phones-recycle1-lo-res.jpgWe know you’re recycling, composting, goin’ paperless and biking to work when you can (yay!), but we thought we’d share an awesome way you can get mobile with Mother Nature.

Upgrading your phone is super exciting, but if you’re like many of us, you’ve got a small handset museum growing at home that could benefit from a little spring cleaning. So if you’re ready to part with your old phone(s), we’ve got the green goods on how to safely say “farewell” with an awesome free program called Recycle My Cell.

Recycle My Cell is a Canada-wide partnership that makes sure your old phones and accessories (like batteries, headphones, chargers and more) are safely recycled. Since 2009, over 875,000 phones and accessories have been recycled or refurbished, which has stopped about 175 tonnes of e-waste from ending up in Canadian landfills. Pretty impressive, right?

Want in? Here’s how to help:

First things first…wipe your old phone of any personal data. Clear out any videos, texts and photos (yes, even those amaze ones of your cat’s 3rd birthday). Also, remove your SIM card too from your smartphone.


  1. Bring it in.

Bring your old phone to any Virgin Mobile kiosk or store and we’ll do the rest. (Yeah, we’re magic like that.)


  1. Send by mail.

Just print a free shipping label here, cover your old phone and battery in something protective like bubble wrap, attach the shipping label, drop it into a Canada Post mailbox and presto! You’ve done some good for Mother Nature and safely recycled your phone.

After that, your old phone could be refurbished and given a new home (a caring one, we promise) or recycled in Canada in accordance with eco-friendly Canadian regulations. Plus, any proceeds generated from the program will go to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). It is estimated that between 40-70% of Canadian homeless youth have mental health issues. Through our charitable program Virgin Mobile RE*Generation, our Members and Canadians can help at-risk and homeless youth gain skills to get jobs and emerge from the cycle of homelessness. Check out that program here.

Take advantage of the Recycle My Cell program and get on the sustainability mobility train (or bicycle).

For more deets on how to recycle your phone through Virgin Mobile, click here.

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