Xfitonway massage gun reviewIf you’re an athlete or just spend a lot of time exercising and you don’t have a massage gun, you’re really missing out on an amazing way to recover. I’ve spent a few weeks testing out two Xfitonway Premium Percussive massage guns, and I’ve been so impressed with how well they ease sore muscles. Whether you run, bike, hike, or play team sports, the Xfitonway Pro Series Massage Gun or the Xfitonway Elegant Series Massage Gun will help you work out the kinks so you can get moving again.

Appearance and features of Xfitonway Pro Series Massage Gun

Xfitonway Pro Massage gun review

The Xfitonway Pro Series massage gun is a handheld massage gun that weighs 2.2 lbs. It has a shiny piano finish and is encased in a German engineered silicone silence sleeve. It’s available in white or black.

  • Heavy-duty Japanese motor and bearings
  • LCD touch screen makes it easy to choose a power level and see how long you’ve been using the massager
  • 5-speed levels and 6 massage head attachments
  • 60lbs of pressure and 54 percussions per second
  • 8 hours of use with 2.5 to 3 hours charge time
  • Overload, overheat and overcharge protection
  • Rechargeable 2600mAh*6 cell, 24V lithium-ion battery with digital display
  • Use while you’re charging
  • 19 – 45dB noise level

Appearance and features of Xfitonway Elegant Series Massage Gun

Xfitonway Elegant massage gun review

The Xfitonway Elegant Series Massage Gun has a slightly different design than the Pro series massage gun. This model was designed for women, it weighs 1.76 lbs, and it is easy to hold and use with one hand.

  • Powerful motor with overload, overheat and overcharge protection
  • Ergonomic body and slim silicone grip ensures a firm grip
  • 5 speeds and 6 hours of run time on a 2-hour charge
  • Speed and battery indicator clearly visible on the side of the device
  • 6 attachments and 5 speeds
  • 30 – 45dB ultra-quiet noise level
  • 50lbs of pressure and 57 percussions per second
  • 2600mAh*6 cell, 24V lithium-ion Sanyo rechargeable battery

Testing Xfitonway massage guns

Xfitonway massage guns

Percussive massage guns are designed to relieve muscle pain, and the type of percussive massager you choose will determine how effective you are in relieving that pain. After testing both Xfitonway massage guns, I know either would be a great choice as part of your daily muscle recovery or just to break down knots in your neck or back.

Benefits of percussive massage therapy

Massage therapy is something everyone in your family can enjoy, and with the portability of the Xfitonway massagers, it’s easy to take your massager with you everywhere. Both the Xfitonway Pro and the Xfitonway Elegant massage guns come with their own carrying case.

Percussive massage therapy will aid in muscle recovery from sports or daily life, breaks down knots and increases blood flow to your muscles, and rids your body of lactic acid and other toxins. I recommend using it every night while watching TV. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long day.

Percussive massage boosts muscle recovery

Xfitonway percussive massage carrying case

If you run, bike, hike, or just work out a lot, you’re going to end up with sore muscles. I’ve had some workouts that left me with muscles so sore I couldn’t run the next day, and I’m especially prone to shin splints. Because I had stopped running for a few weeks, my first run out last week brought them right back. Instead of suffering through them for a few days, I tried both Xfitonway massage guns.

To work through shin splints, you really need to do deep tissue massage. The Xfitonway massage guns were a perfect choice for that type of strain. Both massage guns have 6 different massage heads, so I switched between them to see which would dig into my muscles the best. I thought the flat head attachment felt great, and it was amazing to dig into the muscles and relieve the pain.

I massaged in the evening when my legs were really sore, then again in the morning before my daily run. I used the Xfitonway Pro on one leg and the Xfitonway Elegant on the other. Both legs were pain-free by the next day, and I could feel the difference between the Pro gun and the Elegant gun. While both dug deep into my muscles, the Elegant gun had a slightly lighter touch at top speed. I really appreciate how intense the Pro gun can be when you need it.

Hold with one hand or both

Xfitonway Elegant massage gun

The Xfitonway pro massager is a little larger and a little heavier than the Xfitonway Elegant massager, so I had to hold it with two hands to get the right angle on my shins. That being said, I also had to hold it with two hands because it offers a more powerful massage than the Xfitonway Elegant massager. The Pro can reach 60 lbs of pressure to dig deep into your muscles, while the Elegant reaches 50lbs. The 10 lbs of pressure are very noticeable at top speed.

At one point I used the Pro massager on my neck at level 5 and my teeth were vibrating from how strong it was. I found the Elegant massager was strong too, but it’s easier to hold with one hand. You can tell the Elegant massager was designed for smaller grips, and you can easily change speeds on it with one hand. The Pro massager requires two hands to change the speeds while applying to your muscles.

Long-lasting battery life

LCD display Xfitonway

The Xfitonway Pro massage gun and the Xfitonway Elegant massage gun can be used through clothing, don’t require any oils or lotions, and charge quickly. They both come with chargers, and it takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach 100% charge. Once charged, your massage gun should last 6 hours for the Xfitonway Elegant massage gun and 8 hours for the Xfitonway Pro massage gun.

The Xfitonway Pro has an LCD touch screen so it’s easy to switch up speeds, and a digital display that shows how much battery you have left. The Xfitonway Elegant massage gun has lights that show your battery level and speed.

Which Xfitonway massage gun should you choose?

Which massage gun you choose depends on how intense you would like your massage to be. Both Xfitonway massage guns have the same massage heads to let you choose the right one for the target muscle, both are portable, and they both have long-lasting batteries.

While I thought the Xfitonway Elegant massage gun was much easier to hold and like how you can switch speeds with one hand, the Xfitonway Pro is a more intense massage gun. If you’d like a deeper massage that really digs into sore muscles, the Pro model is the one to choose. For families or as a way to unkink muscles from work or exercise, the Elegant model is a great choice.

You can find both the Xfitonway Pro Series Massage Gun or the Xfitonway Elegant Series Massage Gun on Best Buy right now.

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