Zhiyun’s professional camera and smartphone stabilization gimbals redefine the way people record life. A gimbal is indispensable when shooting video, helping to make tilts, pans, and rolls appear smooth and steady. They are fun to use and a great tool to hold your camera or smartphone steady without a tripod. Adding a stabilization gimbal is a great way to create eye-catching videos that attract audiences. At Best Buy, you will find a range of tripods, mounts, and stabilizers to create smooth and stable shots. And in this contest, we are giving away two Zhiyun WEEBILL-S Camera Gimbal Stabilizers and five Zhiyun Smooth X Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers and Tripod Combos. Read more to learn about the prizes and enter the contest to win one.

Get great shots with Zhiyun Gimbals and Camera Stabilizers

Zhiyun’s WEEBILL-S Mirrorless/DSLR Camera Gimbal Stabilizer boasts a unique structure with a lightweight body and ergonomically designed Sling mode to offer an effortless shooting experience. It can handle mainstream mirrorless and DSLR camera & lens combos. Featuring an upgraded algorithm and stronger motors, modular design, and multiple shooting modes, you can unleash endless possibilities for your shooting. With an intelligent ViaTouch 2.0 system, you can turn your phone screen into a professional monitor and multi-functional remote controller. Additionally, the ultra-low latency HD image transmission module pushes the limit of filmmaking even further.

Zhiyun’s Smooth X Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer and Tripod Combo is great for shooting good cinematic shots using your phone. You know you’ll end up with steady, blur-free footage. It’s easy to manoeuvre the gimbal as the magnetic mount grips your phone securely. The Gesture control feature helps you snap photos and record videos with simple hand gestures and Active Track 3.0 recognizes faces or objects and tracks their movements. With the Quick roll feature, you can easily switch between portrait and landscape modes at the touch of a button.

Take your videos to the next level

When taking photos, I love capturing wide environmental and nature shots. I am fascinated to see details like grains of pollen in a macro image of a flower that typically go unnoticed.  I believe every little thing in this world is photo-worthy—from nature to sports to family. And when it comes to getting a steady shot, gimbals are an essential addition to your filmmaking gear. Here’s your chance to win a Zhiyun gimbal so you can say goodbye to shakiness and start shooting professional-quality photos and videos.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can enter only once below this article. Tell us what you love to shoot videos or photos of and how winning one of these prizes will affect your photography and videography.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select seven (7) winners to win either the Zhiyun WEEBILL-S Camera Gimbal Stabilizer or Zhiyun Smooth X Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer and Tripod Combo samples from Best Buy.

This contest runs from Feb 26th until Mar 12th.

Remember you can enter only once. However, share this contest with your friends and family so they too have a chance to win one of the gimbals that they will shoot the fun moments with.

Win a Zhiyun Gimbal Rules and Regulations

Good Luck!


  1. I love taking videos of my family and landscapes. This would help film important family occasions in the best quality!

  2. I’ve always wanted to be a vlogger, but found it difficulty keeping the camera still, especially when shooting from a moving vehicle. This Zhiyun WEEBILL-S Mirrorless/DSLR Camera Gimbal Stabilizer from Best Buy might help me with that little problem. YouTube stardom, here I come!

  3. Love to shoot travel photos. I would use the WEEBILL-S Mirrorless/DSLR Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

  4. I’m an animator by trade and love sharing my knowledge with the kids that live next door, as I know that their parents can use a break from time to time. This would be ideal for a stop-motion setup and the kids could see the product in real time and appreciate the art as it happens.

  5. We’re lucky enough to live in an urban area but with woods/grasslands near our home so it would be great to have this for taking photos of the deer and grouse that we see when we are walking around that area!

  6. I love taking pictures of the stars, planets, moon, milkyway etc. This would really help stabilize the camera for such long exposure times.

  7. I love to record special family moments. My first grandchild is due at the end of April so this would be great timing!! ♥️

  8. Love to shot travel photos. I would use the WEEBILL-S Mirrorless/DSLR Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

  9. I love filming videos that are used for presentations at special functions for family and friends such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Winning this would allow me to film videos that are at a higher level.

  10. I take backyard wildlife photos, and sometimes holding still for a long time can be tiresome. This would definitely help me maintain stability enough to get the shots I crave with the clarity to make them real treasures.

  11. I love to take travel videos or photos. Winning the Zhiyun’s Smooth X Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer and Tripod Combo will affect my photography and videography immensely. I’ll be able to take stable and smoother action pictures and videos of my adventure travels.

  12. I love to take pictures of birds on my feeders, this would he allow for better quality of my photos.

  13. I love to take pictures/videos of my dogs and this would help to get some amazing footage while out running around with them 🙂

  14. I love taking pictures of nature especially the birds that come by my yard. This would really make my pictures so much better

  15. I love doing videos of landscapes and this gimbal would certainly help with the smoothness of the videos!

  16. I love to win this to give it to my son, who is taking Graphic Design program. This camera would help him a lot in his upcoming career.

  17. I would love to take photos of my family especially during special occasions like birthdays and send them to other family members like my elderly mother who are not able to be together due to the stay-at-home-orders. Having the tripod and stabilizer would sure make these photos come out clearer and detailed.

  18. I love taking pictures of natural landscapes and having one of these would make my photos much more stable since my hands tend to shake when I hold the camera.

  19. I would love to take photos of my roses that I grow in my garden. And, having the tripod combo would leave my hands free to prop up my flowers.

  20. I like to take video of hiking trails next to the ocean. This would be great for stabilizing outdoors.

  21. I love taking photos and videos of my pets and nature/wildlife while we are out hiking and camping. Winning this would really enhance the quality of my photos and make it easier to stabilize outdoors.

  22. I love to take picture of nature, especially flower. This for sure can increase the quality of the picture

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