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With so many headphones on the market competing to give you the best audio experience, there’s bound to be a pair engineered to meet your needs. If I could design my ideal pair of headphones, I would make them wireless with an optional headphone jack for long-haul flights, with great audio quality and just enough bass. I would also like an integrated microphone to make calls, and, of course, noise cancellation to tune out distractions—all packaged in a sleek design. Last but not least, a self-charging battery would be nice so I would never run out of battery again on a run or in the middle of a meeting. Such a combination of features was unthinkable until recently when Urbanista released the Los Angeles: the first self-charging headphones to hit the market. Curious to learn more? Read this article to find out how they power up and enter this contest for a chance to win a pair and enjoy endless hours of entertainment.

Solar-powered for infinite battery life

Urbanista Los Angeles solar-powered headphonesUntil recently, owning a pair of self-charging headphones could have passed as science fiction. But Urbanista changed the game with the Los Angeles headphones. Boasting Powerfoyle solar cells on the headband, these headphones are always charging when exposed to light both indoors and outdoors. That means that unless you’re using them in a basement without windows, the Los Angeles headphones will be powering up at the same time as you’re using them—whether in a meeting or outside on a walk. But even if you used them in a dark room all day, they still promise 80 hours of battery life, which is by far greater than most headphones available today.

Track battery drain and gain with the Urbanista app 

Urbanista Los Angeles and companion appUnlimited battery life sounds nice, but how do you know that the headphones are actually charging? Urbanista lets you track battery drain and power gains in real-time in their companion app, so you can monitor the headphone’s battery. As you’re tracking battery usage, you might even be surprised by how much light the Powerfoyle solar cells are able to soak indoors! Inside the app, you can also switch between different modes, namely, active noise cancellation, ambient sound, and default to customize your listening experience to your needs.

Stay in the zone with active noise cancellation 

Urbanista Los Angeles headphonesWhat’s interesting to me about these headphones is that Urbanista offers an innovative charging solution seemingly without compromising on quality or design. The Los Angeles headphones include sought-after features such as active noise cancellation, and Best Buy blog contributor, Jason Gorber, was impressed with their sound quality when he reviewed them for the blog. You can watch his video review if you want to learn more about the Los Angeles’ performance and Jason’s impressions. Then enter this contest.

How to enter 

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter twice.

  1. In a comment below this article, let us know two features you consider mandatory in your ideal pair of headphones.
  2. Read Jason’s review of the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones, and in a comment under his article, tell us how owning a pair of self-charging headphones would improve your listening experience. Los Angeles headphones by Urbanista

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll randomly select one winner from all eligible entries, who will receive a pair of Urbanista Los Angeles solar-powered headphones.


This contest runs from April 13th to April 27th.

Remember you can enter up to two times as described above. Do you know someone who’s looking for a new pair of wireless headphones? Share this contest with them so they too can enter for a chance to win these futuristic headphones.

Win a pair of Urbanista Los Angeles headphones Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

Céline Günther
Céline is the lead editor at Best Buy Canada, where she writes about tech for the blog. When she isn't behind a keyboard, she's usually reading or exploring the great outdoors.


  1. I am very happy to announce the winner of this pair of Urbanista Los Angeles solar-powered headphones:

    Barbara TB – Orleans, ON

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  2. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  3. 2 features I consider mandatory in my ideal pair of headphones are noise cancellation and over-ear comfort.

  4. Ideally, lightweight, comfortable, great sound quality, wireless, and containing a chip to find them when I inevitably lose them 🙂

  5. Self-charging is incredible since I can never find chargers! And noise cancelling with two young kiddos in the house!

  6. They need to be wireless but have the option of using an AUX cord, and they need to be over-ear. I can’t stand on-ear headphones.

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