I love the video for Dan Mangan’s song Robots: 2 gangs settle their differences with a robot battle … then the robots actually change the lives of the gang members! Robots do change lives, for adults as much as for children. That’s why we love them. And there are new kinds of robots entering the market each year. Let this contest enlighten you about some of the robots available in 2017, and how they might improve your life, then enter to win one of 5 robots we are giving away. If you win you’ll be creating great robot memories, for you and for the robot, this summer!

What is a robot?

You may be harbouring biases or misconceptions about robots fostered by movies like “Bicentennial Man” or “iRobot.” Fun movies, but they seem to portray the ultimate robot as one that mimics humanity. My view is that the ultimate robot is a machine that acts specifically to make your life better, in a small or a big way, through the use of ingenious design, and intelligent programming code. Any robot that makes my life more fun, or lightens my workload in some predictable way, is one that I can easily love.

Here are 5 robots that need love

It’s a toss-up who will be the big winner of this contest: the people chosen to take home a robot prize, or the robot that will be placed in a loving home. I can’t list the human winners here (not until the contest is over and I have done the random draw, that is) but I can list the “robot winners,” the 5 robots that Best Buy is giving away.

3 OZOBOT Robots: they can detect lines and colours so you can control them with art. A great way to learn programming and have fun at the same time.
Wonder Workshop Wonder Packlearn how to control the robots “Dash” and “Dot” using code and great interactive apps.
Meccano M.A.X: (available later this summer at Best Buy) building on the amazing line on Meccano robots, this was a huge hit at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year and will be a highly coveted robot when it arrives in stores. But we have one for this contest, and it needs a home.


As you can see robots come in many shapes and sizes and each does different things. Our homes will soon have many robots: some for fun, some for doing work … and we’ll love them all. Enter now to bring one into your home this summer.

How to enter

Entering this contest is really simple, but you can only enter once. Leave a comment at the bottom of this article telling us one activity (could be household, work, school, or even play related) you wish robots could do right now. With any luck the next generation of robot designers will be inspired by these comments and start including some of these capabilities in the next generation of robots.

What you can win

At the end of the contest we will randomly choose 5 winners from all eligible comments entered on the blog. Each winner will win one of these prizes: a Meccano M.A.X, an Ozobot Bit White Starter Pack, an Ozobot Black Bit, an Ozobot Evo White, or a Wonder Workshop Wonder Pack. The total value of all of the prizes is approximately $855!

This contest runs from July 28th until August 14th.

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Win a Robot Rules and Regulations


We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.


… and I’ll end with the immortal, prophetic words of Dan Mangan: and that little voice, in the back of your mind, just wants you to know, just hopes that you know,

Robots need love too.

Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.


  1. This contest is closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the contest rules—also we will only announce the winners after they accept the prize. While you wait, please enter one of the other contests that are running at Best Buy, and enjoy some of the articles that we publish each day here on the blog. To ensure you don’t miss any of our articles or contests you can subscribe to the blog too!

  2. I would love a robot that could help stay at home moms. I’m a mom of four and that would be so amazing to have the extra help. Thank you for the opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  3. I know that it could probably never happen but would love to have a robot that could help with my kids lol. I’m a stay at home mom of four and that would be so amazing! Thank you for this awesome opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  4. I would love a robot personal assistant. One that can transition from a chauffer, chef, maid, personal shopper, and errand runner. That would leave me with so much more family time to enjoy!

  5. I wish that robots could clean the whole house including washing, drying and folding laundry. Would be amazing!

  6. The Roomba already vacuums the floor, which is great. But we still have to clean the dust bin afterwards. So, instead of a completely new function, all I want is a Roomba able to not only recharge itself but also empty its own bin on a specified location!

  7. I would love a robot to clean the toilet. I have 6 children and 3 of them are boys and my husband is just as bad as the boys lol. Thanks so much for the chance

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