Populele ukuleles offer something that I haven’t seen from a stringed instrument: a smart learning experience so you can start creating music faster. The ukulele is already a great instrument to begin your musical journey: they’re great for children too, but not just for children. I never played one before trying the green uke shown in the image above and I found it extremely easy to learn a few songs. In this article I’ll give an example of a song I learned and recorded today while preparing this contest article. You’ll find a variety of colours of the Populele 2 at Best Buy and we are giving away a white one and the green one I used in this contest.

What are the benefits of a smart ukulele

The Populele 2 is a great sounding instrument that offers something you won’t find elsewhere: it is smart. Yes, tech sites throw that word around a lot and it applies in some cases more than others. There is no denying that this ukulele is smart thanks to its integration with the Popumusic app that can light up the notes to play on the fretboard. Before I get into some details i suggest you read the review by Darren Blakeborough posted on the Best Buy Blog. Darren does a great job explaining the features.

One interesting point Darren brought up is that he had always thought there must be a way to apply the features of the game Guitar Hero to learn how to play a real instrument. Populele has figured it out. Their app offers a selection of activities, including Guitar Hero style gamification, to accelerate anyone’s learning. I tried Jason Mraz’ I’m yours and in a few minutes I had learned the chords and strum pattern. At first I was terrible. But in a few minutes I was able to sing along. I then took my newfound uke skills to learn a song I had never played: Billie Eilish’s 8. I recorded it after a couple of practice runs.

Ukulele music is more popular than ever

This song that I just played was new to me: I’m more of an eighties/seventies music person. In fact the first song that I played using the Populele 2 was Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles. However, when I searched for new songs to play there were hundreds of options from which I selected the Billie Eilish song. I saw her on SNL once and really liked her tone, so thought I’d give this one a try.

What song would you play first if you win one of these awesome instruments? Perhaps you don’t want to win for yourself. Many parents put their children in music lessons at this time of year; you might be thinking that this is perfect for your child. Consider these questions as you enter this contest!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment below tell us who you are entering this contest for—yourself, a child, a friend (first name only please)—and what song you think should be played first on it if you win.
  2. In a comment below Darren’s review article, tell us one thing Darren talked about that you like best about this musical instrument.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we’ll randomly select two (2) winners. One will get the white Populele 2 that Darren tested for his review article, and the other will get the green Populele 2 that I tried.

This contest runs from Sept 9th to Sept 25th

Remember that you can enter in two different ways.  Tell your family and show them Darren’s video and my video so they see how great this musical instrument is: they’ll definitely want to enter this contest too.

Win a Populele smart ukulele Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck


  1. I’m entering for myself. I’d start with “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” — because we all need a little optimism these days!

  2. I’m entering to win this for myself (although I will share with my kids if they want to try it)
    The first song I would learn to play is Raspberry Beret by Prince

  3. I am entering this to win it for my 11 year old son Quentin – he loves music and I think he’d love this. If my husband had any say, the first song would be Somewhere over the rainbow

  4. I’m entering for my husband Mark, who plays guitar, but also my daughter, Dylan. She’s 6 and would love to learn from her dad how to play.

    I think they would play “I’m yours – Jason Mraz”

  5. Oh this is wonderful! I’m entering for me — I played ukelele as a kid and took refresher lessons as an adult but it’s been a while and I’m all rusty! I’d love a smart ukulele to help me learn to play again. And my first song would be Video Games by Lana Del Rey.

  6. The ukulele would be for myself and I would first play Here Comes The Sun because in sounds so cool on the ukulele.

  7. I’m entering for a friends daughter. Ella is autistic & loves music. Her dream is to become a music teacher. Think Ella would love the green one!

  8. I am entering for my friend’s daughter Ella. The visual feedback relayed on the app would be a beneficial tool on her journey as a future music teacher.

  9. Entering for my daughter Emily, who has started to take an interest in playing music. I might insist the first song be Tiptoeing Through The Tulips.

  10. I’m entering for sweet little Ella, a friend’s daughter. She is autistic and really loves her music. Ella would be thrilled with the green one. I’d love to hear her play Tip Toe thru the tulips 🙂 although she probably know way better songs. Lol

  11. I am entering this for my friends daughter who has autism .Her birthday is next month and she REALLY wants one for her birthday .Thank you

  12. Entering for my great grandson, who is austic – a wonderful opportunity to learn to play and enjoy music. First song to learn and hear would be an oldie “Kokomo.” Also my other great grandchildren would also enjoy and learn to play as well

  13. I am entering for a friend’s daughter she is autistic. Her birthday is next month and she really wants it so it would be a nice surprise. Her name is Ella. She prefers a green one. I think a good song would be you are my sunshine

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