lead-image-696x464I really like the idea of a Smart Home. I like the fact that technology has finally gotten to a point where I can monitor and control all sorts of things in my home, just from my smartphone or tablet. To some, that may seem a tad too futuristic, but the technology has really hit the mainstream lately, and you’d be surprised by the number of options and systems out there on the market. One such system is Netatmo for your Smart Home, and it offers a wide range of ways in which to ensure your home is both secure and healthy. Best of all, those products all can work and communicate together to make for a more seamless Smart Home experience.


Who Goes There?


Home security is a pretty big issue today, unfortunately. Making sure our homes and families are safe and secure is a big priority for many. Netatmo can help you out there with its Netatmo Welcome Wireless Indoor HD IP Camera. The easy-to-set-up IP camera is quite the technological marvel. It sports the latest facial recognition software, so it can actually tell the difference between your family and strangers. The indoor camera offers stunning full HD resolution, and a wide, 130-degree field of view. It is also equipped with cool infrared LED night vision, so you can keep track of what6’s happening in your house both during the day and when the sun goes down. The camera also features advanced motion detection, so you can be alerted to anything happening in your home.


The camera alerts you to the state of your living spaces through smartphone notifications. So, imagine you are at work, and your kids come home from school by themselves. When your wee ones come through the door, the Netatmo camera recognizes little Jane, and sends you a message on your phone that she has just come home. Similarly, if there is someone else in the house with Jane that the camera does not recognize, you will know about it! Oh man, I can see that as a handy piece of technology during their teen years! It’ll be easy to know if the kids are throwing a party when you’re away. The camera also lets you watch both live and recorded footage from the cam, all with the tap of a finger on your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device.


Secure the Premises


Security, however, is about more than just seeing who comes in through your front door. You’ve also got to ensure the rest of your house is secure, too. Burglars usually don’t waltz in through the front door, do they? No, they usually come in through open windows in other rooms and the like. So, the Netatmo Door/Window Security Sensors connect to the Netatmo Welcome Wireless Indoor HD IP Camera, and send you notifications and alerts when they sense motion or vibration. These waterproof and UV-resistant sensors are perfect for both indoor or outdoor use, and they can also detect and alert you if you happen to leave a door or window open or ajar.


Your Personal Weatherman


The weather can change pretty quickly where I live, so I’m always watching the weather channel or perusing the Environment Canada site to see how I should dress for the day. Do I need an umbrella, or an ark? The Netatmo Smart Weather Station is ideal for someone like me who is always wondering what the weather is like outside. With this incredibly useful device, you can gather data on the temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2 levels, noise pollution, and barometric pressure outside your home, plus have access to a seven-day forecast, and all from your smartphone. The Netatmo Weather Station also offers real-time weather monitoring, and the ability to view and analyze past readings, so you can develop a much better understanding of the environment, and the weather trends in your area.


The Weather Station’s functionality can be expanded upon with the Netatmo Wind Gauge, and the Netatmo Rain Gauge. The devices give you up-to-the-minute notifications on things such as wind speed and direction, or the very moment when the first drops of rain start to fall. You’ll also be able to access data on how much rain has fallen, and rainfall trends, so, if you’re into gardening, you’ll be able to determine when and just how much to water your fruits, vegetables and flower beds.


The Air that You Breathe


While the Netatmo Weather Station is keeping an eye on what the environment is like outside your home, the Netatmo Add-On Indoor Sensor can keep track of the environment inside your home in various rooms. Working in tandem with the Weather Station, the Indoor Sensor can keep track of an individual room, such as a bedroom or kitchen, and send out notifications and up-to-the-minute data on C02 concentration, humidity and temperature. So, you’ll always know when you should air the house out. And, if you pair all that data with a Netatmo-compatible Smart Thermostat, you’ll be able to set your home to your preferred temperature from the office, or anywhere else.


As you can see, Netatmo offers a great line of products to help you monitor the security and health of your home. Do you think you would use some of the Netatmo devices? Are you interested in the Smart Home revolution? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Steven Hill
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