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A hair dryer is one of those personal care items that everyone with a head of hair, particularly those with long locks, owns. There are tons of options in this space, from entry-level to high-end. The Swift Laifen premium hair dryer is an interesting premium option that purports to work quickly and efficiently, for both curly and straight hair. As someone with naturally curly hair who occasionally straightens mine, I wanted to put it through its paces.

What is the Swift Laifen hair dryer?

Swift Laifen hair dryer

The Swift Laifen hair dryer is a premium hair care product with a price tag to match. It has three heat settings and two speed settings for meeting your hair care needs. It also comes with a diffuser nozzle for defined curls and waves as well as a smooth nozzle for giving your hair smoothness and shine.

Available in a golden pink, silver black, golden white, or golden blue, is also purports to run quietly at 59dB. So you won’t disturb the baby while getting ready for an evening out or wake up family members when you’re getting ready for work early in the morning.

It uses negative ion technology whereby negatively charged ions help dry your hair more quickly and reduce frizz. This works by breaking down water molecules so they can evaporate more quickly. and runs at a speed of 110,000rpm, with a safety thermostat. With 1,500 watts of power, it uses standard 120V power. It also comes with a long 1.8-metre non-tangling cord.

Design of the Swift Laifen hair dryer

Unboxing the Swift Laifen hair dryer, it’s evident that this is a premium-looking product, made to emulate other popular premium hair dryers that cost twice as much. The stick-like design makes it easy to grip while styling and drying. The review unit I tested was in golden white, a crisp white with golden accents for the filter and buttons. It has a luxurious look and feel to it.

Simple button operation

Swift Laifen hair dryer

There are two buttons on the unit: one for power on/off and speed (two speed options) and one for temperature control. Blue is cold, yellow is warm, and red is hot. Each mode is indicated via a glowing ring around the perimeter.

Airflow and power

Swift Laifen hair dryer filter

At the top is an airflow outlet with an air inlet and removable filter cage on the bottom. The cord has a rather large adapter attached to it. This makes it bulky for packing in a carry on or putting away in storage when you aren’t using it.

Included attachments

Swift Laifen hair dryer attachments

The attachments connect to it magnetically, so it’s easy to clip them on and remove them. You can also rotate it in any position. This is ideal for easier navigation if you’re doing your hair yourself versus having someone else doing it and holding it at a different angle. It’s also comfortable to use for both right- and left-handed use.

Using the Swift Laifen premium hair dryer

I have naturally curly hair and typically add curling cream and crinkle it with my hands after a shower. But I occasionally straighten my hair, which is when a blow dryer becomes essential.

Operating the hair dryer

Swift Laifen hair dryer in use

Operating the hair dryer is super simple. The only hindrance is the large power block. It requires that I unplug items in the outlet to fit: it won’t squeeze between another plug using a top outlet of two, for example. This also, as noted, adds bulk in addition to the power block at the centre of the cord as well.

How well does it work?

The dryer works just as well as my regular blow dryer, which is much cheaper (a mid-level model) but that employs the traditional gun-shaped design. This one is easier to use, however, and travel around my head from left to right, under and up top. That’s thanks to the more streamlined, thin stick design.

Choosing the right setting

Swift Laifen hair dryer color settings

I always kept it on hot (red) and it was just as hot as my regular dryer and dried my hair just as quickly. The warm setting (yellow/orange) can be used for those who have sensitive scalps and don’t like extreme heat, who have more time to dry, or have shorter hair that dries quickly and doesn’t require intense heat.

However, Laifen says the blow dryer uses a Smart Thermo-control system that measures airflow temperature at more than 100 times per second to protect your hair from extreme heat damage. Assuming this is in effect when using the Hot mode, I can’t see a reason not to use the hottest setting.

Quiet operation

The Swift Laifen premium hair dryer runs fairly quietly, much more quietly than my regular hair dryer. But naturally, it gets louder when you choose the faster speed setting. Nonetheless, Laifen says noise-reducing technology modulates the frequency of the motor noise such that all you hear is the light wind. I’d say it’s a bit louder than that but it isn’t a roaring breeze either.

What’s the cold setting for?

I had to do some research to figure out why you would use the cold setting, which is indicated with the blue ring: it’s a puzzling inclusion that you don’t typically see in most hair dryers. It appears, however, that some hair care enthusiasts believe cold air helps seal the hair cuticle structure, preventing hair from splitting. Nonetheless, I can’t imagine ever using this mode myself. But it’s nice to have for those who are familiar with and prefer it.

Using the accessories

Swift Laifen hair dryer smoothing nozzle

There’s both a diffuser nozzle and a smoothing nozzle attachment in the box. Most of the time, I finished off my hair with a flat iron, but I tried using the diffuser as well to keep my hair curly. It worked nicely, helping to add body to my curly hair, which otherwise goes flat until it air dries and gets some body. You’ll need to use a good curl cream or hair product, however. The diffuser does get pretty hot so be careful when removing it once done.

What to know about maintenance

Swift Laifen hair dryer filter removed

Usually, maintenance with a hair dryer typically just includes keeping it clean and removing rogue hairs that might have gotten caught in the air intake. With this one, you can clean the filter regularly and check that the air inlet is free of blockages. Turn the hair dryer off and unplug it before pulling out the air filter. The filter is also held on my magnets so it’s really easy to remove with a gentle pull. Clean it with a dry cloth or soft brush. Then re-insert it until you hear a “click.”

Who should buy the Laifen premium hair dryer?

Swift Laifen hair dryer

If you have been wanting to upgrade your old hair dryer and have been considering one of the fancier models, the Laifen premium hair dryer is a solid alternative. It’s not ultra-affordable, but it’s about half the price of the top-line model that boasts a similar design.

You’ll get a similar look and feel, good performance, and useful accessories in the box depending on your hair type (and the package you select). The pretty colours are a nice touch. Opt for one that matches your bathroom décor or travel case.

Speaking of travel, it isn’t the most compact option to bring with you given the large power brick both in the centre of the cable as well as where the prongs are. You’ll need to account for the extra space in your bathroom drawer, cabinet, or travel bag for these. I wish it came with its own travel case.

If this hair dryer was battery powered, it would be perfect. As it stands, it’s great for the home. It is ideal for all hair types and will have you ready to head out the door in no time. But you’ll probably want something more compact for travel. But for daily use at home, it’s a solid hair dryer with a modern and funky design, and a cool magnetic design for attachments.

Get the Swift Laifen premium hair dryer in one of four colours at Best Buy Online.

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