step one contemporary 2 door 1 drawer armoireWhen it comes to the bedroom, where you keep all of your clothes, jewelry, and other personal items, clutter can happen pretty quickly. But there are lots of ways you can south shore morning dew traditional 5 drawer chestdeclutter, and bring some openness and breathing space back to your room.

I’m a self-professed packrat. While I am open to purging items from time to time if I feel inspired, I like to hold on to things as long as I can. And this can often lead to clutter.

One of the biggest challenges I had when moving into a new home a few years ago was that the master bedroom was far smaller than the oversized room we had in our previous downtown condo. That meant, in addition to getting rid of a lot of stuff, or moving it to other rooms, getting more creative about furniture choices and placement.

yaletown transitional 2 drawer nightstandDeclutter Through Bedroom Furniture

I’m a fan of hiding away as much as you can, which means opting for a large dresser that can hold all of your clothes, and maybe includes an extra “catch-all” drawer for stashing loose items that might otherwise become eyesores. An upright chest like the Morning Dew Traditional 5-Drawer Chest from South Shore takes up less real estate than a wide dresser, but also allows for interesting placement options, like in a corner that might otherwise go unused. This provides a neat look, and five extra drawers worth of space to stash stuff. Armoires like the Step One Contemporary 2-Door 1-Drawer are great in this same sense, offering up space for hanging items, like work shirts and pants, and the clean, two door design makes for a cleaner look.

It might seem like adding another piece of furniture would contribute to clutter rather than solve it, but something as simple as a nightstand can help you better organize the room, and reduce clutter. The Yaletown Transitional 2-Drawer Nightstand from Prepac has a neat cubby for storing away items commonly found atop nightstands, like books and reading glasses, thus helping to keep the top surface clean and clutter-free.

Walls present great opportunities for space you didn’t realize you had to help declutter. Place a dresser hutch like the Nexera Pocono Hutch above your dresser, and voila! New space homcom portable dit modular storage clothes closet organizerto display items that might have ended up shoved in a corner or placed atop the nightstand, thus making for a cleaner look.

Declutter the Bedroom Closet

The closet can become a disaster area for packrats like me. It’s that door I dread opening every day because I never know what new mess I will find inside! With something like the HomCom Portable DIY Modular Storage Clothes Closet Organizer, you can add some order to your closet. There are several splaces to hold small things, like hats, accessories, and shoes, plus other knick knacks. The shelves are adjustable to meet your needs.

If it’s just shoes you want to tuck away, by the way, or jewelry, consider an over-the-door hanging organizer like the Honey-Can-Do 24-Pocket Shoe Closet Organizer that can south shore start underbid storage boxaccommodate up to 12 pairs of shoes, or other items, and keep them behind the door
rather than sitting messily on the closet floor.

Other Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom

I’m a fan of underbed storage boxes, when there’s room to use one. They’re the perfect spot to store things like out-of-season clothes (I like the pack mine away in vacuum-sealed bags first) or, for the shoe hounds like me, extra shoes. Just make sure you measure the clearance under your bed to get one that will easily slide in and out.

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