fall fashion.jpgThe task of switching from your summer wardrobe to your fall wardrobe can feel daunting; going from espadrilles and sundresses, to boots and sweaters is like saying goodbye to sunshine and welcoming the cold, and that can be tough. But there’s something amazing about embracing new styles and colours, it’s like going back to school without the textbooks and teachers. Each fall you get the chance to try a new style on for size!


Experimenting with new styles and fashions can be really fun but it can also get expensive; fortunately with Virgin Mobile Member Benefits you have access to deals from a bunch of the hottest brands. Right now, Virgin Mobile Members get 20% off their favourite fall fashions from H&M, because a little help can go a long way to filling that closet.


This season we’re pairing bold patterns, edgy fabrics and dramatic shapes with the ultra feminine for a chic modern look that goes from the office to post-work cocktails effortlessly. It’s Audrey Hepburn meets Angelina Jolie for fall 2014 and we’re loving it.


For the men, fall 2014 is all about pairing classic clean cut trousers with dramatic pieces like leather jackets and bright flannels. Don’t be afraid to go vintage and layer V-neck sweaters and loose fitting denim button ups over a classic white tee. If you feel like James Dean stumbled into the 90’s you’re probably doing it right.


But it’s not all about ultra-modern bold pieces; every wardrobe should have a few classics to keep your closet, and you, looking timeless. We suggest using your Virgin Mobile Member discounts to pick up a few great items like a cashmere sweater, a great pair of jeans or the perfect basic tee. You can pair your classic items with edgier pieces to get the season’s boldest look and your new fall classics will last more than just a season.


Don’t forget about the boots, though. If the fall days seem a little warmer a great pair of boots and a leather jacket can give your summer favourites a little more life before they get packed up for the season.


What trend are you dying to try this fall? Let us know in the comments.

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