Unique Valentine's MainJust like that it’s February and we’ve moved on to the next holiday which is Valentine’s Day. For some that means chocolates and flowers for or from their significant other or a nice dinner out at a favourite restaurant, but for those of us, me included, who aren’t into those things especially, why not put your own spin on Valentine’s Day.

This year I challenge you to think outside the box to make Valentine’s Day something unique, fun and a little extra special.

Cook a new favourite meal together

Make a meal at homeCooking is one of those things that not everyone loves but it must get done and I find every once in awhile I just get sick of it. While I’m the main meal cook in our home, and I typically don’t mind it, I do get in a slump every once in awhile where I’m sick of cooking the same thing repeatedly. My husband is way more creative in the kitchen than I am, while I either cook what I know or must follow a recipe, he’ll just wing it and 99% of the time it turns out amazing. 20 years into our life together the only “kitchen fail” he’s had, is a dish I like to call “chai chicken” and yes it tasted as bad as it sounds.

We both love a good meal and I love the idea of spending Valentine’s Day cooking your favourite meal together, ours would be Mexican. Treat yourselves to some new kitchen accessories to help making your favourite meal easier. You can make amazing refried beans or a pulled meat in an instant pot, and try making your guacamole in a granite molcajete, or mortar and pestle as most of us call it.

Homemade salsas are also delicious and much better tasting than store bought. You can make a variety of them quickly in a food processor and don’t forget to get some fun new serving dishes to show off all your hard work.

Plan a week of shared chores

Shared chores couplesI think most couples have specific chores that each person does and maybe a few that are shared. I always take care of the laundry in our house and the other day my husband put on a load of laundry with good intentions of helping out, and I must admit I struggled with it. I had to put in my two bits about choosing cold water and how much soap to put in but then I bit my tongue and let it go. We moved into a new home last year and I got new a washer and dryer and I think I was a little overprotective of him touching my appliances. Looking back, I completely forgot about it after 10 minutes and lo and behold the laundry turned out just fine.

I love the idea of sharing chores or even trading chores and I think it will also be an amazing lesson in “picking your battles”, I know it was for me and it was nice that he wanted to ease my load a little. Sometimes it’s the little things in a relationship that mean the most.

Cozy up at home for Valentine’s Day

Couple streaming tvWhile I love the idea of a meal out that I didn’t have to cook, I love the idea of staying in with a great movie and a cozy blanket even more. Life is so busy these days with my husband and I both working, a son in grade 9 and a 19-year-old that just finished art school, it’s sometimes hard to find downtime. We are both introverts and home bodies so what could be better than planning a night in with a few of our favourite things. If you own a smart TV, you can stream and binge watch some of your favourite TV shows that you’ve missed out on or catch up on any movies you’ve been wanting to watch. Roku, Google, Amazon and Apple TV are a few streaming devices with plenty of options to choose from as well.

Snacks are a must when lounging and I love a good homemade pizza. You can each customize your own with your favourite toppings and bake it on a pizza stone to get the perfect crust. Pair it with your favourite glass of wine or shake up your own signature cocktail as a treat.

Plan a weekend away together

Michael Thompsett wall artOh, what I would do for a weekend away with my husband. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere far or exotic, just a weekend away from chores and the daily grind where my husband and I could adventure, eat good food and sleep in. Maybe you’re a couple that wants to see more of our amazing planet and has dreams to travel to as many different and exotic locations. I love the idea of having a unique and beautiful map as a piece of artwork and then marking off places you’ve visited and places that are on your bucket list.

You could also buy a gift as a couple of a luggage set where you’ll have a variety of sizes of luggage on hand for any future adventuring as well.

Buy a “couple gift”

Couple giftWe don’t always get to make “just for fun” purchases as bills and obligations come first, but this Valentine’s Day why not pick something you and your partner have been wanting and buy it.

My husband and I have been wanting to purchase a treadmill and a few pieces of equipment for strength training. We both differ in our workout preferences. He loves the gym but has a hard time finding the time to squeeze it in and I much prefer to get my exercise in outdoors as the gym is so boring to me. Having some multi-purpose pieces of equipment at home would suit both of our needs and we can take care of our health and wellness at home, where we love to be. What do you think you and your significant other would purchase together?

This Valentine’s Day say I love you in a unique and special way by getting creative and spending some much-needed quality time together in a way that’s meaningful to you and your partner.

This Valentine’s Day say I love you in a unique and special way by getting creative and spending some much-needed quality time together in a way that’s meaningful to you and your partner.

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