DJI is back with a new action camera in the Osmo Action 3, expanding on what it’s done before in this product line. If you’re looking for a way to capture still photos and video wherever you go, this one may be one way to do it.
Interestingly, this camera has more in common—at least from a design standpoint—with the original Osmo Action, rather than the Osmo Action 2 released in 2021. It is a nimble design that is easy to carry and deploy, especially considering the various mounting options.

Ready to shoot

Inside, there’s a 1/1.7-inch 12-megapixel image sensor with a 155-degree super-wide field of view available as an option. It can shoot in 4K resolution at various frame rates, including at 120fps for smoother slow-motion video. Two touchscreens, a 2.25-inch in the rear and 1.4-inch in the front, simplify shooting in both directions.
DJI also made the camera rugged enough to withstand some punishment when doing its thing. That includes resistance to cold as low as  -20C, considerably chillier than the Action 2, which couldn’t go lower than 0C. It also goes deeper underwater, down to depths of 16 metres (52 feet) without having to cover it up with case.
The camera also works with the DJI Mimo app on both iOS and Android, much like the previous models did. It enables you to control the camera hands-free, while also editing content transferred over to the phone or tablet.
There could be plenty of content to edit, given that the Osmo Action 3 has a maximum recording time up to 160 minutes. It will be lower at higher resolutions, and depending on what size memory card you slide into it. Even so, that number is significantly longer than previous Osmo Action models.

More to work with

With more stability when recording footage, DJI says the Osmo Action 3 will stay steady when you mount it. It will come with mounting accessories out of the box, but is also compatible with previous ones as well.
To increase the longevity, the camera will come in different configurations as far as what comes with it. There’s an “Adventure Combo” that includes all the accessories of the standard box, plus two extra batteries, battery case, monopod stick, and extra mount. DJI is also selling a waterproof case enabling the camera to go even deeper at 60 metres.

Coming soon

The DJI Osmo Action 3 is available for pre-order at Best Buy. Make sure to also check out the latest from DJI for more photography and video equipment.
Ted Kritsonis
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