Epiphone Les PaulEpiphone guitars are inspired by Gibson and made for guitarists of all abilities. I believe the world needs more guitarists, and Epiphone is making that happen by creating high quality musical instruments available at your local Best Buy at great prices. In fact, order it online—you’ll be very happy with the guitar and be learning to play your favourite songs in no time. On the blog we’ve been testing some of these guitars, and now you can enter for a chance to win one.

Do you have a guitar player in your family?

There are too few guitarists on this planet. The recent passing of the legendary Eddie Van Halen made me wonder if we are replacing guitarists fast enough. How many people in your family play guitar? My answer … not enough! This should be the age when everyone you know can play. After all, great quality instruments have never been more accessible or affordable. Holiday season is approaching and Best Buy has a huge selection online that you should really consider when creating your gift list.

And great quality instruction is readily available too. You’ve probably heard that many of the great players, like Eddie who I just mentioned, never had a formal guitar lesson. He would have likely learned a lot faster if he had the one tool that all guitarists use now … the Internet. Or you might already know a guitarist who can provide some initial lessons. I taught both my children to play guitar, and the first guitar I bought for them was an Epiphone.

Mama let that boy play some rock and roll

The 3 Epiphone Les Paul Special I prizes for this contest will enable you to play lots of musical styles, including heart-pounding rock and roll. We sent the prizes for this contest to Nikolai so he could test them out and give you an honest review. Read his article and watch his video and you’ll see that these are serious instruments that any guitarist would love.

As you saw in the video, these guitars can rock with a great tone and easy playability. If you like what you see, you should enter for a chance to win one of these guitars.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, and you can enter once below this article and once below Nikolai’s review article. In a comment, tell us who in your family needs to learn how to play guitar and what song they should learn first.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll choose three (3) people to each win one of the three Epiphones Les Paul Special I guitars that were reviewed by Nikolai.

This contest runs from Oct 14th until Oct 27th.

Remember, you can enter once here on this contest article and once on the review article. However, you should also share this with your drummer friends, and your keyboardist friends, and tell them if they win, you’ll gladly take their prize and join their bands.

Win an Epiphone Les Paul Guitar Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck

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  1. I’d like to learn how to play. It’s kind of been one of those things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I would like to play a song by U2 like mysterious ways.

  2. Both of my kids have interest in playing guitar and I’ve taken lessons when they were quite young. It would be nice to take place some Christmas music like rocking around the Christmas tree

  3. I would like to learn Hôtel California. I have had a12 acoustic flattop but find ,as I an much older now, that is too big for me to handle now.

  4. My little sister would love to play guitar, she currently has my grandfather’s old acoustic but it has a broken bridge so it can’t stay in tune. The first song she wants to play is walking disaster by sum 41

  5. I need to learn to play the guitar and Mars Classroom’s There Never Was A Sea Of Love should be the first song I learn to play.

  6. My son loves to play guitar and is learning how to do some picking. The Les Paul looks like agreat guitar to learn that skill and has a great sound. A great tune for him to play would be Classical Gas.

  7. So that would be me. Not sure which song but would eventually like to play something close to Pearl Jam or ACDC.

  8. I would love for my son and granddaughters to learn how to play guitar. Music is so important They should first learn how to play Twinkle Twinkle little star

  9. My brother is desperate to learn playing the guitar, especially now with COVID cases rising in our city it’s going to be a long and tough winter. Led Zeppelin is his favourite band so I think he’d learn Ramble On first which is what we all need to do these days!

  10. My son who i raised as single mom always wanted to play guitar and have lessons. I could not afford either. Now at 23 yrs old and very responsible. Has taught himself how to play the bass (bought 2nd hand). But still wants a guitar. He taught himself music and how to read it. Amazing. He taught himself Nirvana’s songs.

    Winning this would be make him so happy.

  11. I’d like to learn to play as a new skill to pick up. I like the classic 70’s stuff so maybe Eric Clapton.

  12. I would be the person to learn guitar in my family since I have two acoustic guitars from when I was younger and I took a few lessons but never had time to get into it because of school and life. The first song I learned to play was ‘Fifteen’ by Taylor Swift (i love her).

  13. oh my gosh! my son who is 13 has been playing Rock Band all through Covid and has mastered both the drums and the lead guitar, I would LOVE him to start learning how to play the real thing. Honestly its kept him sane and happy, having music during the pandemic

  14. . ive had several guitars over the years but my ex husband always sold them on me and said the family needs money more than i need creative outlets. now ive been single for over a decade i have had a couple thrift store guitars but nothing with the quality to make progress. my first guitar was at age 10 , but growing up in violent home meant it got smashed from violent family members who didnt care that i was just a child trying to learn.
    if i made any string make a sound i was threatend that they would smash it rather then hear me try to learn. so with all of this said i havent lost my love of guitars and ive wanted to take it up again. becuase when i was married i taught myself mary had a little lamb by stevie ray vaughan before the ex had a yard sale and sold it on me.
    id like to see if i can further my playing skills now that nobody can smash it or take it and sell it on me. if i won one of theses amazing guitars id protect it with my life. cuz i already paid the price for trying and even taught myself to play one of my hearos songs. stevie ray vaughan is my guitar hero . thank you for hosting a contest with so much hope for ppl who love the craft of playing and for those who want to keep learning.

  15. My mom needs to learn how to play guitar…she’s always expressed an interest and loves singing along when I play! She should learn Heart of Gold first. It’s one of her fav songs.

  16. I would love to gift this to my husband who has wanted to learn. I would have hime learn “Last Nite” from the he Strokes. Thanks!

  17. Learned to play in my pre-teen years and then got sidetracked by so many other things in life…would love to get back at it again! Thanks for the chance to win this Les Paul electric guitar : )

  18. My GRANDSON would like to start learning how to play the guitar – HE LIKES LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN AND YANKE DOODLE DANDY.

  19. My Husband used to play guitar but because of circumstances no longer has his guitar. I’d love for him to play again and I know he would choose a Killswitch Engage song to get rockin’ back into it. Thank you!

  20. I would like to learn how to play guitar I am 17 years old the first song I would play would be AC/DC Highway to hell

  21. My Son, he is starting to play guitar now and I believed he has the potential to be a great guitar player someday.

  22. My nephew would like to start learning how to play the guitar. The first song to learn should be “Polka Dots and Moonbeams” by Wes Montgomery

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