image of a mom opening up a gift

Mother’s Day may come every year, but with physical distancing in place, it’s never been more important to show her how much you care. This year, let’s keep Mother’s Day special with gifts that can help Mom stay entertained, stress-free, and connected with family while staying at home. Here are some stay-home gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on any mom’s face.

Treat Mom to a family movie night with great home theatre tech

image of a smart TV in a family's living room

If your mom’s TV is a bit outdated, now is the perfect time to treat her to the upgrade she’s always wanted: a smart TV. A great option is this incredible 55” 4K UHD webOS Smart TV from LG. With its 4K UHD screen, she can get caught up on all her favourite shows in vibrant detail, better contrast, and true-to-life-colour.

image of the LG 55" 4K UHD webOS Smart TV

Best of all, LG’s webOS platform comes pre-installed with all the best streaming services and apps. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Apple TV, she’ll be able to access all her subscriptions all in one place. Plus it’s compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for easy voice-activated controls.  With a TV like this, Mom will truly be staying home in style.

Or if a new TV doesn’t catch her eye, consider a Google Chromecast with Google TV. A Chromecast is a media streamer that can turn almost any TV into a smart TV to get fast and easy access to apps for all the top streaming services.

image of the Google Chromecast with Google TV media streamer next to the voice remote

But the Chromecast with Google TV takes it a step further: it can organize your mom’s content from all her favourite streaming services in one place, so she doesn’t need to switch back and forth between Netflix and Prime. It will also provide her with personalized recommendations, so she’ll always have something new to watch. And of course, it comes with the Google Assistant built into the remote, so she can control all her content with just the lovely sound of her voice.

And if you’re separated from your mom this year, you can download Teleparty, a free Chrome extension, to each of your smart devices and watch a movie together in sync. Then she can use her Chromecast with Google TV to cast the video to her screen, so you can have the next best thing to an in-person movie night with Mom!

Gifts to help her relax in peace and quiet

image of the Lioni Elba Daybed on a patio

If your mom is a nature lover who is missing her outdoor time right now, she might love some new outdoor furniture. To help her relax and destress in her patio paradise, consider this comfy Lioni Elba Resin Wicker Outdoor Daybed.

image of the Lioni Elba Daybed

Not only is this daybed a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space, but it has super thick cushions for lounging, napping, or curling up with a good book in perfect comfort. If your mom lives to be outside, this daybed is the gift that keeps on giving.

image of the 8" Amazon Fire Tablet

And if your mom needs to unwind a little bit more, she might enjoy a tablet. Let’s take a look at the Amazon Fire 7 tablet. to relax by browsing the web, watching videos, or playing games, but with the pre-installed Kindle app, she can download millions of books to read at her leisure. She could even use it to video chat with her loved ones to stay connected while we all stay at home.

Bring out Mom’s inner child with fun games

image of woman playing a VR game with the Oculus Quest 2 VR headseat

A lot of moms love a good family game night! If you’re lucky enough to be spending Mother’s Day together, setting up a family game night is a great way to bond and have fun.

A great option is the Telestrations board game, which is sort of a fun cross between Pictonary and the telephone game. With board games like Telestrations, your family can draw, laugh, and create the special memories that Mother’s Day is all about.

image of the Telestrations board game box

Or if a family game night isn’t in the cards, introduce your mom to brand new worlds using the Oculus Quest VR Headset. The new Quest 2 is a completely self-contained virtual reality experience—that means there are no computers, consoles, or other devices required. All Mom needs is a Facebook account.

image of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and touch controllers

With stunning graphics and super-fast performance, your mom can explore new worlds, play virtual tennis, and more, while never leaving home. And Oculus is designed to be used while sitting or standing, so your mom can play in any space, and maybe even work toward some of her fitness goals. Oculus can give your mom a Mother’s Day she’s sure to remember.

Gifts to help Mom unleash her creativity

Image of the Cuisinart Cordless Hand Mixer mixing a bowl of cream with fruit and cake nearby

Staying at home gives us a great opportunity to try new things and flex our creative muscles. For example, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new musical instrument. If your mom is the musical type, consider getting her this 61-Key Electric Keyboard from Casio.

image of the Casio 61-Key Electric Keyboard

With its full-size touch response keys for easy playability, this keyboard is designed for all skill levels (including beginners). If your mom wants to pick up a new skill while staying at home, this guitar is the perfect gift.

Maybe your mom is more into the culinary arts. In that case, she might like to try out this Cuisinart 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer.Not only does it have 5 mixing speeds for any baking project, but it’s also cordless! That means no more searching for an outlet or dealing with annoying cables while Mom explores her culinary creativity. Just charge it up, and she can whip up batters, sauces, and doughs easier than ever.

image of the Cuisinart Cordless Hand Mixer

Stay connected with Mom this Mother’s Day

image of the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen displaying a feed from a video doorbell

I’ve listed a lot of great gifts already, what a lot of moms want right now is to stay connected to their loved ones. That’s what will make a smart display the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. One of the latest and greatest is the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen smart display. Featuring a 7” screen, Mom can make video calls to friends and family and easily stay connected, even when you’re physically apart.

image of the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen displaying various apps

But that’s just the beginning! The Nest Hub 2nd Gen comes with a bunch of useful apps like Netflix, Spotify, and Youtube so she can enjoy her favourite music and shows. She can also upload photos to use it as a digital picture frame to see your face and cherished memories every day. It’s also completely voice-controlled with the Google Assistant, so she can set alarms, check the weather, and control compatible smart home devices with just her voice. She’ll only need to lift a finger when it counts—waving hello to you in your next video chat!

Make this Mother’s Day count

It’s a tough time for all of us, including your mom. So let’s make this Mother’s Day count. Even if you can’t be there for her in person this year, sending the perfect gift can help her get through this time by keeping her entertained, stress-free, and connected to her loved ones as much as possible. Think about what you can do to best support your mom this year, and if you need a few more gift ideas, check out for all the latest and greatest tech and more.

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