Many different factors can affect the quality of one’s sleep. If you’re like most people, you could probably use a more consistently restful slumber. To help improve the overall quality and consistency of your sleep, the focus of today’s blog is Sleep Tech and other related products and devices that combine to contribute to a great night’s sleep. This list includes products that can help to enhance your sleep both directly (aiding in the sleeping process itself) and indirectly (by providing peace of mind as you snooze).


Sleep Tech & related Smart Home products

Getting a good night’s sleep comes easier to some than to others. If you’re one of those that could use a little bit of extra help getting your zees in, there are a vast number of Sleep Tech devices that could potentially help you out. Among the categories of devices you can try are Light Therapy ProductsWhite Noise and Sound MachinesSleep EarbudsSnoring RemediesMeditation DevicesAromatherapy & Diffusers, MattressesBeddingAlarm Clocks, MassagersAir Purifiers, and a whole lot more.

Not all of these devices are necessarily high tech, and not every device will necessarily work for every individual, but there’s enough variety here that I’m confident in saying that there’s almost certainly something that will work for you. With so many different types of devices to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Peace of mind through Sensors & Detectors

If peace of mind through the night is key to your ability to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll also want to pick up one or more of several specialized Safety Sensors & Detectors. These sensors, which can detect various poison gases and other deadly toxins in your home, can absolutely save your life and the lives of everyone under your roof.

When it comes to a gas like carbon monoxide, there’s really no fooling around. You can neither smell this deadly gas nor otherwise detect its presence with your own senses—and you’ll just feel like you’re breathing normal, refreshing air. Many times, people begin to get light headed and lose their ability to think properly when exposed to carbon monoxide. Once this deadly gas has begun to take effect on the human brain, it’ll be too late to realize that you’re in trouble.

This is why a carbon monoxide detector is so important, to say nothing of the value of a quality smoke detector in case of a house fire. Similarly, radon gas detectors can tell you if certain parts of your home (frequently below ground-level basements) are rife with this cancer causing radioactive gas, and yet other detectors can keep you apprised of changes in the atmosphere relating to the weather in your area.

Finally, there are air quality detectors that continually monitor the quality of the indoor air in your home and let you know if anything is amiss. Each of these various sensors and detectors can play a vital role in the safety and comfort level of your home, thus leading to a more peaceful night’s sleep.


Managing circadian rhythms

Some sleep technology can also help you to manage your circadian rhythms. For the purposes of this blog, a circadian rhythm will be very simply defined as the body’s internal clock for managing the recurring 24 hour cycle wherein people require a certain amount of sleep in order to function properly—typically 8 hours (on average).

Shown is a light therapy lamp that can help to manage your body’s internal clock

It is highly beneficial for your waking and sleeping hours to correspond on a daily basis (i.e., adherence to a proper sleep schedule), but this isn’t always possible or easy to achieve (for instance, people in on-call professions or those who suffer from insomnia can’t always sleep the exact same hours every night).

One useful area of Sleep Technology that might help with this is the category of Light Therapy Products. This is because you can easily set their colours (over 16 million of them) and brightness to help you flow back and forth between night and day, such as by mimicking the light conditions at sunrise and sunset.

In other words, these devices gradually brighten or dim as needed to help you manage your internal clock, thus leading you into or out of sleepiness at the appropriate times (or at least consistently) every morning and night. Your entire body will thank you for using smart lighting schedules to help manage your sleep!

Shown is a white noise machine that helps to promote a quality night’s sleep through calming sound

Similarly, White Noise and Sound Machines can also help you to fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly through the night, thereby keeping your circadian rhythms in a proper, healthy cycle.


Tracking your sleep with the Google Fit App

Another way of potentially improving the quality of your sleep is by using the latest app-based technologies to track how well you’re sleeping and diagnose any issues you may have, such as not getting as much deep sleep as you may think you’re getting. After all, it’s difficult to fix a problem if we don’t know that one exists.

Apps like Google Fit can solve this problem through their special sleep features, like letting you know exactly how much time you spend in each stage of the sleep cycle: light, deep, and REM sleep. If you find that you’re not getting enough quality sleep, you can adopt lifestyle changes (such as earlier bedtimes) that could help to correct the issue and get you feeling fully rested each morning and ready to face the day.

sleep well sleep maskSimply download the app to your existing iOS or Android based smart phone, set up the sleep tracking feature, and place it on your nightstand. In the morning you’ll know how well you slept, and you’ll be able to do something about it.

For instance, if too much light is getting in through a window for you to get a solid night’s sleep, you can install better blinds that make it dark enough for your body to get to the deepest stages of sleep. There are always ways to improve the quality of one’s sleep, but you’ll never do any of them if you don’t even realize how good or bad your sleep quality is.


Through the night security

Finally, what better way to enjoy a sound night’s sleep than to rest in the knowledge that your home is protected under the constant surveillance of a Smart Home Security Camera?

Security cameras provide peace of mind through great features like motion activation and alerts if movement is detected. Today’s top models also have night vision capabilities for seeing in the dark, meaning that if anyone is foolish enough to try and trespass on your property (or, heaven forbid, in your home), they won’t get away with it—you’ll easily catch them in the act.


As you can see, there’s a whole lot more to getting a good night’s sleep than simply laying your head down. With today’s incredible sleep technology and related Smart Home products, peace of mind and a good night’s rest are finally close at hand.

For more great sleep technology solutions, visit Best Buy’s Sleep Tech page and be sure to take it easy!

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