Roland GOKEYS Synthesizer in red

The world-renowned instrument manufacturer, Roland, is expanding its GO:KEYS line with the GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5. They both offer a wide range of tones and presets, which is ideal for beginners or anyone who would like to start creating music. These new synthesizers are also powered by the ZEN-Core synthesis system, so you can create whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 features

ZEN-Core synthesis system

The GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 both come with Roland’s ZEN-Core synthesis system—a complete creative tool that works across hardware and software, usually featured in more expensive models in Roland’s lineup. ZEN-Core is built into these two new models, so you can tweak some parameters to adjust preset tones directly on the synthetiser.

Roland GO:KEYS 3

Touch-sensitive 61-note keyboards

Both new GO:KEYS models are 61-note portable keyboards with touch-sensitive keys. The built-in speakers and headphone output ensure that you can practice, no matter where you are. They are also absolutely packed with sounds, offering over 1000 different tones ranging from traditional instruments to modern synths.

Be your own band

The accompaniment and arrangement section is extensive. Like most arranger keyboards, the traditional backing feature follows the harmony you play, so you can create full songs. You can then activate various musical sections to create music on the fly, flesh out compositions, and practice improvisation. There are 203 styles to choose from, so you’ll never run out of backing bands to bring your ideas to life.

To push things even further, Roland added the chord sequencer mode to help you work out songs in an even more efficient way. There are 304 different chord patterns to explore. You can also create your own and add in variations to really cultivate your composing skills and explore different harmonies.

Lots of connectivity options

Chord sequencer

Bluetooth compatibility gives you the option to simply play music through the keyboard speakers and play along if you wish. With the optional Roland Cloud Connect, you’ll get access to the manufacturer’s digital platform through your iOS/Android device. It’s a great resource for extra sounds and backing tracks. This significantly expands the possibilities of the keyboard and will give you extra mileage out of an affordable instrument.

Last but not least, you can plug the instrument to a computer via USB for audio recording and MIDI control. This is great and very convenient for recording your ideas or using external sound banks you have in your digital studio.

The GO:KEYS 3 is available in three refreshing and beautiful finishes including Turquoise, Dark red, and Midnight blue. The GO:KEYS 5 is sold in two wonderful colours including White and Graphite.

Extra features on the GO:KEYS 5

Roland GO:KEYS 5

The GO:KEYS 5 comes with extra features compared to its sibling. First of all, aspiring singers and entertainers can plug in a microphone and benefit from on board vocal effects, including compression, reverb, a voice transformer, and a very cool auto harmony function. This last effect will follow the harmony you play to act as your own group of backup singers.

Additional features include more connectivity options on the back panel and an upgraded set of speakers. This model is ideal for those who plan on performing as a singer/keyboardist. It will also interest those that expect to play on this instrument for years to come, since it has more connectivity options.

Find the Roland GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 at Best Buy

If you are a beginner looking to learn how to create music or a seasoned player seeking for an affordable model with high quality sounds, the GO:KEYS 3 or GO:KEYS 5 might be the perfect instrument for you. They’re also a great choice for a portable solution, controller, or simply a tool to explore creativity.

The GO:KEYS keyboards are available online at Best Buy.

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