stylish-executive-officeIt doesn’t matter if you work from home or you’re set up in a stylish building: your office space is going to make an impression on whomever walks in. That’s why it’s so important to create an executive office space that is warm, welcoming, and showcases your true personality.

I’ve been working from my home office for 9 years, and I’ve helped friends set up a few spaces that would be perfect for welcoming in everyone from a corporate client to a company shareholder. No matter what type of room, I’ve found I can create an executive office space as easily as adding office furniture including a desk and chair, then adding unique touches like smart lighting and wall décor.

Here’s a look at everything you’ll need to set up an executive office space anywhere you work.

Make your desk the focal point of the room

executive office deskYour office desk is the first thing people will look at when they walk into your office. If that office desk is covered in paper, is too small, or just isn’t functioning in the space you’re set up in, people will notice.

That’s why I choose desks that combine style and function. Take the Innova Corner Desk from Bestar. It has an L-shape to maximize productivity and includes a keyboard shelf and file drawer as well as a hutch for all of your work items.

I love desks like this because they have a melamine surface that resists scratches, so to clean all you have to do is give it a nice polish and your desk is gleaming and ready for another work day. They also have space to spare for your computer and tablets and all of your office supplies.

Set your desk up for maximum productivity with the best computer for you

Microsoft Surface StudioThere are a lot of supplies you’ll need when you set up an executive office, and the most important is your computer. I’ve always been a Mac fan, and I have a 27-inch iMac in a space of honor on my desktop. With a gorgeous retina display and ultra-fast Intel Core processor, I can easily move the screen and showcase anything I’m currently working on.

Even if you love all things Apple like I do, if you’re in the market for a new computer you need to take a look at Microsoft Surface Studio and Microsoft Surface Book. The Microsoft Surface Studio is the perfect computer for an executive office, and has a modern design, 28” touchscreen display, letting you work in desktop mode or draw right on it like it’s a sketchbook.

The Microsoft Surface Book is a portable solution you can take with you at the end of the day, and it has a detachable display that turns your office computer into a tablet. All you need is OneNote and a Surface Pen and you can write or draw when you’re inspired.

TP Link Deco networking wifiOnce you have your computer set up, be sure to power it with a fast, reliable networking system, and don’t forget about backup drives and storage to ensure that all of your important documents are always safe and available when you need them.

Choose your executive office desk chair wisely

executive office chairHaving the right office desk chair in your executive office space means you’ll be sitting pretty for the hours you put in behind your desk. Choose the wrong chair and your back will give out before your work ethic does.

Want to make a great impression and stay comfortable all day long? Choose a chair like the Thomasville Executive office chair. It’s ergonomic design and padded cushion will ease away your stress and strain over the day. Or, if you prefer a comfortable and breathable mesh chair, the TygerClaw Air Grid high back office chair has 360-degree swivel and is fully adjustable to keep you comfortable.

Set the tone with lighting and lamps

Philips Hue lampWith your desk, chair, and computer set up, you’re ready to welcome in new clients, right? Not quite! There’s a few things you’ll want to add that will really set the tone in your executive office, and for me the most important thing has always been lighting.

Everyone knows what it’s like to walk into an office space that has florescent lighting overhead. It’s bright, hard on the eyes, and doesn’t really welcome you in. That’s why I’ve always focused on lighting and lamps to cast a cozy glow depending on the time of day or brighten things up when it’s dark and gloomy outside. Choose a lamp like the Solaris table lamp from Zuo that’s a modern choice for any executive office or Aurora Ligthing’s NeoLight that you can adjust and place on the corner of your desk. This type of task lighting will help brighten your room without the need for overhead lights.

Because I have a smart home I’m a huge fan of smart lighting for every space, and having smart lighting in your home office can really increase your productivity. With a smart light like the Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp you get both an up-light and a down-light, so you can cast a bright swatch of color across your ceiling or set it for the perfect task lighting as you work into the night.

What I love about all Philips Hue smart lights is how you can access over 16 million colours and create recipes of light right in the Philips app. That means there’s a light recipe for every situation and every type of day you’re having.

Showcase your personality with office wall décor

Nexxt Shutter Blue Blur CanvasThe last place I look when setting up a home office is the walls, but that’s because I always leave the fun tasks for the end. I love showcasing my personality with office wall décor, and there’s a lot of different choices for every executive office.

Adding mirrors behind a desk can make a small executive office space feel larger, and adding a poster or two to a large wall can make the room feel cozy. I love posters and paintings that remind me of places I’ve been or hope to go, so add a few images that you’ll want to look at every day like the Nexxt Shutter Blue Blur 3 pack canvas. It reminds me of the ocean, and it will take up enough space on a large wall to create a unique display.

It might sound like a lot of steps, but setting up an executive office space is a real pleasure when you pick and choose all of the pieces that make it your own. Make your own choices and set up the perfect office space for you by shopping executive office furniture on Best Buy right now.

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