Make every meal special with Cuisinart. There’s always something special when you’re cooking your own food, and so much more for the people you love. Every day you want healthy and delicious food that keeps stomachs satisfied. For me, the right tools help make meal preparation an occasion to look forward to. From the knives you use to prepare the ingredients to the pots or pans you use to cook them altogether, Cuisinart has a great selection of kitchenwares to help you make all your favourite culinary specialties. Consider Cuisinart’s 11-piece Elite Collection of nesting pans and 15-piece knife block set, which we are giving away in this contest. Read on to learn about them, then enter for a chance to win one.

We have sent a sample of the nesting pans and knife set to Christine Persaud for review. Read her reviews of the Cuisinart cookware and the knife block sets.

What I love about the 11-piece Cuisinart nesting cookware set

From its stainless steel construction to its thermo-conductive property, there’s so much to love about the Cuisinart Elite Collection. This cookware set includes a 1.5-quart saucepan, 3-quart saucepan, 3.5-quart sauté pan, 6-quart stockpot, 8″ open skillet, and 10″ open skillet. Plus, it comes with 4 pieces of lids with their own rack. There’s two things I like most about this set that’s worth mentioning: its non-stick ceramic coating and the nesting tabs.

Ceramic coating so food won’t stick

Non-stick cookware works wonders. I do a lot sautéing and some frying. Definitely, what I don’t need in my cookware is when my ingredients stick to the surface from high heat. Think about ingredients like tofu. When you’re not careful about the pan you use to fry or sauté, tofu easily sticks to the surface, and you’d end up with broken and unevenly cooked pieces. With ceramic coating food won’t stick to your cookware, plus it’s safe to use and won’t react to your ingredients so you it won’t alter the flavour.

Nesting tabs make for easy storage

Another thing to consider when getting a cookware set is where to store them. That’s why the nesting tabs are a win for me. I have a small apartment with a small kitchen, and I find that organizing is often a nightmare particularly when it comes to big pieces of cookware that take up so much space in my tiny cupboard. I’m sure you know what I mean!

It’s one thing to stack pots that don’t fit together, and it’s another thing when they end up damaging each other. The nesting tabs allow you to stack together your pieces of cookware with no worry. Plus, I also like the lid rack included in this set. Without a dedicate rack lids are just difficult to organize.

Watch the video below as Christine shares her experience organizing the Cuisinart nesting cookware set in her home.

All your food prep needs in the Cuisinart 15-piece steel knife block set

If you don’t have a good set of knives yet, I recommend you get one. I admit, it was only recently that I got myself a Cuisinart block set of cutlery, and since then my food preparation has transformed. A set like this makes cooking easier, with everything you need in just one place.

Ergonomic feel for better grip

The 15-piece Cuisinart steel knife block set is designed with rivets for a great ergonomic feel. When it comes to cooking, prepping my ingredients is my first order of business. From mincing spices to chopping vegetables, and cutting meat, a lot of the work is done on the chopping board, even before turning on the stove. I need a set of knife that slides well into my hand for a comfortable grip and gives me a lot of options as I prepare a variety of ingredients.

With this 15-piece Cuisinart German steel knife block set, you get an 8″ chef knife, 8″ bread knife, 5.5″ serrated utility knife, 5″ santoku knife, 3.5″ santoku knife, 3.5″ paring knife, a set of six 4.5″ steak knives, a pair of 8″ all-purpose household shears, an 8″ sharpening steel, and a knife storage block.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter twice.

  1. In a comment below, tell us your one of your favourite dishes you would make if you win the 11-piece Elite Collection cookware set or 15-piece knife block set.
  2. In another comment below, browse the Best Buy Canada’s Cuisinart page and tell us which among Cuisinart wide selection of small kitchen appliances and products you would want for yourself.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select four (4) winners who will each either win a 11-piece Elite Collection cookware set or a 15-piece knife block set that were used in the reviews.

This contest runs from March 22nd until April 5th.

Remember you can enter twice below this article. Food taste so much better when you share it with the people you love. You know another thing that’s best when shared? This contest! Share this contest with your family and friends, so they can win too. You know they’d love it!

Win a Cuisinart pan set and knife set Contest Rules and Regulations

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  1. I would make chicken parmigiana with gnocci and roasted vegetables if I won either of these prizes.

  2. The 11 piece elite collection cookware set would be great for preparing boeuf bourguignon. The 15 piece knife set would also be really helpful for all those pearl onions!

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of blackened chicken and scallops lately, great with pasta or salads. The knives and the cookware would both help 🙂

  4. The cookware nest tabs are a great idea , I appreciate the thoughtful design and quality.

  5. I love Cuisinart. If I win, I will use them to cook my children’s favourite pasta recipes.

  6. I love the cuisinart brand! You know you’re getting quality here. I would purchase the Cuisinart CastLite Non-Stick Cast Iron Dutch Oven because I’ve always wanted a dutch oven and I know this one would be good.

  7. I would use the kinfe set to try a new recipe. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to make a dish because the cutting can be excessive. I’d be excited to try something new.

  8. I would make chicken tetrazinni!! Those knives would be amazing to use for chopping all the ingredients up!

  9. My go to dinner is spaghetti with garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs. You need a large pot for the pasta and a large frying pan for the sauce. So this cookware set would be perfect. BTW. Did I mention the garlic? There is a LOT of garlic. A LOT. So a knife set would also be helpful, seeing as I don’t sharpen knives. Lol.

  10. For what Cuisinart product I would love to have, it would be the precision master pro tilt-head stand mixer – 6.5 quart, 600-watt

  11. I Would want the Cuisinart Precision Master Pro Tilt-Head Stand Mixer – 6.5Qt – 600-Watt – Silver

  12. THE Cuisinart AirFryer Toaster Oven – 0.6 Cu. Ft looks like something with diversity i could use to become a good amateur chef as a retiree

  13. I recently switched to an induction stove and need all new cookware. This would be a great win! Thanks

  14. I would make stir fries. You can use anything you have ib the fridge. I would love to have a new toaster, the one I have does one side nicely, then I have to turn the bread around to toast the other side.

  15. I would love the Cuisinart Precision Master Pro Tilt-Head Stand Mixer – 6.5Qt – 600-Watt – Silver

  16. The Cuisinart small appliance that I most want is the Cuisinart 8-Cup 350-Watt Food Processor!

  17. If I were to win the 11-piece Elite Collection cookware set or 15-piece German steel knife block set, I would make coq au vin!

  18. I want the Cuisinart Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven for myself and it is compact, saves energy and is extremely versatile.

  19. We already own some Cuisinart appliances, but the Cuisinart 7 Speed 220-Watt Hand Mixer would be handy to have!

  20. A set of sharp knives would be perfect for chopping up peppers and onions for my world famous stir-fry!

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