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Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas! Day 2 is an extra special one, because it is all about the Lenovo 7″ Smart Display with the Google Assistant.

Smart displays take the hands-free convenience of smart speakers like the Google Nest or Echo Dot, but adds in a touch screen so that you can do so much more than voice commands.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 2 is the Lenovo 7″ Smart Display

The Lenovo 7″ Smart Display lets you do it all. You can make video calls, get answers to questions fast and hands-free, and even control the other smart home devices in your home, to name just a few. It’s easy to control just with the sound of your voice.

Give the gift of hands-free help anywhere in the home

image of the Lenovo Smart Display sitting on a desk displaying a daily schedule and a commute map

The Lenovo 7″ Smart Display with the Google Assistant can be placed anywhere in your home where you might need an extra hands-free hand. The lightweight and compact design means you can place it just about anywhere, from your work desk to your countertop, to your nightstand. Just say “Hey Google” to activate the Google Assistant to get answers to questions, make a call, or perform a task.

And when I say you can place it anywhere in the home, I do mean anywhere. The TrueBlock privacy shutter blocks out the camera whenever it’s not in use, so you can protect your privacy while still keeping the display wherever you need it most.

Why the Lenovo Smart Display makes the perfect gift

image of the Lenovo Smart Display showing a video call between a man and woman

There are so many things you can do with the Lenovo Smart Display and Google Assistant that you’d have a tough time finding someone who can’t get something out of it.

Know someone who loves to cook? Let’s say they’re making a recipe that’s written in imperial, but all their measuring cups are in metric. Just say “Hey Google, how many millilitres is in 12 ounces?” and the Assistant will helpfully provide the answer, in both audio and on the display, without them needing to touch their phone with messy hands.

Or maybe you’re trying to stay in touch with a loved one this year. With a simple voice command, the Lenovo Smart Display can start a video call right on the 7″ screen, so you can both see and hear each other, no matter how far apart you are.

The Google Assistant can even control smart home devices. So, if your loved one has smart lights or a compatible video doorbell in their home, they can turn on the lights, answer the door, and keep an eye on their home all hands-free from the little screen on their countertop. No matter who’s on your list or what their needs are, the Lenovo Smart Display can surely add an extra bit of convenience to their life.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving

With everything it can do, and all with the ease of a simple voice command, the Lenovo 7″ Smart Display with the Google Assistant is truly the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re stumped on what to get for a certain special someone, there’s a good chance this trusty, affordable little gadget will fit the bill. If you want to know more, check out Leo Bond’s review and video to see exactly how it works.

Happy gifting, and keep an eye out tomorrow for the next featured gift!

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  1. Love how you can control it just by speaking to it. I would pass this on to my mom so she can have an easier time when cooking and baking.

  2. I would love to have this in our house i love the features and it’s a great company too. Goodluck to all who joined.

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