5 toys

Toys, toys, toys—that’s the focus of today’s blog! If you have kids, know kids, or enjoy collecting Toys yourself, today’s blog is most definitely for you. And that’s because in this article I’m looking at 5 cool toys that any child would love to receive as a gift. I’ve tried my best to include something on this list that will appeal to just about everyone, so read on to see what I got!

Baby Yoda

5 toys

The first toy I want to discuss is the newest version of everyone’s favourite baby from the unknown species of Yoda, the Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Child Animatronic Edition Figure. I have discussed other Baby Yoda toys here on the blog before, but this one is newer than those and goes quite a but further than any of them in terms of what all it can do.

For instance, this is an animatronic version of “The Child” that can interact with you in fun and unique ways, such as by reacting to your touch. He’s got a variety of character appropriate sounds and movements, such as the ability to move his head and ears, and his eyes even open and close—which is perfect for when he’s ready to take a nap. All of his movements are so close to what he does in his show, The Mandalorian, that you might just think you have the real Baby Yoda in your home. If you’ve previously held off on picking up a Baby Yoda toy, this is the one to get!


RC Cars & Trucks


Another big favourite among kids of all ages is RC Cars & Trucks. From within this broad category of high-octane toys comes the LiteHawk Overdrive 4WD 1/10 RC Monster Truck. I have personally tested a few different LiteHawk RC vehicles in the past and can attest to their general build quality and overall fun factor.

This particular model features “high-torque twin motors” that are capable of pushing the truck to a top speed of 50Km/h, and since it also has 4-wheel drive, it can get into and out of places that other RC vehicles can’t. It also has a highly flexible polycarbonate shell (body) that can withstand all manner of flips, crashes, and other driving incidents, making this truck super durable and capable of enduring a long life of driving fun. The battery life of this truck (running time) is just 6 minutes, but that is 6 minutes of intense speed and action—and there’s nothing prohibiting owners from amassing a small collection of batteries to take outside all at once for extended driving time. The recommended age range for this powerful monster truck is 14 years and up.


Arcade Games

In a couple of previous articles throughout this Holiday Season I have mentioned full-sized arcade machines from a company called Arcade1Up. Perhaps I like them so much because I reviewed one myself right here on the blog and had a really good time with it. But one thing I have not mentioned thus far is smaller, countertop arcade machines. That changes now!

This time I want to consider the Arcade1Up CounterCade Ms. Pac-Man Countertop Arcade Machine, which has 4 different games built in, including the original Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, and Dig-Dug II. Other aspects of this mini arcade machine include an 8″ colour LCD display, a vintage-style joystick, and original cabinet artwork with retro appeal. Although this machine is built to accommodate just one player at a time, you don’t have to put it together yourself like its full-sized Arcade1Up counterparts, and that is a great advantage.


A Drone

Initially I had wanted to slot in a Slot Cars racing set into this spot of the blog, but unfortunately those seem to be out of style at the moment as I couldn’t find any full sets at Best Buy to feature. Oh well, that allows me to talk about Drones instead, and what child wouldn’t love to fly something like the Infrared Obstacle 2.4G Gravity Sensor Remote Hand Control Quadcopter with LED Light?

This quadcopter drone features cool LED lights that make it possible to fly even in the dark, and it can be controlled by simple hand gestures, which is just an incredible capability to have. Other features and specs of this drone include approximately 6 minutes of flying time per 60 minute battery charge, and it can get up to 80 metres away from the controller before losing its signal. You can even toss this drone into the air as a way to launch it. While it may look big in the photo above, it measures just 17cm x 17cm x 3.8cm, so it’s actually quite small, making it the perfect toy drone to have fun with in the back yard.


Smart Robots like the Botzees Coding & AR Robotics Kit

5 toys
Shown is just 1 of the 6 official build modes that you can make with the Botzees kit. This one is either a seal or a sea lion

Finally, I want to end off with a big personal favourite of mine ever since I reviewed it back in October of 2019. It’s called the Botzees Coding & AR Robotics Kit, and it’s 6 toys in 1 officially—and an infinite quantity of toys according to your own imagination. In other words, it’s a build set much like the ever popular LEGO sets, and it has 6 official build modes that kids can make, as well as the unlimited possibilities that come from the imaginations of kids everywhere.

One of the coolest aspects of the Botzees AR Robotics Kit is that it includes servo motors that you can incorporate into the different builds to create characters that can move around and do fun and entertaining things. For instance, the seal (or sea lion?) pictured above moves remarkably like its real-life counterpart, the official monkey mode it has can play (more like bang on) a set of bongo drums, there’s a dog that drives a cart, a chomping alligator or croc, and a whole lot more. I definitely recommend checking this set out!


And there you have it! As this is my final Toy themed article before the big day (Christmas), I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone, that I hope you enjoy every aspect of the season no matter which holidays you do or do not celebrate, and that you have a very happy new year in 2021! Happy Holidays!


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