Child in Costway ride-on car.

There’s nothing like getting outside to enjoy some fresh air, and outdoor toys make the experience fun, especially when you have little kids. But chances are, no matter what activities you have planned, the inevitable “I’m bored” and “there’s nothing to do” complaint will be uttered at some point. If you’re looking to up the ante with fun activities that will have kids laughing and playing outside for hours, there are some great options.

Have races with an RC car

Lifehawk RC car on the grass

Grab an RC toy car or other vehicle and challenge your child to a one-to-one race to see who wins. You can choose from RC cars, trucks, and boats, or take to the skies with RC planes and toy drones. Kids will spend hours perfecting their navigation skills. Child with a droneSet up obstacle courses they have to weave and wind around or challenge them to set one up for you to try. They’ll giggle as they try and make the most difficult course with rocks, obstacles, and winding makeshift roads on the grass.

With RC planes and drones, kids will suitable for older kids, they’ll have to learn the operations and controls. Once they get the hang of it, they can practice flips, turns, and all types of moves from the comfort of your backyard. If permitted, you can even take one to the local park. When older kids get bored of the swings, slides, and monkey bars, they can play with one of these while their younger sibling continues to play in the play structures.

Go for a ride

Child in an Aosom ride-on carInstead of racing a tiny toy car, why not go for a ride on a real, life-sized one? Yes, little kids can do this, too, with powered ride-on toys. Choose from cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors and heavy-duty machines, and even go karts and bumper cars. Accompany your child on a wild (or not so wild!) ride down the sidewalk or in the backyard.

Powered by rechargeable batteries, kids can step aboard and scoot around in their own mini vehicle. Using a ride-on car is not only fun, kids will learn some valuable skills. They’ll learn to steer, to develop hand-eye coordination, and the basic mechanics of riding.

Older child in ride-onIdeal for kids 3 years and up, they do have maximum weight and height, so if your child is a bit older, make sure they’ll comfortably fit. Most ride-on cars include features like power-lock brakes, multiple speeds, and both forward and reverse. With some supervision, kids will have tons of fun racing you on foot, their siblings in other cars, or simply riding around in circles.

Play games outdoors

When all else fails, there’s no amount of boredom a good, competitive outdoor game can’t help. I like to add something new to the backyard every year, from cornhole to ring toss, a life-sized tumbling blocks game, and axe throwing.

Ring toss gameYou might want to consider a Bocce Ball set that the parents can enjoy once the kids are in bed as well! (Though all the other games are great for both kids of all ages as well as adults). Set up teams or play one on one. Or the child can play on their own to practice before the next, big family tournament.

My next purchase will be a larger basketball net for my son to practice his B-ball skills. He continues to enjoy soccer nets and a ball in the backyard as well.

There are other options to consider depending on the season, from inflatable water slides for the summer to snow sleds during the snowy, winter months.

Get active, outdoors, and have fun

All of these toy outdoor toys not only provide big fun, they also get you and the kids outside and active. Both parents and kids can benefit from being able to enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors.

These outdoor toys provide a nice break from the norm when the kids are bored of playing with sidewalk chalk, swings and slides, and bouncy balls.

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