how to celebrate halloween in 2020
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Halloween is almost here. Just like everything else in 2020, this spooky holiday feels a little different this year. While the kids may not be trick or treating in the traditional way and there won’t be huge costume parties, there are still ways to have a lot of fun this Halloween.

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate Halloween in 2020.


Celebrate Halloween at home

A lot of people are staying home for Halloween this year, but staying home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a spooky night. There are quite a few different Halloween activities you can enjoy at home with the kids or with friends and family.

Host a Halloween scavenger hunt

host a halloween scavenger hunt

If you’re in an area where you can expand your personal bubble a bit, you can host a spooky scavenger hunt for friends. Dress up in a costume, design a treasure map or list of clues that need to be solved, place scary or sweet items around your yard, and watch everyone search for treasure.

If you have kids who won’t be trick or treating, you can place candy around your yard for their own scavenger hunt. It’s just like an easter egg hunt, but at Halloween you can hide candy, slime-filled eggs, or spooky keepsakes for the kids.

Scary movies online with friends

Who says Zoom and Teams have to only be used during work hours? You can make use of your Zoom or Microsoft Teams account to celebrate Halloween by hosting an online movie or games night. Everyone decides what horror movie you’d like to watch and you all login to a meeting. It will be long after dark, the lights are all out, and everyone can grab popcorn and start the movie at the same time.

It’s the next best thing to being there, and you can laugh when everyone screams at the scary parts. You can set up an online meeting for your kids and their friends too, and they can chat or watch a less scary Halloween movie together.

Have a scary Halloween games night

Halloween game night

There are a lot of scary games you can play online with friends or offline with the family. Some games are only for adults, but others can be the center of a fun Halloween family games night. Take a look at Dave’s post for the spookiest games you can play on Halloween.

Cook up a Halloween feast

Calories don’t count on Halloween. If you and the family are staying in to celebrate Halloween this year, why not enjoy a night in the kitchen making delicious Halloween treats? You can do up a round of candy apples for everyone or cook up some gross Halloween recipes for dinner.

Gaze at the blue moon

telescopes for blue moon Halloween 2020

With a telescope, a bowl of candy, and a ‘blue’ moon, you can have a Halloween night to remember. The full moon on October 31st will be the second full moon of the month, and the next time we’ll have a full moon on Halloween will be 2039. It’s something unique to do with your kids or family, so be sure to stake out a spot in the dark and do some stargazing.

Masks are fun on Halloween

It’s been hard to make plans in 2020, but there is one thing you can definitely rely on as we celebrate Halloween: masks will be a huge part of it. The good news? You can make mask-wearing fun by choosing a mask that best represents the holiday or that you can work into a costume.

How will you celebrate Halloween in 2020? We’d love it if you shared your ideas in the comments, and for Halloween games, movies, and more, take a look at

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