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We host a Christmas Eve celebration every year for family, and alongside lots of food, fun, games, and gift exchanges, drinks aplenty are also flowing. But sometimes we spend so much time focusing on the items we’ll need for the dinner table, that we forget about the bar. With that said, there are some great bar and wine essentials that are worth looking into before the holiday season begins, whether it’s for your Christmas or other holiday plans, New Year’s celebrations, or just casual gatherings with friends and family.

bar and wine essentials - brilliant wine glass decorator markerKnow Which Drink is Yours 

One issue I often find arises when we have groups of friends over is that everyone puts a wine glass down, then forgets which one belongs to who. Instead of examining the glass for lipstick marks, you could grab a set of cute charms that hook to the stem of the glass for easy identification. But an even cooler idea so no one has to remember which colour is theirs is to use something like the Brilliant Wine Glass Decorator Marker, which comes in a three-pack with gold, silver, and purple markers. I love how they work: simply write the name, or nickname, of the person who has taken ownership of a glass for the evening, and rest assured everyone will be imbibing in their own libations instead of bar and wine essentials - underground toys star wars r2-d2 bottle stopperunknowingly sharing drinks. Don’t worry, the markings wash off easily once the party is over with a bit of soap and water.

Preserve Leftover Wine

Leftover wine? What’s that? Jokes aside, sometimes the party goes on longer than anticipated, and the wine bottles begin the stack up. If you find you have a bit leftover after all of the guests have said their goodbyes, a bottle stopper will keep the remains of an uncorked bottle fresh for another night. This helps avoid you drinking more than you want, or wasting half of a really expensive bottle. You could get one in standard black. But for those who have a quirky and playful sense of humour, the Underground Toys Star Wars R2-D2 Bottle Stopper is a cute option that will fit nicely into the man cave bar area.

bar and wine essentials - final touch silicone ice ball mouldsKeep Drinks Looking and Tasting Cool

If you want to impress your guests with cool drinks that are both refreshingly cold and look awesome, consider picking up ice moulds that can freeze water into shapes beyond the standard cube. The Final Touch Silicone 2” Ice Ball Moulds come in sets of six, and create circular ice “cubes” that add a touch of fun to drinks. Pop two into a whiskey on the rocks, or add some fruit juice or fresh fruit to them for adding to non-alcoholic punch, or sangria.

An alternative is stainless steel ice cubes. I got a set of these for my partner a few years ago as a stocking stuffer, so he could enjoy a cold glass of scotch without it getting watered bar and wine essentials - final touch stainless steel ice cubesdown. The Final Touch 1” ones come with eight small cubes that are made of a non-toxic gel, along with a cube tray and tongs.

Keep the Drinks Flowing!

There’s nothing worse than wanting to open a nice bottle of corked wine and being unable to find a corkscrew. Grab a neat one like the Final Touch Smooth Move Corkscrew, which has a built-in spring so you don’t need to tug hard to get the cork to come out, and a six-blade cross cut foil cutter. The polished stainless steel handles will make it fit nicely in your bar area.

bar and wine essentials - crystalite bohemia quadro 3-piece whiskey decanter

If your party is less Sex and the City and more Mad Men, opt to keep the two fingers of whiskey flowing with a classy-looking decanter, like the Crystalite Bohemia Quadro 3-piece Whiskey Decanter, which comes with a pair of matching glasses.

For playing bartender and making fancy cocktails, the Final Touch Glass Cocktail Shaker might come in handy. Not only is it a shaker for mixing all kinds of drinks, but it also has a “cheat sheet” of sorts, with the recipes for seven popular cocktails imprinted on the exterior.

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