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Just like that it’s February and we’ve moved on to the next holiday which is Valentine’s Day. For some that means chocolates and flowers for or from their significant other or a nice dinner out at a favourite restaurant, but for those of us, me included, who aren’t into those things especially, why not put your own spin on Valentine’s Day.

This year I challenge you to think outside the box to make Valentine’s Day something unique, fun and a little extra special.

Cook a 5-course meal together

couple cookingCooking is one of those things that not everyone loves but it must get done and I find every once in awhile I just get sick of it. While I’m the main meal cook in our home, and I typically don’t mind it, I do get in a slump every once in awhile where I’m sick of cooking the same thing repeatedly. My husband is way more creative in the kitchen than I am, while I either cook what I know or must follow a recipe, he’ll just wing it and 99% of the time it turns out amazing. 20 years into our life together the only “kitchen fail” he’s had, is a dish I like to call “chai chicken” and yes it tasted as bad as it sounds.

We both love a good meal and I love the idea of spending Valentine’s Day crafting a delicious 5-course meal together. To make it more enjoyable why not treat yourself to some new kitchen tools or small appliances. A great knife set will make prep a breeze and since I’m the chopper and dicer when we do cook together, I would love a knife block with a variety of knives.

To make a 5-course meal you’ll need to plan and time well, having a crockpot or instant pot will free up the oven or stove and keep a soup, main or dessert warm while the rest of your meal is cooking and while you’re enjoying each course.

Plan a week of shared chores

couple doing laundryI think most couples have specific chores that each person does and maybe a few that are shared. I always take care of the laundry in our house and the other day my husband put on a load of laundry with good intentions of helping out, and I must admit I struggled with it. I had to put in my two bits about choosing cold water and how much soap to put in but then I bit my tongue and let it go. We moved into a new home last year and I got new a washer and dryer and I think I was a little over protective of him touching my appliances. Looking back, I completely forgot about it after 10 minutes and lo and behold the laundry turned out just fine.

I love the idea of sharing chores or even trading chores and I think it will also be an amazing lesson in “picking your battles”, I know it was for me and it was nice that he wanted to ease my load a little. Sometimes it’s the little things in a relationship that mean the most.

Cozy up at home for Valentine’s Day

couople watching tvWhile I love the idea of a meal out that I didn’t have to cook, I love the idea of staying in with a great movie and a cozy blanket even more. Life is so busy these days with my husband and I both working, a son in grade 8 and an 18-year-old in art school it’s sometimes hard to find downtime. We are both home bodies so what could be better than planning a night in with a few of our favourite things. If you own a smart TV, you can stream and binge watch some of your favourite TV shows that you’ve missed out on or catch up on any movies you’ve been wanting to watch. Roku and Apple TV are two streaming devices with plenty of options to choose from as well.

Snacks are a must when lounging and I love homemade popcorn. It’s a healthier option when you use an air popper and you can flavour it however you want. Top it off with a nice glass of your favourite wine and you’re set for a relaxing evening in.

Plan a weekend away together

mapOh, what I would do for a weekend away with my husband. It doesn’t even have to be somewhere far or exotic, just a weekend away from chores and the daily grind where my husband and I could adventure, eat good food and sleep in. If you’re a couple that loves to travel and adventure. I love the idea of having a map as a piece of artwork and then marking off either places you’ve visited or want to visit.

Buy a gift as a couple of a luggage set where you’ll have a variety of sizes of luggage on hand for any future adventuring as well.

Buy a “couple gift”

Samsung 65 4K UHDWe don’t always get to make “just for fun” purchases as bills and obligations come first, but this Valentine’s Day why not pick something you and your partner have been wanting and buy it.

I know the first thing that comes to my mind would be a larger Smart TV for our living area. The new house we purchased last year came with a wall mount already installed which meant our smaller Smart TV would have to go there. My husband then took our large TV to his shop/man cave and I don’t mind the smaller TV, but it would be nice to have a larger one for movie nights especially. A larger Smart TV would also be great for a cozy Valentine’s Day at home as we can lounge and watch movies. My husband was kicking himself after not picking one up he saw on sale after the holidays and he’d be on board to make that our “couple gift” purchase for sure. What do you think you and your significant other would purchase together?

This Valentine’s Day say I love you in a unique and special way by getting creative and spending some much-needed quality time together in a way that’s meaningful to you and your partner.

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