best televisions for dorm room Your back-to-school shopping list gets kicked up quite a notch when you finally move on to a college or university dorm from high school where you’ve been living comfortably with your parents. Yes, for higher learning, in addition to a ton of expensive textbooks, maybe a new laptop and some stylin’ fresh threads, you’re also going to need a television for your dorm room. How else are you going to watch the big match, play video games in between classes, and host the most epic movie parties on campus? So, kick back, start planning your ultimate movie night, and I’ll fill you in on the best televisions for a dorm room.


Does size matter for dorm televisions?

If you’re like most college students, you’re likely going to be on a bit of a shoestring budget when it comes to buying a TV for the dorm room. But, that’s okay, because prices have been coming down steadily, and you’d be surprised how inexpensive a good-sized and decent-looking television can be these days.

But, maybe you don’t really need some big honking massive TV screen in an itty bitty dorm room. I mean, you do have to consider the size of the room in relation to the size of the TV you’re going to have. If you’re sitting really close to something, you may want a bit of a more reasonably sized television.

For instance, the Insignia 19″ 720p LED TV is perfectly sized for a tinier dorm room (maybe a single or small double), or any small spaces. It offers crisp detail with a nice 1366 x 68 resolution, and 60hz refresh rate. It also features 170 degree horizontal and 160 degree vertical viewing angles, so you can catch your favourite shows or movies from virtually anywhere in a room (okay, well not from behind it, obviously, unless you happen to be from Krypton, but you can pretty much view it from anywhere else!). The Insignia is also only 2.5 inches deep so in can easily be mounted on a wall to save additional space. And, with two high-speed HDMI inputs, you can connect everything from your computer and gaming console, to your cable and Android box – making this TV the ideal home entertainment centrepiece.


Medium-sized televisions for your dorm room

If a 19-inch TV isn’t going to cut it, and your college budget allows for a bit more bang for your television-buying buck; you may want to consider a solid 32-inch TV for your college movie parties. Something like the Toshiba 32″ 720p LED TV is ideal if your dorm room is a little more…urm, roomy.

With 720p resolution, the Toshiba 32-inch LED lets you experience all the stunning details from movies, games and television shows. Featuring an integrated DTS TruSurround that delivers an immersive sound experience plus a 176-degree viewing angle offers an optimal viewing experience, this is a television that will make your dorm the top spot for entertainment on campus!

Alternately, the Samsung UN32J5205 32-in 720P Smart LED TV delivers 1080p full HD with 1920 x 1080 resolution, plus it features Open Box, so you can access video-on-demand, tons of apps, and social media in one easy-to-navigate menu system. And, audio lovers will appreciate the Samsung’s Dolby Digital Plus and SRS TheaterSound audio enhancements. You can also mirror your mobile device onto the big screen wirelessly, and it is all built-in!


Moving on up to a 39-inch dorm television

But, what happens if someone on your dorm floor has one of those 32-inch televisions? How can you be the king (or Queen… or whatever you want be called) of campus entertainment then? Oh, the humanity! What can you do? Well, maybe get your parents to splurge a bit on the Insignia 39″ 1080 60Hz LED Roku Smart TV. Tell them you’ll score perfect grades the first semester. Y’know – lie. This nice and big TV offers full HD 1080p resolution, built-in wifi, and the amazing Roku TV. That gives you access to literally tons of TV, music, movies, and a whole lot more. It also sports three HDMI ports, so you’ll have no problem connecting your Apple TV, PS4, and cable box all at once. Talk about offering the full package.


The ultimate mini theatre dorm television

If I blocked off my living room with four walls, it would be about the size of a large dorm room – give or take. I have a nice 42-inch TV on one wall, and I imagine that size of a television would really transform a drab college double into an entertainment mecca. So, the Toshiba 43″ 4K Ultra HD LED Chromecast Built-in TV is a sure to be the perfect ultimate mini theatre dorm experience for those with a bit more a budget to fork over for a really nice set-up. And when I say really nice set-up, the Toshiba 43″ 4K Ultra HD LED Chromecast Built-in TV totally delivers.

It has ultra high definition, with a 43-inch D-LED backlit screen and LCD display technology. You are going to experience stunning and crisp visuals thanks to the 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution, and DTS Studio Sound for immersive audio. The 178-degree viewing angle means even those sitting off to the side of the screen are going to get a perfect view of all the movie, TV or gaming action. The TV also features built-in Chromecast, so you have instant access to lots of apps like Netflix, Youtube and more. It also offers integrated Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity.

So, what do you think of my top televisions for dorm rooms? Is there a television set at Best Buy you think would work better for a dorm? Have you already done some research? Let me know what you think would be ideal for your college or university room, in the comment section below. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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