In the rapidly changing digital landscape, seniors might often feel left behind or overwhelmed especially when it comes to smart home tech. However, when chosen wisely, smart home devices aren’t just about staying updated; they’re bridges to comfort, independence, and enriched experiences. Here’s an introduction into the technological realms tailored for the golden years of our beloved older parents.

Convenience devices: transforming routine tasks

With age, tasks that once seemed trivial can become daunting. Cognitive challenges or physical restrictions might play a role. Here’s where smart tech steps in, acting as an extended arm, ensuring day-to-day operations remain seamless.

  • Smart kitchen appliances: Automatic espresso machines, and smart ovens and refrigerators, reduce the effort in the kitchen, simplify the cooking process, and help you stay organized.
  • Voice-activated assistants: From setting reminders to fetching news, these assistants become a vocal companion, answering queries and aiding in daily tasks.

Entertainment devices: crafting rich leisure moments

As the pace of life slows down, the need for enriching leisure time activities grows. These devices promise hours of immersive experiences, ensuring older parents stay entertained, informed, and connected.

  • Digital picture frames: Beyond just displaying photos, these frames become windows to relive past moments and stay connected with loved ones.
  • Streaming devices: They unlock a universe of content, from nostalgic movies to enlightening documentaries.
  • Security devices: Maintain your independence in the sunset years with smart devices that reinforce your safety, both for physical well-being and peace of mind.
  • Health monitoring watches: More than just timekeepers, fitness trackers and smartwatches act as personal health assistants.

Tech bundles provide integrated solutions

Best Buy offers a selection of smart home bundles, meticulously curated to enhance the living experience of seniors by combining safety, convenience, and health monitoring into their daily lives.

Google In The Know BundleCheck-in on your home through the Nest Cam using your smartphone or the Nest Hub smart displays. Stay up to date on your sleep health with Nest Hub’s Sleep Sense. Video chat with friends and family on your Nest Hub Max, which also has a built-in Nest Cam.
Connected Health with WithingsIt includes the Withings ScanWatch 42mm hybrid smartwatch with heart rate monitor and oximeter, Withings sleep tracking mat and heart rate monitor, and Withings Body+ Wi-Fi body composition and smart scale.
Philips Hue In Better Light BundleThe Philips Hue In Better Light bundle can wake you up with refreshing bright lights and help you drift off to sleep with warm light that dims over time. For night-time safety, the motion activated lighting will gently illuminate your path from one room to another.
Beurer Essential Health BundleThe Beurer arm blood pressure monitor with smartphone app, Beurer pulse oximeter with heart rate monitor, and Beurer BF720 Bluetooth digital smart scale help you keep track of your health.

Benefits for seniors

  1. Enhanced safety: Equip homes with devices that monitor and secure the environment, providing peace of mind to both seniors and their loved ones.
  2. Health oversight: Implement smart health devices that keep track of vital statistics, ensuring wellness and timely interventions when necessary.
  3. Ease of living: Enjoy the convenience of controlling home utilities like lighting and temperature with simple voice commands or through a smartphone app.
  4. Maintaining connections: Utilize smart communication devices to stay in touch with family and friends, fostering social interactions and emotional well-being.
  5. Emergency preparedness: Employ devices that offer immediate assistance during emergencies, safeguarding seniors especially when they are home alone.

A future-ready journey for older parents

Retirement and the years that follow can be filled with relaxation, new learnings, and deeper connections. Technology, when harnessed right, can act as a catalyst in this journey. For those seeking to gift their older parents a touch of the future, or for seniors eager to embrace the digital age, smart home tech at Best Buy Canada can serve as a treasure trove.

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