Valentine's Day 2018 couple gifts With Valentine’s Day almost here, people may be starting to feel the pressure of choosing the perfect gift for the big day. There are a lot of great gift ideas available for him or her, but if you’d like to do something a little different this year, why not pick up a couple’s gift?

Couple’s gifts mean you can give a gift you’ll both enjoy. My husband and I often give one couple gift and it’s usually something we’ve really wanted for awhile. One year it was a bed frame, the other it a fluffy white duvet, and I’ve been known to pick up a small appliance or two we’ll both enjoy cooking with.

Here’s some ideas for couple gifts for Valentine’s Day 2018.

Give the gift of great sleep

You know how you feel after a bad night sleep. Your body hurts, you spend the entire day yawning, and you have no energy by 3 pm. This Valentine’s Day you can give each other the gift of sleep, and that’s something everyone enjoys.

Choose a mattress as a couple’s gift

mattressIf the two of you feel like you aren’t getting enough quality rest at night, why not give each other a new mattress and bedding? There are a lot of different types of mattresses to choose from including the Sealy PROBACK Luxury Pocket Coil Euro Top Firm.  It gives you both comfort and support, and it’s great for all types of sleepers.

Cozy up with a new duvet

duvetI live in a drafty farm house, and the best comfort investments I’ve made since living here have been blankets. I love blankets so much I’d love to choose more for my bedroom, and if I was picking one as a couple’s gift for the two of us, I’d choose the Sleep Solutions duck feather duvet. It’s a four season duvet that’s 100% cotton with duck feather-fill.

I’ve found duvets are the best cover for a bed because they can feel warm and cool depending on your body temperature.

White noise soothes you both to sleep

NightingaleI tested out the Nightingale Sleep System not too long ago, and it’s made me an even bigger fan of white noise. I’ve always used a fan or an app to cover outside noise, but once I tried Nightingale I was hooked.

Nightingale fills the entire room with specially designed white noise. You can choose a variety of different sound blankets, plug the system in, and it will block out all outside noise. Because it works via an app you can set a schedule and it will turn off and on by itself.

Matching watches give a solo gift new meaning

Nixon Smart WatchThere are a lot of couples who gift watches as wedding gifts to each other, but there’s no need to wait for a wedding if you’d like to give your loved one a watch and pick one up for you too.

Just choose a style of watch you’ll both love from the selection of men’s watches, women’s watches, or smart watches. Once you’ve decided you can engrave something on the back, or, if you like to match, choose a pair with a band or tone that’s the same.

If I was choosing a matching pair of watches again I’d choose a smart watch for both of us. I absolutely love the style of the Nixon Mission smart watch. It’s got an active style we both love, and it tracks activity, gives you your favourite smart notifications, and even gives you a snow report.

Small appliances make a great couple’s gift

Breville dual pump espresso machineI’m a huge fan of small appliances and what they can bring to your kitchen, and my husband is right there with me. That’s why he wouldn’t be surprised if I picked up an Instant Pot pressure cooker for Valentine’s Day 2018. There’s a new model of 9-in-1 Instant Pot that I’ve been eyeing for awhile, and it makes yogurt, has a hard-boiled egg setting, and can do canning too.

There’s also the fact that we both really love coffee, and a new espresso machine would be something we’d both enjoy. I love the Breville Barista Express with built-in grinder. I know Breville espresso makers create the perfect espresso shot every time, and when you can grind your own beans right in the machine you get the best lattes and Americanos.

Add to your vinyl collection with a turntable

TurntableNot everyone is into vinyl, but once you start collecting old records it can be hard to stop. I love the idea of a turntable for Valentine’s Day, and the retro style of the Victrola turntable lets you play vinyl and stream via Bluetooth so you can play all of your music. It would look amazing on any shelf, even if it’s not in use at the time.
 These are just a few ideas for couple gifts this Valentine’s Day 2018. You can find more great ideas for the two of you on Best Buy.