Google TV on Sony BRAVIA XR TVs

There are so many perks to having one of the latest Sony BRAVIA TVs, and whether you choose OLED, Full Array, or LED, you’ll have the Sony Cognitive Processor XR providing you with the best colour, contrast, and picture quality possible. I could talk on and on about the picture quality on the Sony BRAVIA XR OLED I reviewed a few months ago, but one of the features I didn’t have a chance to really elaborate on is how Sony has added Google TV as the operating system on Sony BRAVIA XR TVs.

What is Google TV?

Google TV is a lot like opening up a search engine window on your Sony TV, only this search engine has a main screen that’s already full of your favourite shows, movies, and apps. It even lets you control your smart home devices, right from your TV. All you have to do is log in with your Google account and you’re ready to enjoy everything Google TV has to offer.

There are over 400,000+ movies and TV shows across all streaming services on Google TV. Google TV has several pre-installed apps that are available as soon as you turn your TV on for the first time. Just connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and you can access Netflix, YouTube, Prime, Crave, and so much more. Everything is organized on your home screen for easy access, and you can customize your home screen if you’d like to. Your TV will even make content suggestions for you based on what you’ve watched so you can always find something new.

Find content on Google Play store

Google TV OS on Sony TVs

One of the biggest advantages of having Google TV on your Sony BRAVIA XR TV is that you don’t have to sign up for another account to access content on your TV. You can use the same Google account you use on your computer for web browsing and Gmail. That account also gives you access to the Google Play store, and you can login and download movies and apps right from the main screen of your TV.

Voice control on your Sony BRAVIA XR TV

There are several buttons on the Sony BRAVIA remote control you can use to give you one-tap access to all of your Google TV operating system features. Even better? You can skip using your remote control to tap or scroll and just say, “Hey Google” to use your TV. All you need to do is tap the mic button and ask your Google to find a movie, search out a new TV show, play music, or open an app. You can also ask your Google TV a question, just like you would if you were using your Google Home speaker.

Voice control Google TVIf your SONY BRAVIA XR TV has a built-in microphone you can turn it on and ask your voice assistant a question without the remote just by saying “Hey Google.” For example, say, “Hey Google, play Call My Agent on Netflix” and the show will appear on the TV.

Cast your own content to your Google TV

Casting is an easy way to share your own content on your Sony BRAVIA XR TV. Chromecast is built into your Google TV operating system, and you can connect your phone or computer to your Sony BRAVIA XR TV and cast your own videos, photos, and apps.

Google TV gives you Living Decor

Living Decor on Google TV

There is a Living Decor function within the Google TV operating system and it lets you showcase artwork, set screensavers, or display your family’s photos. You can set it to work on a timer or to appear when your TV is not in use. Because the bezel is so thin on the Sony BRAVIA XR TVs, your display will look just like a portrait mounted on the wall. This features is even more spectacular when you choose a SONY BRAVIA XR OLED TV. I used it during my review and I loved it. It created such a great atmosphere in the room.

Control your smart home devices

If you have a Google smart display speaker you’ll already know how great it is to have a hub for all of your smart home devices. With Google TV now a part of the Sony BRAVIA TV, your TV will become the biggest smart display in your home.

All of the smart home devices you’ve added to your Google Home app will appear on your TV. You can turn your smart lights off and on, check out the feed from your smart cameras, and lock your doors, all from the main screen on your Sony BRAVIA TV.

Check out Google TV on Sony BRAVIA XR TVs

There are even more reasons why Google TV is an amazing addition to SONY BRAVIA XR TVs, but this is one operating system you really need to check out for yourself. Once you do you’ll agree; SONY BRAVIA XR TVs are made even better with the seamless addition of Google TV.

You can find Sony BRAVIA XR TVs with Google TV on Best Buy right now.

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  1. You can not set up your TV unless you ACCEPT Google terms of service. No accept, NO TV set up. The sales person never told me about this before I bought it. I was so p***** off I returned the TV. The reason is that you can not deny Google service or its cookies. Second it not only tracks and records all of the programs you watch, this data is added to your personal Google profile. Google also serves you recomendations and ads based on your profile. It influences everything from news, food, hobbies ect…. Google wants you so it can make more money off its ads and the Govt uses Google to serve you propoganda. I want to think for myself, choose for myself, no thank you Google. I bought a Sony TV I want a Sony TV not a propoganda advertising machine. SONY you screwed up!!!!

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