GSP 370, 600 and 670There is a wide variety of gaming headsets to choose from on the market today, enter the premium option, with the EPOS line. The GSP 370, GSP 600 and GSP 670 gaming headsets offer various levels of features, quality and performance. I’ve spent the last month testing the three headsets with some great results across multiple video game platforms with extensive testing on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. Depending on the GSP model, you might run into compatibility issues, but we’ll take a closer look at that below.

The high-performance audio, great build quality and wireless performance sets the GSP line apart from the competition. Let’s take a look at each piece of hardware and find one that’s right for you.

GSP 370GSP 370 review

Let’s kick things off by looking at the wireless entry level model of the line in the EPOS GSP 370 Wireless Headset. The 370 offers rich sound, great comfort and more freedom keeping you untethered.

The cushioned earcups offer great sound and comfort while playing for hours at a time. The headband is also nice and plush and doesn’t feel too heavy while using it. The GSP 370 only weighs in at 285 grams, so it is a nice light non-imposing audio solution.

The downside to the hardware is the lack of noise cancellation, even during the most intense moments of a game like Returnal, I could hear noise from my living space. Lower decibel sounds like thumb stick clicks and controller rumbles bled through with the headphones on. This is one of the few downsides to the 370, but there is unbelievably long battery life with the headphones.

Marathon gaming with the GSP 370

A big positive with the GSP 370 is its stellar battery life, which supports 100+ hours of gaming. I have had the opportunity to test a lot of wireless headsets and very few have been able to offer the longevity that the 370 has. It only takes a few hours to fully charge but offers 100+ hours of battery life. I almost went a full week without having to charge mine.

GSP 370 MicGSP 370 set up and overall performance

Getting the wireless hardware configured is extremely easy, which is a big plus. I often find Bluetooth enabled devices have some hoops to jump through, but the GSP 370 is literally “plug and play.” This simplicity is accomplished using the included USB dongle which you just plug into your PC, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 and you are ready to play.

The headset remains connected up to 10 metres from the base and the connection is quite reliable. My sofa is roughly 2.5 metres from my PS5 and I experienced only 2 drops in signal in 50+ hours of use.

The headset’s overall frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz does offer great audio while gaming. The sound performance really shines with high end response, but I found it a little flat with bass, especially compared to the 600 and 670 models.

The microphone offers clear audio during chat, with little distortion even in hectic moments. The flip-to-mute mic has a flexible boom arm that becomes unmuted when pulled down. The physical movement of the arm to mute and unmute is great to ensure privacy. The bulky nature of the arm is on the larger side, it would be ideal to have an option to remove the mic arm entirely.

GSP 600 MicGSP 600 review

If you are looking for a wired audio solution, the EPOS lineup has a great option in the GSP 600 Gaming Headset.

It’s 3.5 mm audio jack provides greater compatibility with a wider range of devices including PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and the Nintendo Switch.

The 600 also has great noise cancelling capability, which really helps keep you immersed in your gaming experience. When using the headset, I could hear next to nothing around me and felt the game was more immersive. The noise that bled through with the 370 was eliminated with the 600.

The GSP 600 comes in a little heavier at 395 grams, which after long gaming sessions can provide some discomfort. To offset this, the hardware does have an adjustable padded headband. I really liked this feature and found a great fit with a little tinkering.

GSP 600 HeadbandGSP 600 sound quality and overall performance

The GSP 600 offers excellent sound quality that has a greater frequency response than the 370 with a range of 10 – 30,000 Hz. This provides richer bass with big explosions and more subtle sounds pipe through crystal clear.

I really enjoyed using the EPOS GSP 600, the wired option allowed me to use it with multiple gaming platforms. The sound quality was excellent and the options to adjust the headset really helped with comfort levels.

GSP 670 HeadbandGSP 670 review

If you are looking to combine the big sound of the 600 with wireless capability the EPOS GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset is for you. The leatherette ear pads are very comfortable and breathable for extended marathon play. You can also adjust the pressure put on the top of your head with the headband sliders and double-axis metal hinge system. Both work together to help keep your comfort level high over extended use.

The 670 does weigh-in as the heaviest of the line at 398 grams, but after a few hours of straight use I didn’t find the headset uncomfortable.

GSP 670 EarcupA multifaceted headset

The GSP 670 offers compatibility with both PC and a majority of home consoles. In order for it to operate it requires a very tiny USB hub that is roughly 1/3 the size of a standard USB thumb drive. The GSP 670 is also Bluetooth enabled so it can connect like a regular headset to other Bluetooth devices.

The only caveat to all of this is in order to use it with your phone, you’ll need to unplug the USB dongle. It’s puzzling that the headset doesn’t allow you to toggle through devices with a press of a button, a lot of new hardware offers this option.

GSP 670 Exterior670 sound quality and overall performance

The GSP 670 features great sound, coming in a close second across this line in this category. It has a frequency response between 10 – 23,000 Hz which does a great job of capturing small more nuanced sounds like rain drops and the deep bass in full out gun fights. The earcups also offer outstanding sound isolation so no passive sound creeps in. In regard to sound leak, I found that the GSP was the highest performer in the EPOS line, it’s excellent for uninterrupted gaming.

EPOS Full LineFinal thoughts on the EPOS line

The EPOS GSP 370, 600 and 670 gaming headsets cater to a plethora platforms with options for both PC and home console players. I really enjoyed the freedom of movement with the wireless options in the 370 and 670 but the GSP 600 offers the best sound and versatility with its 3.5mm connection option. The GSP 370 is the lightest in the entire lineup so if you are a marathon gaming that wants a lot of freedom it’s also a great pick. From the build quality, rich sound and wide range of options, the EPOS has something that will meet your most stringent gaming demands.

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