Instax Pal announcement

Have you ever wanted a camera that would fit into the palm of your hand? Fujifilm is hoping that the answer to that question is “yes”—because they just launched a very unique, palm-sized all-digital camera called the Fujifilm Instax Pal. The Pal is the first-ever all-digital camera in the Instax line-up, and it’s perfect for capturing moments on the go.

What is the Fujifilm Instax Pal?

Like other Instax products, the Pal pairs with your smartphone for image storage and sharing. Think of it like a portable, miniature camera lens: It’s not there to filter or print; just to capture in the moment. You can snap with the Pal throughout your day, then use the Instax Pal Smartphone App when you get back to your smartphone to download your images. From there, you’re free to add photo effects, filter, apply stickers, add text, and share with friends before printing. It’s truly the epitome of capturing moments while staying in the moment, which is what the Fujifilm Instax line is all about.

The Pal can hold up to 50 images in its memory, and it pairs with Instax series smartphone printers and hybrid instant cameras. You’ll be able to use it with devices like the Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo and Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2. It’s tiny, but it’s also customizable: You can add personal audio for the camera’s pre-shutter sound, so each photo you capture feels special at the “snap.”

PAL Bundle Product Images

What’s in the Fujifilm Instax Pal & Mini Link 2 Bundle?

The Pal isn’t really designed to be used on its own. It’s made to be paired with your smartphone, and with a Fujifilm Instax printer. So, it’s also available in a bundle.

Packaged with the Fujifilm Mini Link 2, you’ll be able to get your Pal camera, Mini Link 2 printer, and Pal silicone case all at the same time. Longtime Instax creators may already have a printer (or hybrid camera-printer) on hand, but the bundle option is great for those who are new to the Instax line.

In the bundle, the Pal, its Multi-Use Detachable Ring, and its silicone case will come in Pistachio Green. The paired Mini Link 2 printer will come in Clay White.

Fujifilm Instax Pal announcement

Will the Fujifilm Instax Pal Bundle be able to print in real-time, too?

Yes! The Pal connects via Bluetooth to both smartphones and the Mini Link 2 directly. Select “F” mode manually on the bottom of the camera to capture photos for later use or “L” mode (“Link mode”) to print directly from the bundled Mini Link 2 when you snap your photos.

Fujifilm Instax PAL smartphone

What can the Pal do?

The Pal is a tiny, wide-angle camera with flash that focuses on remote shooting and shooting on-the-go. It has a small speaker, an on-body flash, and the option to be used with either its physical shutter trigger or the Pal App’s Remote Shooting Feature. There’s no digital display on the Pal, so if you want to ensure you’ve got your shot framed exactly right, you can use the Pal app to check your image composition. You can also used its included Multi-Use Detachable Ring as a simple viewfinder, finger strap, or camera stand.

The Pal can also shoot in interval mode, taking images at 3 second intervals. Interval mode can be used to capture 3, 6, 11, or 21 continuous images which can then be transferred to the Pal app—use intervals to pick your perfect shot or combine the photos to make a Pal animation. These flipbook-style photos will print with a QR code from the Instax Mini Link (or other Instax printers), so while only one image will print, viewers can use the QR code to view the whole animation.

In short, the Pal can immortalize your best moments with your friends and family without ever taking you out of the moment.

Available late October, you can already pre-order the Fujifilm Instax Pal at Best Buy.

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