hours of battery which can attach and charge the main battery of the Jaybird Freedom 2 itself, while in use. The soft carrying pouch is compact and good enough for most needs, but I still prefer the hard-carrying cases Jaybird used to include with previous models.

Jaybird Freedom 2 Comfort

The Jaybird Freedom 2 is Jaybird’s compact variant of their ever-popular wireless sport headphones. Tailored towards active users, Jaybird’s intentions in the successor was to make small but important refinements that contribute to an enhanced form factor. One of which is the SpeedFit integrated cord management system that is essentially a clip that makes adjustment fast and easy, while keeping the excess cable out of the way while running.

Though the eartips/fins saw a refinement this year as well, I personally did not notice any issues with the previous model and for the most part felt pretty similar. The fit will really come down to the individual as everyone’s ear is unique, but for the most part, I never experienced a problem when it came to comfort and have not heard of any problems associated to fit throughout my peers as well. The lightweight low-profile earbud design makes the Freedom 2 very comfortable for active and long-period uses, their also rather durable and sweat-proof as well!

The Jaybird Freedom 2 also features an in-line remote with a standard volume and play/skip control; there is also a microphone built-in for hands-free calling. Placement is on the right side of the earphone making it fast and easy to adjust tracks and volume while being worn.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is definitely one of the standout characteristics across Jaybird’s lineup of sport headphones, and the Freedom 2 is no different. The same natural, crisp, and balanced sound are still present, but you also can use Jaybird’s app to tailor the sound to your liking. A someone who listens to a variety of music, I found the Freedom 2 to serve most of my needs even with default sound settings. After testing many more wireless headphones of this type over the past year, I still believe Jaybird has the best offering when it comes to sound quality.

Jaybird App

Jaybird’s app is incredibly well designed and intuitive with a social aspect integrated as well. It serves as a central hub that encourages you to make the most of the Jaybird headphone through maximized customization in sound. The main menu displays an EQ preset optimizer separated in low, mid, and high allowing you to tailor your headphone’s soundstage based on the types of music you listen to. Additionally, Jaybird has created some custom EQ’s that you can test out and compare with other sound settings. I am someone who normally wouldn’t use an additional application for a headphone or speaker, but I found myself playing around with the Jaybird app quite a bit, and I can see customers finding this experience valuable as well. As for the social aspect, you can preview and download EQ presents of Jaybird athletes and artists while the shared playlist option allows users to, share their music lists.

Battery life

The Jaybird Freedom 2 has a 4-hour battery life, with an external charging clip that holds an additional 4 hours of charge when attached, this design is due to its lightweight focus. You can choose to use the Freedom 2 on its own to reduce weight during a run or have the charging clip attached during use. From my experience, I found myself getting around 6 hours while using the Freedom 2’s with the charging clip attached, around what I normally expect from a manufacture claim of 8 hours. With that being said, on its own, the charging cradle for the Freedom 2 is very easy to lose. It’s a tiny but crucial piece needed to connect a micro USB port to transfer power to the headphones themselves. I would have just liked to see a charging port somehow integrated into the main in-line remote itself, with the charging clip serving as a backup pack.

Is the Jaybird Freedom 2 worth it?

At the end of the day, the Jaybird Freedom 2 is a very recommendable wireless headphone, but it does come at a cost. Jaybird’s X3 will likely still be the practical and economical choice for many, but the Freedom 2 essentially brings all of the great features into an extremely compact form factor with very few compromises, such as the built-in battery life without the charging clip. Otherwise, the sound quality was top notch for a wireless headphone of this style, and Jaybird’s well-established app platform is a big reason alone to opt for their platform. The customized fit and tailored sound quality allow this pair of wireless headphones to appeal to users who have a range of uses and preferences.



Justin Tse
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  1. Hello Justin:
    I used the headphones for the first time and found the battery only lasted one hour. I had the clip attached as well. Do know of any reason why the battery life is so poor?
    Thanks, Jana Lee

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