Today’s drones are much more than just simple flying toys. They can be very valuable tools that can be a boon to your career in surprising and unexpected ways. Drones can benefit people in working in a broad range of professions like realtors, insurance adjusters and farmers. All it takes is a little imagination and ingenuity to figure out just how.



If you deal with real estate, for example, you can use the photos from a drone to give prospective buyers a bird’s eye view of a property which is great for an overview shot, and will look very professional. Alternately if you want to sell a high-rise property before construction is complete, you can fly the drone up to there the unit will be once complete in order to showcase what the view will be like. You can even use the 1080p video recording features from a drone like the Parrot Bebop in red or blue to do a high-end property flythrough video which is sure to impress, and give clients a great idea of what the property is like.


It doesn’t end there either. As an insurance adjuster you can use the drone to document a scene and assets in real-time, get a better perspective on things, and really speed up investigation and documentation. Property review and inspection can now be so much easier, and give you footage and photos to assist with later assessments. These tools can really help you speed up the claims process and evaluate a situation as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. What used to take time, money and still left room for uncertainty, now is easy, inexpensive, and can be ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Even farmers can make use of drones to help them get work done. A drone like the DJI Phantom 3 professional quadcopter can be outfitted to help farmers monitor their crops to improve water use and pest management. Getting an aerial perspective used to be much tougher and more expensive but now, on a whim, farmers can use a drone to fly up, get a bird’s eye view. The DJI can easily approach an area of interest, nice and close, with no trouble at all.

Peanut-Farming-with-Drone.jpgThat is really just the start. In the coming years you can expect drones to continue transforming workplaces all over. The next time you order something, for example, you could find it delivered to you by a drone. There are many jobs that could be transformed quickly by the use of drones, like crop dusting, surveillance and traffic helicopter pilots, and even film crane operators. Drones give us the ability to take to the skies quickly, easily, and get a new perspective on things with little fuss where before it could take a lot of time and expense. They are flexible and powerful enough that as tools, they’re set to become invaluable in the workplace of tomorrow for many professionals. Adopting a drone now to help you with your career can put you ahead of the curve.

A great place to get started is checking out some of these great drone options.

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