There are many Smart Home products and devices that make excellent stocking stuffers. In today’s blog, I’m going to run down a few of these items in hopes of inspiring you on your Holiday shopping journey. While everything on today’s list will be useful and serve a valuable purpose (or purposes), my main objective is that everything be relatively small and thus perfect for stuffing into a stocking. I can’t guarantee that everything on the list will fit into every size and shape of Christmas stocking, but I’ll certainly do my best to give you some very solid ideas. Read on to get started on my Smart Home stocking stuffer list!


When it comes to the perfect Smart Home stocking stuffer, the first thing I always think of is the category of Smart Switches & Plugs. For one thing, these devices are small, making them ideal for stuffing into stockings. For another, they’re super handy devices that, once acquired, many people simply cannot imagine living without.In fact, people of all ages can use and appreciate smart plugs and switches. Whether one wants to be able to turn out the lights at night from the comfort of their bed, or manipulate their lights and other electronic devices via app from half way around the world, smart plugs and switches make it all possible.

While smart switches frequently require wiring in to your home’s electrical system, smart plugs are super easy as they simply plug into the wall. To my way of thinking, this makes smart plugs an ideal gift for just about anyone. As long as they have a smart phone and own something that plugs into a standard wall outlet, a smart plug is something they’ll be able to make good use of.


Undoubtedly one of the best Smart Home categories from which to uncover an amazing stocking stuffer is that of Smart Speakers, Displays, & Accessories. While I can’t guarantee that all such devices are small enough to fit in a standard Christmas stocking, many of them absolutely are—like the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen.) Smart Speaker with Alexa & Clock, and all of them make excellent gifts for virtually anybody on your shopping list.

Smart Home stocking stuffers

As to the 4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot, this recently released smart speaker certainly has a lot to recommend it. Among its many great features are a built-in LED clock, a powerful speaker with excellent sound quality (great for listening to music!), and Amazon’s Alexa smart voice assistant, which not only provides access to the wealth of information collected on the world wide web, but also allows you to control a multitude of other smart home devices with nothing more than your very own voice. What a great gift idea! In fact, virtually any smart speaker today is.


Another fun example of Smart Home items that make great stocking stuffers are Item Tracking Devices. Item trackers like the Tile Mate Bluetooth Item Tracker – 4 Pack and the Chipolo ONE Bluetooth Item Tracker are prime examples of a gift that keeps on giving; and that’s because they keep on returning your lost and misplaced possessions to you over and over again.

Smart Home stocking stuffersIn other words, if you occasionally lose something important like your keys, wallet or purse, laptop, an important book, or anything else, one of these tiny trackers can easily help you to find it—provided you attached a tracker to the item before it went missing.

These unobtrusive trackers work via a free companion app to helps users easily locate missing items, so long as they’re within Bluetooth range (up to about 200 feet). This means that if something goes missing—a set of keys for example, all you need to do is open the associated app on your smart phone and have it locate them for you.

These apps can tell you the last known location of the keys, or even have the tracker itself play a sound that will lead you directly to those pesky missing keys. If you have a friend or loved one who’s always misplacing their things, a gift like this could really save them a lot of time and aggravation. And there are various different brands and models available for you to choose from.


Smart Home stocking stuffersAlternatively, if the person you’re shopping for is concerned about silent and deadly dangers in and around their home (as in things like smoke and carbon monoxide gas), there’s sure to be something for them in the smart home category of Safety Sensors & Detectors, like the First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector, which I actually have myself and reviewed right here on the Best Buy Blog not all that long ago.

And I’ve been extremely satisfied with this product throughout the time that I’ve had it. It gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing that if deadly CO gas were ever to invade our home (whether through some kind of a furnace leak or by some other means), a life saving alarm would sound and warn us of the danger so we could immediately escape.

This particular model not only has an electrochemical sensor that detects dangerous levels of CO gas in your home, but it warns you about that gas with an 85dB alarm. It also has a digital display that shows you the current temperature at all times, a sealed in (can’t be replaced) Lithium battery with a 10 year life span, and an end of life warning so you’ll know when to replace it.

Of course, there are many other equally great sensors and detectors at Best Buy. Some detect smoke, some detect radon gas, and some detect carbon monoxide—but all can save your life. Something like that is definitely a gift worth giving!


And there you have it—a variety of Smart Home items that make great stocking stuffers! Of course, as usual I have barely scratched the surface with the suggestions in this blog. You might also want to consider such items as Smart Security CamerasSmart Locks & Smart Door Bells, Smart Security Systems & Motion Sensors, and even Smart Thermostats—all of which are relatively small in stature and equally big in useful benefits! Happy Holidays!



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