The best technologies are those that make our lives easier. Google has been creating tech that does this for decades. In the late 1990s, Google quickly became a top search engine (and there were dozens at the time) because anyone of any age could quickly and easily do a successful Google search. Their Google Nest products take accessibility to a new level with an easy touch screen interface, voice assistance, and integration with thousands of other smart technologies.

These items are ideal gifts for older adults for many reasons that we’ll explore below. More and more, older adults are being pointed to using digital services for their needs, to connect digitally, to receive information digitally, and to keep safe digitally. Why not invest in solutions that can help make their lives easier. Learning how to use them is intuitive too. Best Buy is making it easy with the “Google In The Know Bundle” that includes a great selection of Google tech, all in one package.

Google Nest products are gifts they’ll use for years to come

Once people start using Google Nest products, they wonder what they ever did without them. Consider how an older adult on your gift list might better connect with loved ones, enjoy the convenience of a smart digital assistant, rest easy with the safety of a dependable security camera, and be interested in the health benefits of a smart sleep monitor.

Connections: Video calling is becoming very commonplace in business settings these days because it’s the best way to have a conversation and keeps us productive even when the winter roads are unsafe for travel. For older adults, it’s the best way to stay connected too. Seeing the faces of loved ones, no matter where they are in the world, is the next the best thing to being in the same room. With the Google Nest Hub Max, it’s easy for everyone to stay connected using Google Meet video calls as they are just an ask away: “Hey Google, start a video call to John.” Additionally, you can even join Zoom meetings to have chats with your doctors, bankers, etc.

Convenience: Setting reminders for medications or for meal preparation is as simple as saying, “Hey Google, set a reminder for … ” or ” … set a timer for 30 minutes.” Place phone calls right from your smart display for Uber, grocery orders, or take out. Or simply tell Google to play your favourite holiday tunes or even favourite holiday shows! Your loved one will find a million and one convenient uses for their new Google Nest devices in their home.

Safety: Not only is the ability to make calls from almost anywhere in your home convenient, it also enhances safety. This bundle comes with two smart displays; put one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Additionally, it comes with a smart camera that you can place near the entrance to your home and be notified if anyone approaches your door—they’ll appear right on your smart displays! You can also access the camera from your cellphone from anywhere. Your loved one’s home and belongings will be more secure, and they’ll have more peace of mind when away from their home.

Health: That peace of mind and security just mentioned is a great benefit for mind and body. But the Google Nest bundle brings additional health benefits thanks to the Google Nest Sleep Sense technology built into their smart displays. Sleep quality at night is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Google Nest smart displays are able to monitor your sleep during the night, without having to add any additional tech or wear anything on your wrist. In the morning, simply say, “Hey Google, how did I sleep last night?” to get insights and recommendations for better, more restful sleep in the future.

What’s included with the Google bundle

The Google “In the Know” bundle comes with:

  1. Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display with Google Assistant – Chalk
  2. Google Nest Cam Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera – White
  3. Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) Smart Display with Google Assistant – Chalk

The Google Nest Hub Max is the star of the group and is great for living areas, like a family room or kitchen. It has a 10″ touch screen display, built-in speakers and subwoofer, and a nest cam. This one device can do it all: from video chats, to playing movies and YouTube videos. It can be your entertainment device, your cooking assistant, and more.

Geek Squad installation and tutorials are available at Best Buy

The best part of gifting this bundle to your older loved one is that you have the option to add on Geek Squad installation and a one-on-one tutorial, sold separately. This ensures they can fully utilize all of the benefits discussed above. Although this service isn’t included in the bundle, purchasing it separately means Geek Squad will expertly set up the Nest Cam and the smart displays on your loved one’s home network, so everything works seamlessly.

Best Buy also has helpful step by step instructions that you and your loved one can enjoy at any time. The Best Buy Digital Citizen website is filled with great information for lifelong learning to help everyone get more from technology. Learn how to stay safe online, how to access and use various apps, and a lot more. Visit the Best Buy Digital Citizen website and enter the topic that interests you in the search bar at the top. You’ll be amazed at how simple learning can be.

Gifting the “In the Know” Google bundle to an older loved one can enhance their home and life with convenience and safety. It’s one of two tech bundles offered by Best Buy this holiday season, with the other being the Philips Hue smart light bundle.

Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.