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You can pretend that the weather will stay warm and dry perpetually, but that first big snowfall will bring you back to reality. And it will be a rude awakening if you drop your phone into that freshly fallen snow. The solution is to find the right case to protect your device. So here are some things to consider when you’re looking for the right rain and snowproof phone cases and tablet cases for the winter.

The right case for the right fit

You might think that all phone and tablet cases are interchangeable. Oh boy, you would be wrong. Even cases made for devices with the same size of screen have important variations from brand to brand. Specifically, the placement of the camera, touch sensor, and other features can all vary. That means that you need the a case designed for your exact model of device.

What’s your budget?

I start most purchasing decisions with a quick review of my budget. You may not want to spend very much on your phone or tablet case, but the cost to replace the device would be much higher. Then again, if you’re planning on upgrading to a new device within a year or so, investing extra in a top tier case may not be worth it. Choosing the right snowproof case is a balancing act between security, cost and durability.

Hard or soft shell?

The decision of hard or soft shell case is a pretty important one. A hard shell case is made of rigid materials that are better at protecting your device from impact. But a soft shell case will be less bulky and will take up less space in your pocket. Ultimately, a hard shell will be more likely to provide a complete enclosure for your device, which will protect it more effectively. The UAG Metropolis Folio Case for iPad Pro 12.9″ is a good example of a hard shell tablet case.

Water resistance

Your primary enemy in the battle of devices against weather is water. Your device generates a small amount of heat so when you drop it in the snow, that snow will start melting. The case you choose should prioritize water-resistance as its main method of being snowproof. Your alternative to a water-resistant case is nervously watching and waiting for your phone to dry out as it sits in a container of rice.

Drop resistance

We’ve covered the watery aspect of winter danger, but what about slip and fall damage? A case like the Spigen Slim Armor Pro Fitted Hard Shell Case for Galaxy Z Fold5 can endure a sudden drop. That protection will be incredibly beneficial when you hit that patch of ice on your sidewalk. If only you could get a case to protect your body as well.

Port covers

A case like the OtterBox Commuter Fitted Hard Shell Case has port covers protects the most exposed part of your device. Water or snow entering a phone or tablet port can wreak havoc on the electronic components inside. So, a case with port covers adds another level of snowproof resistance to your device. The minor drawback is that port covers make it slightly more difficult to access the ports.

Wireless charging

This is a feature that you should keep an eye out for if you’re already using wireless charging. It would be an unwelcome surprise to add a case that did not support the feature. You’ll find wireless charging compatibility primarily with the hard shell cases. And Apple device users should look for a case that is magsafe compatible, like the Apple Fitted Hard Shell Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14

Holster option

Trying to put your phone back into your pocket when you’re bundled up for winter weather is a recipe for dropping your phone. A holster as a part of your phone case means you can securely keep your phone on your belt. The OtterBox Defender Fitted Hard Shell Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max is an example of a holster-compatible case. You’ll be able to easily remove your phone and replace it back into the holster after use. I know it might sound like a fun idea to also have your tablet holstered on your hip, but that would be impractical. But good news! Some tablet cases have a carrier strap option, so you can sling it over your shoulder.

Rain and snowproof phone and tablet cases for the winter

We all want to keep our phones and tablets safe and dry no matter what the weather is outside. A good case will give you the protection that you need, and the many choices for colour and style means you can have a well protected device that looks great too. As long as you get the right case for your device model, you’ll make it through the season of snow and slush. Take your time and review all the cell phone cases and tablet cases that you have to choose from.

Chris Loblaw
Chris is a novelist, avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and proud dad of a 13-year-old video game master.


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