[Editor’s note: Please be advised that the rules for this contest have been slightly revised as of July 7th at 5 pm (Pacific).  All entries that had been submitted prior to that date and time will still be valid. The updated rules are attached below and the revised method of entry is also discussed below.]

DJI has partnered with Best Buy to celebrate Canada’s 150 years of confederation in a very unique way. They used some of DJI’s amazing drones to film 5 great Canadians in their favourite places in Canada. Watch the video to see and learn what these Canadians love about their country. Then share the video for a chance to win one of many $150 Best Buy gift cards.

Watch the full #CaptureYourCanada video now:

What is Canada 150

On July 1st, 1867 four provinces were united to form the Dominion of Canada. Now, 150 years later, Canadians celebrate the anniversary of that date with events happening all over the country throughout the year. We are a much more complex nation than way back then. Canada has grown to now include 10 provinces and 3 territories. We as a people have also grown to be more appreciative of our land, and of the original diverse, resilient, and courageous First Nations’ indigenous cultures who protected this land for millennia.

What did DJI and Best Buy do to help Canadians celebrate

DJI and Best Buy used drones to capture some amazing video footage of some great Canadians. Watch the video above and you’ll see each of these Canadians discuss their favourite place in Canada. Featured in the video are:

Rick Hansen – Man in Motion
Ashley Callingbull – Mrs. Universe 2015
Alexandre Bilodeau – Champion Freestyle Skier
Cory Joseph – Toronto Raptor
Jann Arden – Singer/Song Writer

and the featured drones that were used are:

DJI Inpire
DJI Inspire

DJI Phantom 4
DJI Phantom 4

DJI Mavic Pro
DJI Mavic Pro


Obviously they couldn’t capture every favourite spot in a country as vast as ours, so they chose 5 places that are important to 5 inspiring Canadians. Each and every Canadian probably has their own favourite spot (mine is on Mayne Island, British Columbia!). Perhaps you can reflect on your own favourite location in Canada as you attempt to win one of the $150 gift cards we are giving away in this contest. If you win, you might decide to put the gift card towards your dream drone at Best Buy.

How can you participate in the #CaptureYourCanada contest

There are actually several ways to enter this contest. Choose the method you prefer: Facebook, Instagram, or here on the blog:

  1. Facebook: go to the entry page at Best Buy Canada Facebook, like the #CaptureYourCanada Drone Video and tell us what your favourite part of the video is, in the comment section;
  2. Instagram: go to entry page at Best Buy Canada on Instagram, like the #CaptureYourCanada Drone Video, and tell us what your favourite part of the video is, in the comment section;
  3. Blog comment:If you prefer to use the blog to enter instead of Facebook or Instagram you can. In the comment section below this article, tell us which of the drones currently available at Best Buy is your favourite, and why. You must include a link to that drone in your comment. Lastly, state which social media entry method you won’t use (just write Facebook or Instagram in the comment) so that we know which prizes you are attempting to win (since each person is only permitted to enter once per social media entry method).  For example: you might write “the Mavic is my favourite because it’s nice and small (Facebook)”. You might also do this again “the Mavic is also my favourite because it shoots very stable video (Instagram)”.

So enter now for your chance to win. Links to the full rules and regulation for both components of this contest are shown below.

What can you win

There will be 12 prizes in total for this contest; each prize is a $150 Best Buy gift card. There will be two sets of winners: 8 winners from the Facebook entries, and 4 winners from the Instagram entries. Eligible comments that include the word “Facebook” will be added to the set of Facebook entries. Eligible comments that include the word “Instagram” will be added to the set of Instagram entries. We will then randomly draw the winners from each set of winners.


The contest runs from June 23rd until July 13th. 


Remember you can enter only twice: once on Facebook, once on Instagram and up to twice on the blog (provided you did not enter using one or both of the social media methods of entry).


Capture Your Canada Facebook Rules and Regulations

Capture Your Canada Instagram Rules and Regulations


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  1. The Mavic Pro is my favourite of the drones currently available at Bestbuy. It is easy to carry around and does not draw attention. It’s signal quality and range is also very impressive. The recording ability to record 4K at 30fps is a nice option to have when needed but also good that it can record 1080p at 60fps . (Facebook) . Hope to win!!

    Here is the link to the fly more combo to the Mavic Pro:

  2. Owning any one of these drones would be a pleasure but, if I had to choose only one, I would pick the DJI Phantom 4 pro Quadcopter Drone.. love that it is capable of moving around in tight spaces with sensors for all 4 quadrants.

  3. Iits awesome i love it..I am entering your contest for the gift card .It would be amazing to get.It would help geting my daughter ready for back to school.

  4. The DJI Inspire drone is my favourite. Not only does it fold up small, it pretty much has the same features as the DJI Phantom 4!

    I have not entered this contest using either Facebook or Instagram.

  5. The DJI Mavic Pro is my favourite because it is much cheaper and lighter than the Inspire while still offering a great drone (Facebook)

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