Fauna Audio GlassesThere certainly isn’t a shortage of wearable tech nowadays. From watches and bracelets to shoes and chest straps, there are many options to enhance your quality of life in numerous ways. Glasses remain in somewhat uncharted territory. It’s been rather hard to find a stylish, yet functional pair. This is the issue that the Austrian company Fauna is trying to address with its line of audio glasses. I’ve received two of the four models that are offered at this time and I’ve been using them for a few days now. Read on to find out how they look, feel and sound.

But first, check out this video detailing the features and my impressions on both models.

Fauna Memor Havana and Fauna Spiro review

Fauna Memor HavanaFauna has four models to choose from. I’ve received the more masculine Memor Havana and Spiro. The former features a classic thick brown tortoise shell frame and it incorporates the hefty temples quite nicely. The latter is a cool transparent frame and also integrates very well with the temples. While I only tested these two models, the manufacturer also offers more feminine cat eye glasses: the Fabula and Levia—which are transparent and black respectfully.

They ship in a case that doubles as a charger and as a pairing device. It’s very stylish and has a few LED lights to let you know how charged your glasses are. It comes with a USB-C cable, so no additional purchase is necessary. The advertised playback time is up to four hours and 20 hours of standby. Although not totally waterproof, Fauna glasses are water resistant, so rain shouldn’t be a problem.

Replaceable lenses

Fauna Spiro Transparent BrownThe Memor Havana glasses came with blue light blocking lenses. Although I’m not sure where the science stands on this subject, these are very popular with people that spend a lot of time working on the computer. I personally don’t notice a difference when I use them, but that might be different for you. The Spiro on the other hand came are sunglasses with lenses that are of a cool shade of brown. You get quality glass here, since they are supplied by Zeiss—a manufacturer that has a great track record in over 150 years of existence. I really enjoyed the shades on sunny days when walking and driving around. Additionally, any optician can replace the lenses so you can use them as prescription glasses.

Bluetooth audio

The biggest feature of the Fauna glasses is the fact that they are equipped with small speakers and a dual mic system. The Bluetooth connexion enables you to pair with your smartphone or any other compatible devices for calls, music, podcasts or any other activity where audio is used. Since they aren’t inserted ear buds blocking your environment’s sounds, these are great for when you can’t afford to be completely disconnected. This is useful for bike rides and jogs where you need to be aware of your surroundings or just simple walks where you want to enjoy nature’s sounds.

The shades have a great brown tint

The specs do a great job of staying quiet for other people around you. At 50% to 60% percent, they are barely noticeable in quiet conditions. At this volume though, it might not be the most exciting or even ideal way of enjoying music. Higher levels provide a better listening experience, but people around you might start noticing the added noise and might even recognize some of the tunes you play. In louder environments, I’m not sure you can get away with low volumes, so get ready to be on the receiving end of some puzzled looks.

Quick touch controls

Both left and right temples feature touch controls. The left side enables you to control audio. By double taping, you can play and pause. By holding down on it, you can skip to the next song. A slide forward lowers the volume incrementally and you can raise it by doing the opposite.

The right temple is useful on calls. You’ll be able to accept calls by double tapping, while holding for 4 seconds will decline. Sliding your finger on it adjusts the volume just like it did on the left side. If you’re not receiving a call, you can also double tap to activate your voice assistant.

Bluetooth glasses

The controls are responsive and worked well with my iPhone. The speed is similar to my pair of AirPods pro, so Fauna did a good job making sure everything feels smooth and pleasant. On the other hand, pairing to your mobile is a bit clunky and I had to force repair a few times.

There is a companion app available to download. It enables you to control your glasses from your phone. It also has some extra goodies such as a few collections of tunes and reminders to drink water and adjust your posture throughout the day. These aren’t absolute game changers, but if you’re going to be wearing your glasses for extended periods of time, why not add these little extras in your everyday life?

Great look, but lack low end

Included caseI really like how these Fauna glasses look. The Havana glasses don’t particularly fit me well, but I feel pretty good about the Spiro sunglasses. Both models are light and aren’t particularly tiresome to me, even when I wear them for an extended period of time. The lenses themselves are quite nice and the sunglasses have a great colour to them.

The biggest issue here for me is the sound quality. I’m quite used to various types of headphones and I really like the added low end from a well-sealed earbud. The audio that comes out of the Fauna sunglasses is rather thin and lacks bass. It’s a bit disappointing, especially when I compare them to my AirPods.

If you want to get away from earbuds, these types of glasses might be an interesting purchase for you. This is particularly interesting for people that work mostly from home or commute actively on a bicycle or by jogging, for example. You’ll still get an idea of your surroundings while being able to hear your music, calls or podcasts. If you’re concerned with audio quality though, earbuds are still the way to go, especially if you are a fan of low frequencies.

Check out the Fauna glasses on Best Buy’s website.

Nikolai Olekhnovitch
Nikolai Olekhnovitch is a professional guitarist from Montreal. The experience and musical versatility he acquired during his music studies and involvement with diverse musical acts come in quite handy when reviewing various instruments. When he is not on the road performing, he’s exploring martial arts and seeking out the perfect espresso.


  1. The Fauna Memor Havana feature blue light filtering Lenses, 4 speakers, 2 microphones, built-in Touch Sensors, Bluetooth 5.0, and up to 4 hours of battery.

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