This is a great year to introduce your home to a new smart home camera from D-Link. They have many cameras to choose from, and their latest models will astound you with their simple set-up, ease of operation, and the huge increase in security you get. To help you learn for yourself how secure you’ll feel with one installed in your home, Best Buy is giving away 6 cameras in this contest (3 indoor and 3 outdoor) as shown above. Enter now for your chance to be one of the 6 lucky winners!

Now is the time to install a smart camera

Smart home camera technology has come a long way in only a few short years. The quality of the captured image, ability to see the action in real time on your phone no matter where you are in the world, and the ease and versatility of the installation are simply remarkable. The advantages of owning some (or even just one!) is obvious: security for your family, for your home, and for your valuables.

Summer is the perfect time to make your home smarter and a great security camera is the perfect way to start. Smart home technology is an investment into the future safety and security of your home and family. Once autumn arrives you’ll be too busy to make changes around the home. However, do the changes now, then when the new school and work season begins you’ll be glad you did. A great security camera will protect your home when those shorter, darker fall and winter days offer more opportunities to thieves. Also, a camera allows you to see your kids when they arrive home from school—you’ll know if they had a good day or not right away!

D-Link’s latest cameras, the Full HD 180 degree indoor and outdoor cameras, offer all of these benefits and more. To learn all about them, you can read the review that Leo Bond just posted on the Best Buy Blog. He reviewed the same types of camera that we are giving as the prizes in this contest.

How to Enter to win a D-Link Full HD 180 degree camera

You can enter this contest right here on the blog. You can enter only once by telling us in a comment where you would most want to place a camera (outdoors or indoors) and why. You may want both, but to be eligible to win you must choose either an outdoor location or an indoor location and discuss your choice in a comment below.

What you can win

We will randomly choose 6 winners from all eligible entries: 3 will win a D-Link Wi-Fi Outdoor 180 Degree HD Camera, and 3 will win a D-Link Wi-Fi Indoor 180 Degree HD Camera. We will try to ensure that the winners get the type of camera they requested in their comment; however, since the draw is random that may not be possible.


The contest will run from Friday July 14th until Monday July 31st.


Remember you can only enter once. After you leave a comment below share this post on your social channels so your friends and family can also have a chance to win.

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Good Luck

Win a DLINK Camera Rules and Regulations


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  1. Lots of summer activities in a park a couple blocks away, lots of “People” walking by late at nite. Camera in our driveway and front of the house would be nice.

  2. I have my small business in an area where crime is on the rise. I have a senior tenant living in my building and would love for him to have the ability to watch what is going on outside before he heads out. I would also have use of this for when i am working and keep my clients safe. Out door is what i need!

  3. Need this outdoors in the carport area. Live in a high crime area and tired of our cars and yard getting vandalized.

  4. We would love to put this in our back yard, facing out, as we have a lot of wildlife roaming through and we’d like to see what!

  5. I would use it on my outside premises. Had someone try to break are window at 1am last winter. Terrifying to see all the shoe prints around our home!

  6. I would like an indoor camera. I have 4 cats and would like to keep an eye on them when we’re away for the weekend.

  7. If I had a camera, I’d place it outside facing my garage. Why? My garage is detached and behind my house. I don’t have a security system in it and I have some valuable tools stored inside. I would definitely feel more comfortable with a camera pointed at my tools!

  8. I would like an outdoor camera. My neighborhood has a lot of car theft and I would like to have some extra security.

  9. I would install my camera outside my front door. It would be a measure of security to ensure mail and packages are not stolen.

  10. I would love to have this camera for outside. It would be comforting to have the extra security. It would also be great to catch the raccoon that thinks he owns the house and can make any mess he wants. I already have 2 kids still living here!!!

  11. Hello there, I would LOVE to own one of these, I have an elderly mom that always needs help from me (her son) , I am in Kitchener and she is in Mississauga, so this would be extremely helpful. And it would give me a peace of mind also.
    Thank you so much.

  12. I would do an outdoor camera above the back door as my car has been broken into or I forgot to lock it and it was ransacked. This way I can see my car and especially who my daughter brings into the house as we only use the back door for entry.

  13. I’d probably place the camera indoors somewhere in the main living area as that gives me the best vantage point and allows me to monitor the most area of my residence using only one camera.

  14. I would place the camera outside of my door to catch anyone trying to steal packages off my front step or Christmas decorations as it has happened quite often here in Edmonton and even made the news.

  15. I would place the camera indoor in my living room – I live on a main floor condo apartment and placing the camera in this location allows me to monitor both the main door & patio entrances to my unit.

  16. An outdoor camera would be perfect as we are currently in the process of building a new home and would like the added security and protection during the building process.

  17. I definitely would like an indoor camera. I live with two roommates and they’re great, but with so many people in and out of our place all the time, sometimes the door goes unlocked (and our rooms don’t have locks). It would be great piece of mind to know that we had the extra security.

  18. I would use this camera inside. My hermit crabs only come out when I’m not in the room so being able to watch them without being there

  19. I would love to win the outdoor camera. I have a two year old daughter that loves to play on our patio but I don’t like her out there unless I can see her. This would come in really handy so that I could watch her while doing chores around the apartment at the same time.

  20. I would go with an indoor security camera since we already have a Ring Doorbell set up outside and this could also double as a way to keep tabs on our cleaning lady o any other people that come to our home to do work when we are not there.

  21. I live in a condo so placing a camera outdoors doesn’t make a lot of sense; I would place the camera in my entryway.

  22. I love to have one both indoors and outdoors. However the outdoor position would be my first choice, so that I can see who’s at the door before I go up 2 flights of stairs to answer it.

  23. I’d be happy with either, since it would be ideal to have both. If selecting my top priority, I’d say maybe the outdoor would take precedence: a D-Link Wi-Fi Outdoor 180 Degree HD Camera.

  24. If I could only choose 1 I’d have to go with outdoors and I’d place it at the back of my house. It would be great to be able to keep an eye on the kids, check out the wildlife and for security as people have taken to walk between properties in my neighbourhood and there have been many break-ins.


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