Sanus Advanced 42" - 90" Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Now that you’ve got a new television it’s time to consider the set up. You have a few different options when choosing how to display your TV. You can either set it directly on a surface with a TV stand, or you can mount it onto a wall. Most modern televisions come equipped to fit both a TV stand or a wall mount, so you can make a decision based on your space. Best Buy has a great variety of TV stands and wall mounts for you to pick from, so let’s run through what your options are all about. 

What are the differences between a TV stand & a wall mount?

Simply put, a TV stand provides a place for your television to sit directly on top of a surface. You can find special stands that will provide a safe place for your TV to reside, or look for dediccated and sturdy TV furniture too. On the other hand, a wall mount allows for simplicity and only requires a wall. While wall mounts require installation, you won’t need a surface and can display your television exactly where you want it.

Benefits of a TV Stand

NEXERA Rustik 66" TV StandTV stands are straight-forward and easy to set up, and therefore a quick go-to. But having a TV stand set up can be beneficial for a number of reasons. For one, you’ll have easy access to all the cables and sockets. If you’re consistently plugging in and out different devices, a TV stand would be ideal for you.


Z-Line Designs Fiore TV Stand with an Integrated Mount


Additionally, having an entertainment unit with a TV standing on it gives you plenty of room for extra storage. You can easily conceal all wires, cables, and consoles, while also adding feng shui to your living room space. A TV stand also makes your television mobile, and therefore easier to move around as needed. You can find small stands that can sit on top of entertainment units, like the BestMounts Universal Table Top TV StandAlternatively, you can also find TV stands with attached storage space, like the Z-Line Designs Fiore TV Stand.

Advantages of a Wall mount

Wall mounts are a bit more complicated to set up, but the payoff is worth it. Wall mounts are especially great for saving space. If you’re a minimalist, mounting your television to the wall saves you having to add an additional piece of furniture. If you’re living in smaller quarters, mounting the television allows you to easily fit a big screen into a petite room. You can use tutorials to mount your television yourself, or you can get it professionally installed. 

Different Types of Wall Mounts

There are a few different ways to mount your television onto the wall. A flat mount is placed as close to the wall as possible, and lined up as evenly as possible. Since flat mounts don’t allow for maneuvering, it works best if you don’t need easy access to cables. You also want to make sure you don’t have glare in the television’s direction since you can’t adjust it. If you want easy access to cables and outlets, but still don’t need the television screen readjusted, you can use a hook mount. For on-wall movement, a tilt/swivel mount would be best for you. A mount like the Sanus Premium Advanced Tilting TV Wall Mount gives you plenty of room to tilt and adjust your screen to get the best view. 

Sanus Advanced Full Motion TV Wall MountIf you’re looking for the wall mounts of all wall mounts, a full motion mount is what you need. A full motion mount like the Sanus Advanced Full Motion TV Wall Mount allows for a full range of maneuvering. This lets you set your television to any angle and position so you get the most out of your screen, from anywhere in the room.

If you’ve decided to go with a wall mount, check out The Geek Squad’s guide on how to mount a TV.

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Choosing between using a TV stand or mounting your television to the wall just requires consideration of your space. No matter which way you go, Best Buy has got plenty of wall mounts and TV stands available and tailored to fit your television and your taste. 


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