Imgagets Waveblstr Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker Review BANNERIf you are looking to rock around the Christmas tree, the IMGadgets WaveBlstr Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker will really get the party started. I’m no karaoke star by any stretch, but my family and I had a lot of fun with the WaveBlstr. The kit comes with just about everything you need to get started in order to amp up your Holidays. Let’s dive in and explore all the features IMGadgets WaveBlstr has to offer your next big performance.

Unboxing the IMGadgets WaveBlstr

The first thing I noticed about the IMGadgets WaveBlstr while unpacking it is its ultra-convenient form factor. It stands roughly over a foot and a half tall and weighs less than 7 pounds. This makes it easy to move around your home and a great travel companion. It also comes with accessories for connecting your mic and powering the device. In the box you receive a charging cable, audio cable, wired microphone, and the karaoke speaker itself. The unit has an internal battery that can last up to 6 hours for those late-night marathon sessions.

Imgagets Waveblstr Unboxed

Secondary device required

One element that was missing from the WaveBlstr was a screen. This forces you to download an app to your smart phone in order to get access to lyrics and audio. I found this design choice a bit puzzling as I expected some sort of visual integration to read off lyrics. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, as there is a plethora of excellent free apps for both iOS and Android. It would be nice to have an option right out of the box.

Imgagets Waveblstr Top ViewNo hassle setup

The unit is practically plug and play, requiring no assembly or software updates. My unit even came out of the box with a small charge so I could crank out a few songs and experiment with the lighting effects. There is a USB wire included that doubles as a charge cable, but it doesn’t come with an attachment to plug into a wall outlet. You can plug the unit into any USB device to charge, but it would have been great to get all the essential adaptors in the box. The included USB charge cable is also quite small, measuring in at roughly 3 feet, so you won’t be able to charge and move the unit around the room. The upside is that once the device is fully charged, you get a lot out of it. I was able to get 3 two-hour sessions out of a full charge.

Plug and play setup with the IMGadgets WaveBlstr

After opening the box, I was ready to start rocking with the IMGadgets WaveBlstr in under 10 minutes. The setup and interface is user friendly and very “plug and play.” I really liked this touch, because if you are entertaining and looking to have some quick fun, the WaveBlstr doesn’t get in the way. All you need to do is power up the main unit, switch on the microphone, and you are almost ready to jam. The last step is connecting a compatible device for lyrics and audio.

Waveblstr PortsConnecting devices to the IMGadgets WaveBlstr

You have a few options on how to connect compatible devices with karaoke content to the WaveBlstr. I opted to use a combination of my iPhone, YouTube, and connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth. The unit features a 10 metre operating range, so you have room to move. The speaker delivers clear sound and some solid bass, although at times audio comes off a little tinny. You can connect either with Bluetooth, a USB flash drive, or the AUX-IN port. The WaveBlstr also has onboard FM capability, so you can keep the tunes coming with your favourite radio station.

IMGadgets WaveBlstr sound and build quality

The big question with any karaoke machine is: how is the sound quality?

As I mentioned before, it does the trick but leaves a little to be desired. The volume levels are punchy and could be heard over a raucous party. The WaveBlstr sports a 5.25 inch subwoofer with an 800W output. The bass is deep and delivers some great reverberations that you can feel in a large space. Its compact size is convenient but does limit the sound quality, though it’s more than passable for a party. With that being said, audio can sound tinny and a little flat. For the value-based pricing and smaller form factor, it’s a fair trade-off.

Rugged speaker design

The build quality of the WaveBlstr is quite solid; the unit is composed of metal and plastic. The cylindrical design is sleek, sturdy, and futuristic looking. The top of the unit features all of the device’s control inputs, such as power, volume, lighting, and mode selection controls. This top section of the hardware is made with plastic and features a handle that lets you easily take your show on the road. The front face of the speaker has a rubberized pull-out hatch for USB, AUX, and microphone connection access. The speakers and subwoofer are encased in a 360 degree metal steel grill and are protected well from minor bumps and knocks. All of this sits atop a plastic base with rubberized feet. It’s compact and feels rugged.

Imgagets Waveblstr MicMicrophone quality

The included wired mic is more than enough to meet your casual karaoke needs. The build-quality of the microphone isn’t as durable as the base unit, but it has stood up to hours of testing and family use. My 6-year-old has been singing his little heart out, and so far its lasted through everything he can throw at it.

The mic is the component that is going to get the most use; its light plastic design doesn’t look like it can hold up to wear and tear. In my experience with dozens of microphones over the years, these lighter builds are prone to having issues. That being said, so far we haven’t had any notable problems. It would have been ideal to see the WaveBlstr package come with a more durable mic.  

Final thoughts on the IMGadgets WaveBlstr

The IMGadgets WaveBlstr Karaoke Speaker offers some unique fun for the Holidays. The speaker offers decent sound quality and deep base to help keep up with your vocal high notes. Its package does have some notable omissions, such as a screen and a high-quality microphone. The included mic will get you by, but it doesn’t seem like a long-haul component that will last. But, if you are looking for a no-hassle value solution, the WaveBlstr is a great option. Its effortless setup and compact design make it a staple for any party or solo session. The WaveBlstr Karaoke System is sure to brighten up the Holidays this year.

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