Gadgets need to be able to multitask, and when it comes to kids, they need to be smart and durable too. That’s why parents are going to love these cute and versatile animal lights that double as speakers. Playbulb’s Zoocoro is a line of several different animal shaped lights that change colours, play music from your smartphone or tablet, and can keep the little ones feeling safe.

Meet Playbulb Zoocoro!

Playbulb Zoocoro lights are made from a solid-feeling rubberized plastic. They’re soft and are built to handle knocks and drops. These lights are rechargeable, and can be used while plugged in to AC power, or off their charging base to give you light anywhere you need it.

The lineup of adorable animal shapes includes a bear, a duck, an airplane (also known as an Airwhale), a bunny, and a pig.

Zoocoro sets up virtually by itself

The Zoocoro lights are perfect for kids because they set up and pair themselves. You’ll first need to download the Playbulb app to operate them, but once you plug them in or turn them on (if they’re already charged) they connect automatically (assuming you have it switched on already) via Bluetooth to the app on your phone or device with a voice confirmation coming from the lamp itself.

I tried these devices with both the Apple iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and they worked great on both.

Control with Playbulb app on your phone

The Zoocoro lamps connect to the Playbulb App so that you can control and change the lights from anywhere in your home. The app controls all your Zoocoro friends, as well as lights in the Playbulb line that are designed for the adults, like the Sphere or Candle.
You can also change the colours of the lamp by tapping the light itself and it will cycle through several preset colours.

Fun and safe feeling for kids

There are some cute effects built into the Playbulb app that let you have fun with these lights. You can tee up a rainbow colour shift, a flashing effect, a pulse, and more. Kids will have fun controlling these lights all by themselves using a smart phone or tablet. The Zoocoro line is also ideal for use in a baby’s room, as a soft glowing nightlight.

Playbulb Zoocoro lamp also a speaker

This amazing little lamp also does more. Like the Playbulb light bulbs, this light is also a speaker, meaning you can put on soothing music, or meditative sounds as you lull yourself or a child to sleep.

Setting up Playbulb Zoocoro audio

To get the lights to play music, you’ll need to head to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and ensure they’re connected. Though they connect automatically as far as the lights are concerned, if you want to stream music from your smartphone, you need to take this extra step. An audible tone will confirm the audio connection. If it doesn’t connect the first time, as mine didn’t, just try again.

Speaker sound quality

I’ll say the sound quality on the Zoocoro speakers isn’t amazing. Its very basic. Here, you’re trading durability for quality. But the good news is your kids aren’t likely to notice the hollow sounding audio quality. They’ll just be glad they have the music or stories.

Set timers and alarms

The Playbulb app lets you set the Zoocoro light on timers, so you can have it shut off on its own after your little one has generally drifted off. Unfortunately this feature in the app has no way to make adjustments to different days of the week, so once you set it, it’s consistent each night.

Create Scenes from photos

Got a favourite photo memory? You can use that photo to create a particular colour ‘scene’ in the Playbulb app. Just add the photo then use the eyedropper in the app to select a colour element from it. Voila! That’s the colour your lamp will adjust to.

Group lights together

You can group the lights together and control them as one unit if you wish. Again, the Playbulb app makes it easy to select the lights, colours, and scenes you want.

Overall thoughts on Playbub Zoocoro speaker lights

These lights are the ultimate in easy. The colour change abilities are fun, and the addition of small speakers means lulling the kids to sleep is easier. They’re durable, bright enough to make kids feel safe, and though the speaker isn’t top quality, the Zoocoro’s other features make up for it.

Playbulb Zoocoro is available in Piggy, Airwhale, Bear, Bunny, and Ducky from Best Buy.


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