iklipwhite2.jpgMost tablets have cases or other protective devices available that allow you to “stand” the tablet up making it easier to see or use. This is fine perhaps when sitting at a desk or table but certainly isn’t ideal if you are also playing an instrument, singing, or ding some other activity at the same time. In fact, you only need one accident that results in a shattered screen to wish that you had taken another approach if only a better way existed. Now it does. The iKlip Xpand from IK Multimedia is a secure iPad/Tablet mounting device that will securely and safely grip your prized piece of digital technology and affix it to a microphone stand or desktop/table top so that you no longer have to worry about it falling. It will also stay firmly in position if you need to change settings on it while playing or even between songs which give the solo performer and band member alike the confidence required to perform your craft worry free.

iklip_xpand_draw_ball-joint.jpgThe iKlip Xpand is an “adjustable tablet holder” with 4 soft rubberized “Gorilla Grips” that will hold firmly to your device while ensuring that it doesn’t scratch, scuff, or somehow damage it. It is well constructed of what must surely be some space age plastic and seems beyond hardy enough to stand up the whatever rigours I could dish out. It has a ball joint design that allows you to move it into either portrait or landscape mode and at any angle for optimal viewing. It is spring based and can expand to accommodate devices from 7” to 12.1” (measured diagonally) while comfortably holding your iPad, tablet, or phablet. It works with iPad mini up to the iPad Pro and all of the various tablets from Samsung, HTC, Microsoft etc. Your devices can also stay in their respective cases if you prefer as you do not have to remove them in order to use the iKlip Xpand. In fact, my iPhone 6 Plus which is under 7” actually sits securely in the iKlip Xpand albeit only in landscape mode which is essentially moot since I can then twist the device to portrait mode if I need to. Now if you were looking for something specifically for your smartphone or iPad, IK Multimedia also makes an iKlip Xpand Mini.

iklipMarsh.jpgThe documentation says that it will affix to any pole up to 1.2” (30mm) and I had it secured on a mic stand, a tripod, and a light stand as well as securing it to my desk. I have an older version that is iPad specific and my iPad 3 slides into it and is secured firmly in place but my iPad Air 2, while it kind of fits in it, is smaller and thinner and has no secure containment as it easily slips out. The iKlip Xpand takes care of this due to its adjustable nature. I have the old and the new currently attached to my workstation creating an incredible digital cockpit if you will with everything in easy reach.

Guitarists can certainly take advantage of some of the many effects processor apps out there and with this connected to a stand have immediate access to the controls. Keyboard players can likewise use it to access virtual instruments. DJs might want it for apps that allow them to do mixing whereas a vocalist or even a speaker could use it for lyrics or in conjunction with a teleprompter app. I use my iPad as a monitor for my camera so I attach a rod to the camera’s cage system and with the iKlip I can attach my iPad to that rod and just like that, I have a nice big visible monitor to make up for the small viewfinder on the camera. This makes things like focussing significantly easier.

iklip_stage_main_image_718x450.jpgAll of your devices ports and buttons are openly accessible and there is also an iKlip Stage app from IK Multimedia that you get with your purchase. The iKlip Stage app is a page turner assistant so you can play while reading charts or tablature and advance the pages when required.

There are multiple valid and valuable uses for this device from practicing to performing and everything in between. IK Multimedia continues to keep pumping out some of the most valuable and innovative gadgets in the world of music and the iKlip Xpand is simply another in the long line. Drop into your local Best Buy store and check it out, it is certainly worth a look if for no other reason than the flexibility it offers.

Darren Blakeborough
My day job is as an Assistant Professor in Media and Communication Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley. My primary teaching and research interests revolve around popular culture and technology. I am an adequate at best guitar player currently attempting to romanticize my inglorious youth in a Hair Metal cover band called "Glam Chowder”. When not working or watching TV, I am usually listening to music, recording music, playing music, or trying to figure out what gear I need to make all of that music sound even better.


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