Today we consider the Ring Doorbell as a smart solution to maintaining your front door security. The Ring WI-FI 720p Video Doorbell is an easy-to-install system that can either be hard wired into your existing doorbell’s wiring or operated by battery, however you see fit. Its many useful features include automatic cloud storage of video that can then be conveniently viewed through your smart phone or tablet, clearly audible two-way communication for takin’ to whoever comes a-knockin’, and motion based activation that can be triggered from up to 30 feet away (and is also capable of sending you instant mobile alerts through the Ring App whenever someone visits). See the photo below to get a better idea of the Ring’s motion detection range, and, if you’d like to learn more about why the Ring Doorbell is a great solution for front door security, just keep on reading!



The Ring WI-FI 720p Video Doorbell comes in multiple colour schemes, including a Venetian Bronze version, a Satin Nickel version, and one in Antique Brass. These models are all pictured above in the order that they’re listed in. The great thing about these attractive designs is that among them they are sure to match any number of door decors. In other words, no matter what colour your home or your front door, there’s a very good chance that one of the Ring Doorbell colour options is going to be right at home hanging out upon it. The photograph below demonstrates just how nice the Satin Nickel model looks against a blue door/white frame/grey exterior wall colour combination.



The main reason that the Ring Doorbell Camera is a smart solution for front door security is because of its key benefit of providing you with a wide-angled, high definition view of everything that happens just outside your front door. And of course, you can monitor that activity, whatever it may be, around the clock, day or night—24/7. What’s more, thanks to WI-FI connectivity and the free Ring App (which is both iOS and Android device compatible), you can see who’s coming and going from wherever you are anywhere in the world right on your smart device. In other words, you needn’t be at home to discover who’s come calling. You can see what that looks like in the photograph below.



Even if you happen to be at home but can’t quite get to the door the moment someone arrives, you can still see who it is and even communicate with them if you wish. Imagine being busy cooking dinner and not wanting to leave your stovetop for fear of burning your food when someone rings the doorbell. Your options are to answer the door and risk burning something or to remove your pots and pans from the heat and possibly spoil your dinner by disturbing the precise timing necessary to cook your meal to perfection. Of course, if you’ve got the Ring Doorbell installed in your home and a smart phone handy, it’s a simple matter of picking up the device and telling your visitor to come in, to go away, to leave a delivery on the porch, or any other message!


The Ring Doorbell truly is a great solution for front door security—particularly if you’re trying to avoid a most unwelcome visitor! One way or another, this doorbell is sure to make your life just a little bit easier. You can see Best Buy’s complete selection of Smart Doorbells (Ring models and otherwise) by following the preceding link. Good luck, and be careful who you open your door for!


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